PAK 186 (44.4ov)
AUS 266/6 (50.0ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 80 runs

MOM: Pat Cummins

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  • AUS
  • PAK
  • 44.4AZampa to MHasnain

    OUT! Decision overturned and that is the end of the match. Full length delivery on off, turning in for the right-hander. Hasnain fails to read the googly. He fails to connect the bat to the ball while defending. The ball hits his back leg. Zampa appeals but the umpire turns it down. Finch has a chat and then takes it upstairs. Hawk Eye shows the ball will hit the leg stump. A comfortable 80-run victory for Australia.
  • 44.3AZampa to JKhan

    OUT! Caught! Number 9 falls and Zampa has his third in the span of 9 balls. Tossed up outside off, Junaid comes down the track and swings hard but is nowhere close to the ball. It spins away, takes the top edge and goes high in the air. Carey calls for it and takes it reverse-cup.
  • 42.4AZampa to UKhan

    OUT! Shinwari heads to the pavilion now. Australia romping home! Flatter outside off and Usman hits it really hard and flat. The ball flies to long off where Jason Behrendorff takes a smart catch. Another two to complete the formalities here at Abu Dhabi.
  • 42.1AZampa to IWasim

    OUT! Imad falls now. And the last hope for Pakistan going back to the hut. A flighted delivery on off, Imad falls for the trap. Dances down the pitch and misses the ball completely. Alex Carey just whips the bails off. Hang on! Replays show us that he had collected the ball in front of the stumps but it has gone unnoticed. Not that it would have mattered much in the context of the game, but it should have been spotted.
  • 40.1AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! A full pitched delivery on off, Imad Wasim picks the googly and strikes it way past the bowler for a boundary.
  • 38.6AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! Brilliant stroke-making by Imad Wasim. A back of a length delivery outside off, Wasim rocks back and plays it late in the gap between backward point and short third man.
  • 36.3JBehrendorff to IWasim

    Wide! A bouncer on middle. Too high though and the umpire signals it as a wide. 150 comes up for the home side.
  • 36.2JBehrendorff to UAkmal

    OUT! Akmal has holed out in the process of looking to accelerate! A length ball on middle, Akmal comes down the track and wants to hit it over mid-wicket but the bat turns in his hand as he completes the shot. The ball goes more towards square leg where Cummins take a good running catch. Holds on and that is surely a telling blow for the hosts. They need 118 runs in 82 balls with just 4 wickets left.
  • 35.1GMaxwell to UAkmal

    WIDE! Maxwell starts his over with a wide. And that brings 50-run stand between the pair.
  • 34.4JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Imad Wasim decides to go aerial. A full length delivery on off, Imad comes down the track and lofts it above covers and gets a one bounce four.

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