PAK 186 (44.4ov)
AUS 266/6 (50.0ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 80 runs

MOM: Pat Cummins

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  • That is all we have for you from this game then. This series has certainly not set the world on fire by any means and it struggles to get any meaningful context, with Pakistan not playing their strongest XI and their bench strength not being good enough to challenge Australia. Join us on Friday, January 29, 2019 for the 4th ODI in Dubai at 3 pm local (1100 GMT) to see whether we get a different delicacy served. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Not surprisingly, Pat Cummins has been named the Man Of The Match. Just his second MOM award in ODIs after his first against England on Australia Day, i.e., Jan 26, 2018.
  • It was a welcome return from rest for Pat Cummins, demolishing the top order and not allowing Pakistan a look in. The burst that he produced allowed the other bowlers to build pressure and every bowler apart from Stoinis got at least one wicket. Adam Zampa cleaned up the tail, taking 4 wickets in his last 10 balls. Earlier in the day, Australia posted a decent 266, riding on a calm 90 by skipper Finch, a counter-attacking 47 from Peter Handscomb and a breathtaking 71 from Glenn Maxwell. They sized up the pitch well, got in and then played their shots.
  • There were a couple of partnerships in the middle stages of the innings, one involving Imam-ul-Haq and one involving Umar Akmal but that just delayed the inevitable. No one could hang in long out there in the middle and with the run rate mounting with every passing over, the risks came about but did not quite pay off.
  • On paper, 267 does not look a great target but that is where it comes a bit different in Abu Dhabi. The pitch tends to get slower as the game progresses and that is exactly how it turned out. Pakistan did not get a great start and were 16/3 by the 7th over. There itself, the run chase looked stuffed out.
  • Easy peasy then for Australia. Series done and dusted with 2 matches to go. Chase was the case in the first two games but not here. Pakistan have clearly not got their best side on paper but make no mistake, the Aussies were at their best.
  • 44.4AZampa to MHasnain

    OUT! Decision overturned and that is the end of the match. Full length delivery on off, turning in for the right-hander. Hasnain fails to read the googly. He fails to connect the bat to the ball while defending. The ball hits his back leg. Zampa appeals but the umpire turns it down. Finch has a chat and then takes it upstairs. Hawk Eye shows the ball will hit the leg stump. A comfortable 80-run victory for Australia.
  • Big shout for LBW! The umpire denies it though. Hasnain has been hit in front of the stumps and Australia look confident. Review taken...
  • Mohammad Hasnain is the last man in.
  • 44.3AZampa to JKhan

    OUT! Caught! Number 9 falls and Zampa has his third in the span of 9 balls. Tossed up outside off, Junaid comes down the track and swings hard but is nowhere close to the ball. It spins away, takes the top edge and goes high in the air. Carey calls for it and takes it reverse-cup.
  • 44.2AZampa to JKhan

    Full and outside off, Junaid comes down the track and heaves it to deep mid-wicket for a couple.
  • 44.1AZampa to YShah

    Short and outside off, spinning away, cut through the covers for a single.
  • 43.6PatCummins to JKhan

    Full length delivery outside off, Junaid Khan fails to put the bat on the ball.
  • 43.5PatCummins to YShah

    Full on leg, works it towards the mid-wicket region for a single.
  • 43.4PatCummins to JKhan

    Same line and length, Khan this time guides it to third man for a single.
  • 43.3PatCummins to JKhan

    Back of a length on off, Junaid Khan guides it to third man for a double.
  • 43.2PatCummins to JKhan

    Full on off, defended.
  • 43.1PatCummins to YShah

    A back of a length on leg, Yasir Shah looks to flick it but gets a top edge towards square leg but it falls short of Handscomb over there.
  • Pat Cummins is now back into the attack.
  • 42.6AZampa to JKhan

    Full outside off, lets it go.
  • 42.5AZampa to JKhan

    Full on off, defended.
  • Junaid Khan walks in at number 10, replacing Usman.
  • 42.4AZampa to UKhan

    OUT! Shinwari heads to the pavilion now. Australia romping home! Flatter outside off and Usman hits it really hard and flat. The ball flies to long off where Jason Behrendorff takes a smart catch. Another two to complete the formalities here at Abu Dhabi.
  • 42.3AZampa to UKhan

    Usman looks to flick this googly but fails to put bat on ball. The ball rolls towards the leg side.
  • 42.2AZampa to UKhan

    Kept out off the back foot by Usman Khan.
  • Usman Shinwari walks in at number 9.
  • 42.1AZampa to IWasim

    OUT! Imad falls now. And the last hope for Pakistan going back to the hut. A flighted delivery on off, Imad falls for the trap. Dances down the pitch and misses the ball completely. Alex Carey just whips the bails off. Hang on! Replays show us that he had collected the ball in front of the stumps but it has gone unnoticed. Not that it would have mattered much in the context of the game, but it should have been spotted.
  • 41.6NLyon to YShah

    Pulled away to mid-wicket by Yasir. No run though.
  • 41.5NLyon to IWasim

    Flatter one on off, Wasim pushes it back to long on before it turns. Single taken.
  • 41.4NLyon to IWasim

    Excellent effort in the deep! A flatter one on the off stump, Wasim pulls out the reverse pull. The ball flies through the vacant backward point region but goes really slowly towards the rope. Handscomb runs a lot to his right and stops the ball just inside the rope. 2 runs taken.
  • 41.3NLyon to YShah

    Punched away to deep point for a run.
  • 41.2NLyon to YShah

    Flatter one on the off stump line, Yasir has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
  • 41.1NLyon to IWasim

    Shorter and wide outside off, Wasim cuts it away to deep cover for a single.
  • 40.6AZampa to IWasim

    A back of a length on leg, Wasim plays it to mid-wicket for a single.
  • 40.5AZampa to IWasim

    This one drifted down the leg side, the camera zoomed on the umpire, who does not signal anything.
  • 40.4AZampa to IWasim

    Full on leg, blocked.
  • 40.3AZampa to YShah

    A flighted on off, Shah drives it to long off for a single.
  • 40.2AZampa to IWasim

    A flat delivery on leg, Wasim works it to mid-wicket for a single.
  • 40.1AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! A full pitched delivery on off, Imad Wasim picks the googly and strikes it way past the bowler for a boundary.
  • POWERPLAY 3 time. 5 fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle.
  • 39.6NLyon to YShah

    Short outside off, cut to gully by Yasir but for no run.
  • 39.5NLyon to IWasim

    Flatter one on the pads, worked towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 39.4NLyon to YShah

    Flatter on middle, pulled away to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 39.3NLyon to IWasim

    Another short one outside off and some turn away from the southpaw. Imad mistimes his cut towards deep cover for a single.
  • 39.2NLyon to IWasim

    Shorter one outside off, cut away by Wasim through point. A couple of runs are taken.

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