PAK 284/7 (50.0ov)
AUS 285/2 (47.5ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets

MOM: Aaron Finch

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  • Thus, that is all from the Sharjah leg in this 5-match ODI series. The two teams now head to Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi for the 3rd ODI which will be on the 27th of March, Wednesday. That game will begin at 1500 local (1100 GMT). Make sure you join for that one to find out whether Pakistan can keep the series alive or not. Till then, take care and cheers. Goodbye!
  • Aaron Finch, the Man of the match and the Aussie skipper says that it was important for set batsmen to continue batting once they were in. He informs that he did not want to take a risk against Imad Wasim and looked to play him out. Praises Usman Khawaja and says he is very happy for him as he is scoring big runs. Reckons that it is a learning curve for all the players with a big few months coming up. Exits by mentioning that Jhye Richardson is in good spirits and it is an unfortunate shoulder dislocation. Hopes he will be fit soon.
  • Shoaib Malik says that they needed early strikes. He looks at the positive of taking the game till the end. Feels that youngsters are being groomed and such matches will happen as they are testing the bench strength. Praises Mohammad Rizwan for scoring runs against a big team and mentions he is a special talent. Considers that such things happen in cricket when you try different stuff with your team combination. Does not forget to applaud Aaron Finch for his magnificent 150 and says it is difficult to win when an opener scores so many in a chase of 280-odd. Signs off by saying that the goal is not about winning the series or anything but to give the bench strength a test and to give opportunity to everyone to play.
  • Usman Khawaja says that the partnership with Aaron Finch was great. He said that he tried to keep it aggresive in the beginning when his partner was struggling a bit. Applauds Finch for an amazing knock of more than 150. He mentions that he has always been strong off his wrists. Informs us that he is happy as is his side to win against a strong side like Pakistan. States that he enjoys playing at this ground and coming from Indian conditions, has helped him adjust.
  • Earlier in the evening, it was the hosts who won the toss and elected to bat. They did recover well after being 4 down before the halfway mark but they could not post a par-300 total in the end that was required. Rizwan got his maiden ODI ton as well but that was never going to be enough on this Sharjah surface which became better for batting in the end. Stay tuned for the presentations but before that Usman Khawaja with an interview on the sidelines.
  • it was looking flat and fell on their face against the willows of Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja. They seemed to run out of ideas and no one even looked like picking a wicket, barring Md. Hasnain for a few overs. Shoaib Malik and co. will have to seriously go back and have a look at their bowling combination if they are to make a comeback in this series.
  • This has been one stroll in the park! The Aussies have batted with ease and grace, winning the match comfortably by 8 wickets and more than 2 overs left in the end. It was a risk-free run chase and belonged to one man especially. The skipper, Aaron Finch made his 13th ODI ton and finished off with a massive 153 not out in the end. It included 6 sixes as well. The 209-run opening stand meant there was only going to be one winner. In fact, only 2 wickets were lost and one was a run out. The bowlers felt a little helpless.
  • 47.5FAshraf to AaronFinch

    Leg Byes! That is it! Two runs taken but it does not matter how they come! On a length, Finch goes for the flick but misses and the ball hits his pads and goes through square leg for the winning runs. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS!! Once more! And take a 2-0 lead in the series.
  • 47.4FAshraf to ShaunMarsh

    On a length outside off, Marsh pats it down near the surface for a single. Only two needed now.
  • 47.3FAshraf to AaronFinch

    On a length and patted down to long on for a single by the Aussie skipper.
  • 47.2FAshraf to AaronFinch

    FOUR! Yes, he can! This is getting over soon! On the hips and Finch turns it away through deep backward square leg for a boundary. Gets to his 150 as well! Stand up and applaud this guy wherever you are. This has been a classic!
  • 47.1FAshraf to AaronFinch

    SIX! That has completely killed any hopes that Pakistan might have had left in the game. A fuller length ball from Faheem on middle and Finch smashes it right back over his head for a maximum. 148 now!
  • 46.6MHasnain to AaronFinch

    Another run out chance missed here by the fielder! Finch goes back on this length ball and punches it covers and takes off. He was quick to start the run but was nowhere close to the crease when the throw went past the non striker's stumps. Had he hit, Finch would have been out but it is way too late for them to get him out. He has already done the job for his side and has survived this run out chance as well. Would like to finish unbeaten at the end of the innings and with a 150 for himself. Can he get there?
  • 46.5MHasnain to ShaunMarsh

    Full and outside off, Marsh drives it superbly through the covers for a single.
  • 46.4MHasnain to AaronFinch

    Fuller this time on middle, Finch punches it down the ground for a single.
  • 46.3MHasnain to AaronFinch

