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Australia beat Pakistan by 6 runs
Glenn Maxwell

49.7Stoinis to Shah

A pull from Yasir and a single taken on the last ball. AUSTRALIA WIN THE GAME BY 6 RUNS and take a 4-0 lead in the 5-match ODI series!!!

49.6Stoinis to Khan

OUT! That is the game! That surely is it! A shorter length slower ball on middle, Usman pulls it away hard but the deep square leg fielder takes a good catch. Handscomb is not dropping those and he makes sure that this game is over with a ball to be bowled unless it is a no ball or wide. Heartbreak for the hosts but such is the game and Australia were always in the game. Junaid Khan meanwhile, makes his way out to the middle.

49.5Stoinis to Khan

SIX! This game is not yet dead! What a strike that is by Usman Khan. Deposits this length ball way over long off for a maximum. What a shot! 8 off 2 now!

49.4Stoinis to Shah

Driven to long on for a single by Yasir to get Usman on strike.

49.3Stoinis to Rizwan

OUT! Rizwan holes out and that surely is the final nail in the coffin for Pakistan! A fuller length ball on the pads and Mohammad Rizwan times it pretty well in the air but finds Peter Handscomb at deep square leg. He takes it safely and there are wide glee on the faces of the Aussie fielders now! They will be breathing much easier. End of a good innings by Rizwan but that is still not enough at this stage for his team.

49.2Stoinis to Rizwan

WIDE! That is wild at this moment. Slower one from Marcus way outside leg.

49.1Stoinis to Shah

Stoinis starts the last over with a short ball. Yasir Shah slaps it down to long on for a single. Not a bad result for Pakistan. Rizwan is on strike. 16 needed from 5 balls.

48.6Richardson to Rizwan

What a ball to finish the over! Absolutely cramps the batsman for room and Rizwan only can hit it back to the bowler. 17 runs needed off 6 balls in the last over.

48.5Richardson to Rizwan

FOUR! Rizwan finally finds the middle of the bat. A much-needed boundary for Pakistan. A short length ball on middle, Rizwan hits it hard over the head of the bowler for a boundary.

48.4Richardson to Rizwan

This is bad batting! Losing shape at the wrong time is Rizwan. A fuller length ball outside off, Rizwan looks to hit it over cover but fails to put bat on ball.

48.3Richardson to Wasim

OUT! Huge wicket for Australia and Pakistan sink further! A short length ball on top of off stump, Wasim looks to hit it over covers but the ball gets big on him. It flies off the top half and goes to deep point where Shaun Marsh makes no mistake. Good catch under pressure. 21 off 9 is the equation now.

48.2Richardson to Wasim

Slower ball on a length outside off, Wasim looks to cut it over extra cover but fails to put bat on ball as he is beaten by the lack of pace.

48.1Richardson to Rizwan

That is the hundred for Rizwan! His 2nd in ODI cricket, his 2nd in this series itself! A fuller ball outside off, driven to deep cover for a single as he gets to the landmark. The job at hand is a bigger one though, he needs to take his team home.

47.6Coulter-Nile to Wasim

47.6: N Coulter-Nile to I Wasim, Length ball on top of off stump, Wasim times it really well but fails to find the gap. 3 runs only off this over and a wicket. What a comeback this has been from Australia! Tightening the noose like a boa constrictor! Coulter-Nile ends with 10-1-53-3. The equation now is 22 of 12.

47.5Coulter-Nile to Wasim

47.5: N Coulter-Nile to I Wasim, Short length on top of off stump, Wasim looks to punch it off the back foot but the ball is mistimed to mid off.

47.4Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

47.4: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, Fuller one on middle, driven hard down the ground for a single by Rizwan as he moves onto 99.

47.3Coulter-Nile to Wasim

47.3: N Coulter-Nile to I Wasim, Short of a length on middle, Imad pushes it through mid-wicket for a single.

47.2Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

47.2: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, In the air again! But well short of deep mid-wicket. A length ball on middle, Rizwan looks to pull the ball but mistimes it aerially towards the fielder in the deep. A single is taken to bring his skipper on strike.

47.1Coulter-Nile to Ali

47.1: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, OUT! Saad Ali holes out in the deep. A half-volley from Nathan Coulter-Nile from around the wicket, Saad looked to hit it over mid on but the bat turned in his hand and goes to Richardson at deep mid-wicket who takes a sitter. Excellent stuff this from Australia. They have put the pressure right back on Pakistan. 25 needed off 17 now. Going to be really a nerve-wracking finish here!

