PAK 307/7 (50.0ov)
AUS 327/7 (50.0ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 20 runs

MOM: Glenn Maxwell

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  • So that is from this game and this series! Another very good one for the Aussies. They have hit a purple patch at the right time. Pakistan on the other hand, have many issues which need to be resolved. They play England next in an ODI series before the World Cup but till then you can enjoy the exclusive coverage of the Indian T20 League. Till then, take care and goodbye!
  • Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says the way everybody contributed was the key in this series. Mentions it is important to stay relaxed and win the crunch moments in the game. Further adds he is very pleased with how things have gone about in this series and the series in India. Informs he changed a few things technically and it went well for him. States Khawaja has really been playing well and was unlucky to not get to a ton. Ends by saying there is always room for improvement but the spin bowling has been a positive.
  • Pakistan skipper, Imad Wasim, says the way Haris Sohail played was really well. Further adds Shan Masood too was good at the top. Mentions a whitewash is a wake up call for them and they need to improve quickly. Admits the fielding is one part where they need a lot of improvement and they need to be a little more attacking in their approach. States there are a few positives like Abid and Sohail. Ends by saying no matter who they are playing they have to think about winning.
  • Man of the Match, Glenn Maxwell, says it was a very nice series for him and he feels good about it. He feels the wicket suited his bowling and hence, he was effective. Mentions the consistency heading into the World Cup is a good thing. Ends by saying they have adapted well to the conditions here and are happy with the way the series went.
  • The Aussie bowlers were decent throughout. They hit the right lines on a wicket which was not assisting the bowlers a lot. Jason Behrendorff was the pick as he finished with a three fer and everybody except for Stoinis had a wicket to their name. A complete bowling effort was needed to defend this total on a flat surface and they did do that. Stay tuned for the presentation in a while.
  • After a brilliant effort from Khawaja, Maxwell, Finch and Marsh, the Aussies managed to put up a big total on a wicket which was pretty decent to bat on. In reply, Pakistan needed to get off to a good start but they weren't able to do so. They lost Abid in the first over itself but then Haris Sohail and Shan Masood formed a 108-run stand before the opener fell after getting to a half ton. Rizwan too failed to make an impact and the pressure was on Pakistan then but Sohail continued batting well and Akmal gave him good support. The two added another 100-plus run stand and when the duo were batting Pakistan had a huge chance. However, the two fell in quick succession and Pakistan never recovered after that. Wasim did try his best with a half ton but it was an uphill task for him.
  • Once again it is the Australians who have come out victorious. A comfortable win in the end but Pakistan will feel they did have their chances but it was the visitors who won the crucial moments in the game and hence, emerged victorious.
  • 49.7KRichardson to UKhan

    A dot to end! A slower ball outside off, Yasir is way too early in his shot and misses. That is the end of the game. AUSTRALIA COMPLETE THE WHITEWASH AS THEY WIN THE GAME BY 20 RUNS!
  • 49.6KRichardson to IWasim

    Fifty for Imad Wasim. A decent innings by the skipper, tried his best but he had a lot to do. He gets there with a single off an inside edge. He looks to pull but it goes off the inner half and then onto his body, towards the off side.
  • 49.5KRichardson to IWasim

    A good length delivery on leg, Wasom hits it straight to the bowler.
  • 49.4KRichardson to IWasim

    A good delivery by Richardson. Keeping it away from Imad's hitting zone. Short outside off. Imad Wasim fails to connect.
  • 49.3KRichardson to IWasim

    Wide! Just little too wide by Richardson.
  • 49.2KRichardson to IWasim

    A very slow paced delivery. Short outside off, Wasim fails to get any connection between the ball and the bat.
  • 49.1KRichardson to IWasim

    A short of a length on off, no pace on the delivery. Wasim smashes it from his back foot to long off. Two picked up.
  • 48.7JBehrendorff to YShah

    OUT! In the air... and Yasir Shah departs! He needed to go for it and falls in the attempt to do so. The slower ball on middle, Yasir needed to generate all the power as he went for the big hit. Does not get the desired distance and holes out at long on where Finch takes it. Just 10 from this over, now I write just because it is a very good one in the context of the game. Pakistan need 25 in the last over.
  • 48.6JBehrendorff to IWasim

    A back of a length on off, Jason rolling his figures on this, Wasim cuts it to covers for a single.
  • 48.5JBehrendorff to IWasim