    SIX! OUT OF THE PARK! Another short ball this time to Finch who gets it off the meat of the bat and sends it sailing over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. That makes the equation a lot easier now.
  • 46.2MHasnain to ShaunMarsh

    he pulls it hard to short mid-wicket and takes a quick run.
  • 46.1MHasnain to AaronFinch

    Thats a beauty from Hasnain! He bowls a yorker to Finch who gets his bat down at the right time and the ball takes the inside half of the bat and goes fine on the on side for a single.
  • 45.6FAshraf to AaronFinch

    Driven through mid on for a single. 5 runs off this over. 25 in 24 needed now.
  • 45.5FAshraf to AaronFinch

    Just short! Well saved by Yasir in the deep. A length ball on middle and Shah at deep mid-wicket comes running in to take that catch. He does not reach the ball and stops it at 2 runs.
  • 45.4FAshraf to SMarsh

    In the air... and safe! A length ball, Marsh looks to pull it. The ball hits the shoulder off the bat and goes up in the air. Falls near the vacant mid on region.Very lucky from Australia's point of view. A wicket would have been some panic for them.
  • 45.3FAshraf to SMarsh

    Good bowling! Only 1 run off the 3 balls so far. A length ball outside off, Marsh looks to pull but fails to time it at all.
  • 45.2FAshraf to AFinch

    Hit slightly in the air towards mid-wicket and a quick single is taken. The pitch is becoming really slow here, this ball stuck in it and came.
  • 45.1FAshraf to AFinch

    On a length and top of middle, Finch only manages to push it towards mid-wicket.
  • 44.6MHasnain to SMarsh

    Would have been out had he hit! Marsh punches this length ball off the back foot to the point region and takes off for a single but Finch shouts a loud NO bacause the fielder was onto the ball very quickly. The fielder has a shy at the sticks but misses. Marsh was a goner if the throw was accurate because he was way down the track. 30 runs needed off 30 balls.
  • 44.5MHasnain to AFinch

    Full ball outside off, Finch rocks back and punches it to covers for a single.
  • 44.4MHasnain to AFinch

    BEATEN! Finch tries to drive this length ball on the up but gets beaten due to the pace of the ball.
  • 44.3MHasnain to SMarsh

    LEG BYE! Bowls it on the pads this time, Marsh goes for the flick but misses and the ball rolls fine off his pads. One run taken.
  • 44.2MHasnain to SMarsh

    EXCELLENT FIELDING! Fuller ball outside off, Marsh punches it off the back foot through the point region. Shan Masood in the deep makes a diving effort and saves two runs for his side.
  • 44.1MHasnain to SMarsh

    Slower ball outside off, Marsh tries to defend it but the ball shapes away and goes past his outside edge.
  • Mohammad Hasnain is back into the attack.
  • 43.6FAshraf to AFinch

    On a length and top of middle stump, defended back towards the bowler by the Australia skipper. Just 2 off this over, 34 runs now needed in 36 balls.
  • 43.5FAshraf to SMarsh

    Patted on the off side for a single on the front foot by SOS.
  • 43.4FAshraf to SMarsh

    Good fielding! A short length ball outside off, Marsh pulls it hard but Sohail at mid-wicket makes a tumbling stop to his left. Prevents any runs.
  • 43.3FAshraf to SMarsh

    Short of a length outside off, Marsh stands tall and adjusts in the end to defend that ball towards cover.
  • 43.2FAshraf to AFinch

    Flicked away wristily by AF for a single to deep mid-wicket.
  • 43.1FAshraf to AFinch

    On a length and played away to point off the back foot by Finch.
  • 42.6YShah to AFinch

    Floated delivery on middle, Finch rocks back and punches it down to long off for a run.
  • 42.5YShah to SMarsh

    Flighted ball on middle, Marsh punches it off the back foot to mid off for a single.
  • 42.4YShah to SMarsh

    Shah bowls it shorter this time, Marsh dances down the track and drives it superbly through covers for a double.
  • 42.3YShah to SMarsh

    Another full ball on middle and leg, Marsh flicks it to square leg.
  • 42.2YShah to SMarsh

    Tossed up on off, Marsh drives it mid on.
  • 42.1YShah to SMarsh

    BYES! MISSES EVERYONE! Yasir bowls a leg cutter from round the wicket, the ball turns back in sharply and misses Shaun's drive and even misses the keepers' gloves. The fielder at fine leg cuts it off. Brace completed.
  • 41.6FAshraf to SMarsh

    Guided down to third man by the southpaw as he gets off the mark. 42 runs needed in 48 balls now.
  • 41.5FAshraf to SMarsh

    Another defensive shot on the back foot by Shaun Marsh to this ball on a length and on middle stump line.

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