PAK 307/7 (50.0ov)
AUS 327/7 (50.0ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 20 runs

MOM: Glenn Maxwell

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  • AUS
  • PAK
  • 49.3KRichardson to IWasim

    Wide! Just little too wide by Richardson.
  • 48.7JBehrendorff to YShah

    OUT! In the air... and Yasir Shah departs! He needed to go for it and falls in the attempt to do so. The slower ball on middle, Yasir needed to generate all the power as he went for the big hit. Does not get the desired distance and holes out at long on where Finch takes it. Just 10 from this over, now I write just because it is a very good one in the context of the game. Pakistan need 25 in the last over.
  • 48.5JBehrendorff to IWasim

    WIDE! A slower bouncer but this goes above Imad's head. Wided.
  • 48.1JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Imad starts with a boundary! A good start to the over. A short delivery on off, Imad slaps it to the wide mid off region.
  • 46.6JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Off the outside edge this time! Imad keeping the Pakistan hopes alive! Length delivery outside off, Wasim slashes at it but the ball flies off the outside edge and to the third man fence. 41 from the last 3 overs needed.
  • 46.2JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Off the inside edge but Pakistan won't care! This is full and it tails back in. Imad swigs but it goes off the inside edge, past the leg pole and to the fine leg fence. The captain ain't going down without a fight here.
  • 45.5KRichardson to IWasim

    FOUR! Imad connects well. Short length outside off Wasim slices it towards the cover region for a boundary.
  • 44.5AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! What a sound from the willow. Clears his front leg and smashes it downtown for another boundary.
  • 44.4AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! And Imad goes full swing. Back of a length of leg, Wasim pulls it to mid-wicket for a run.
  • 44.1AZampa to YShah

    WIDE! Zampa sldies down the leg. Wided

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