    WIDE! A slower bouncer but this goes above Imad's head. Wided.
  • 48.4JBehrendorff to YShah

    Very smart from Jason, A slower one! Pitching short and Shah wait for and pulls it to short fine leg for a single.
  • 48.3JBehrendorff to YShah

    Short delivery on leg, Shah pulls it hard to long on. Batsmen takes two.
  • 48.2JBehrendorff to IWasim

    A short delivery to follow and Wasim punches to point for a run.
  • 48.1JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Imad starts with a boundary! A good start to the over. A short delivery on off, Imad slaps it to the wide mid off region.
  • 47.6KRichardson to IWasim

    A single to end a top class over from Richardson. The good thing for Pakistan is, Wasim keeps strike as he hits it down to long on. 35 in 12 needed.
  • 47.5KRichardson to IWasim

    A couple! Still no boundary. Good bowling by Kane. He keeps it away from the striking zone of Imad. It is hit through covers for a couple.
  • 47.4KRichardson to YShah

    A full toss but Shah can't take toll of it. He hits it on the bounce to the sweeper cover fielder. A single.
  • 47.3KRichardson to IWasim

    Good delivery! The slower bouncer. Imad is done in by the pace. He mistimes his pull towards mid-wicket for a run. Singles are something the Aussies won't mind.
  • 47.2KRichardson to YShah

    Short again and outside off, Shah slaps it down to long off for a run.
  • 47.1KRichardson to YShah

    Almost a run out there! Yasir hammers the ball back towards Richardson. He does really well to collect it in his followthrough. He then turns and mimes a throw at the non-striker's end where Imad dives in. Had he thrown it, it would have been close. Should have actually as that would surely have been game over if Imad would have been run out.
  • 46.6JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Off the outside edge this time! Imad keeping the Pakistan hopes alive! Length delivery outside off, Wasim slashes at it but the ball flies off the outside edge and to the third man fence. 41 from the last 3 overs needed.
  • 46.5JBehrendorff to YShah

    Just a single! Bowls it on the body of Yasir, cramping him for room. Shah looks to pull but gets an inside edge towards the mid-wicket region for a run.
  • 46.4JBehrendorff to YShah

    Yasir has hit that well! Short and on middle, Shah pulls it through mid-wicket and the batsmen take two. 46 needed from 20.
  • 46.3JBehrendorff to IWasim

    Excellent fielding by Lyon to keep that to only one. Short and on the body, Wasim pulls it to the left of NL. He covers ground quickly and does not allow the second.
  • 46.2JBehrendorff to IWasim

    FOUR! Off the inside edge but Pakistan won't care! This is full and it tails back in. Imad swigs but it goes off the inside edge, past the leg pole and to the fine leg fence. The captain ain't going down without a fight here.
  • 46.1JBehrendorff to IWasim

    Good running! This is flicked towards the man at square leg. It is to his right. They take one and then go for the second. A longer boundary so they just about make it.
  • 45.6KRichardson to IWasim

    Kane bowls this short, Wasim pulls it mid-wicket and retain the strike. Single added.
  • 45.5KRichardson to IWasim

    FOUR! Imad connects well. Short length outside off Wasim slices it towards the cover region for a boundary.
  • 45.4KRichardson to IWasim

    Another dot ball, adding pressure to Pakistan. A short delivery on off, Wasim smashes it straight to covers.
  • 45.3KRichardson to IWasim

    Wasim is beaten. Richardson bowls this outside off, Wasim fails to get any connection.
  • 45.2KRichardson to YShah

    A back of a length, Shah clears his front leg and tries to strikes it above bowler's head but gets an inside edge onto the ground for a single.
  • 45.1KRichardson to YShah

    Full on middle, Shah flicks it to mid-wicket.
  • 44.7AZampa to YShah

    A back of a length on off, Shah taps it to point for a run.
  • 44.6AZampa to IWasim

    Looks for three in three. Misses it, drives this on to mid off for a run.
  • 44.5AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! What a sound from the willow. Clears his front leg and smashes it downtown for another boundary.
  • 44.4AZampa to IWasim

    FOUR! And Imad goes full swing. Back of a length of leg, Wasim pulls it to mid-wicket for a run.
  • 44.3AZampa to YShah

    Gets it this time, Shah guides it to point for a run. Over to Imad.
  • 44.2AZampa to YShah

    Zampa fires this one outside off, Shah looks to play it to third man, fails to connect.

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