46.6Maxwell to Ali

Short and wide outside off, cut away for a single to backward point. 25 needed off 18 balls. Saad will face the next over.

46.5Maxwell to Ali

Flatter one on the pads, Saad was down the track and looks to flick it. The ball runs off the pads for a couple of leg byes fine on the leg side. Very lucky! If Saad had missed that ball, he could have been stumped.

46.4Maxwell to Rizwan

Flighted ball on middle, pushed along the ground to long on for a run.

46.3Maxwell to Rizwan

FOUR! That was the boundary Pakistan so badly needed. A flighted ball on the pads, paddled down on the leg side fine. The ball runs really fine and fast to the ropes. Rizwan moves on to 96 now.

46.2Maxwell to Rizwan

Flighted on the pads, Rizwan sweeps it fine on the leg side past short fine leg for a couple of runs. That is excellent running from someone who has kept wickets for 50 overs and has been in the middle for quite some time.

46.1Maxwell to Ali

Flatter one on middle, pushed to long on for a single by the southpaw.

45.6Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

45.6: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, Full on off, Rizwan slices it to point. Maxwell dives and saves the run. Equation is 36 off 24.

45.5Coulter-Nile to Ali

45.5: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Back of a length on middle and leg, Saad Ali flicks it stylishly to mid-wicket for a run.

45.4Coulter-Nile to Ali

45.4: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Full on off, Saad drives it to mid off.

45.3Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

45.3: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, A short delivery with just little pace, Rizwan pulls it to square leg. Single added.

45.2Coulter-Nile to Ali

45.2: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Half-volley on off, Saad drives it through the covers for a single.

45.1Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

45.1: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, A good length delivery on off, Rizwan digs it to mid-wicket for a single.

44.6Maxwell to Rizwan

Swept fine on the leg side by Rizwan. Zampa who goes behind the ball fails to pick it clearly but that does not cost an extra run and only a single is taken. 40 off 30 needed now.

44.5Maxwell to Rizwan

Chopped away to deep cover for a couple of runs. That is excellent running.

44.4Maxwell to Rizwan

Short outside off, Rizwan rocks back and looks to open the face of the bat and hit this between point and short third man but he finds the point fielder.

44.3Maxwell to Ali

Another shout. Flatter one on the pads, Saad looks to glance it down to fine leg but misses the ball. The ball runs off the pad to fine leg for a leg bye. The ball was surely missing leg stump there so no interest from the umpire.

44.2Maxwell to Rizwan

Back of a length on off, Rizwan rocks back plays it to point for a single.

44.1Maxwell to Rizwan

Full on leg, Rizwan again goes for sweep but misses. The ball hits his pads. A loud appeal by the umpire. Umpire shakes his head. Replays shows there was bat involved.

43.6Coulter-Nile to Ali

43.6: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, On a length outside off, pushed back to the bowler by Saad Ali to end the over. 45 runs needed in 36 balls now.

43.5Coulter-Nile to Rizwan

43.5: N Coulter-Nile to M Rizwan, Really full yorker on middle, driven down to long on by Rizwan for a run.

43.4Coulter-Nile to Ali

43.4: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Guided down to third man for a single by the southpaw.

43.3Coulter-Nile to Ali

43.3: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Length ball outside off, pushed to the right of point where Maxwell dives and makes a stop. No run taken.

43.2Coulter-Nile to Ali

43.2: N Coulter-Nile to S Ali, Saad is off the mark straightaway. Flicked away through mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Good running by both batsmen that!

43.1Coulter-Nile to Akmal

43.1: N Coulter-Nile to U Akmal, OUT! Played on! Is there a twist in the tale? A length ball outside off, Umar Akmal wanted to slog this over mid-wicket but took his eyes off the ball. He swings but only gets an under edge which goes to disturb the middle stump. This is just what Pakistan would not have wanted. They need to take this deep and win it, cannot afford to give the visitors any space to come back in the game. 49 off 41 is the equation now.

42.6Maxwell to Rizwan

A fuller length on leg, Rizwan comes down the track and flicks it to long on for a double. The equation now is Pakistan need 49 runs in 42 balls.

42.5Maxwell to Akmal

Maxwell fires this one on off, Akmal taps it to covers for a single.