AUS 307 (49.0ov)
PAK 266 (45.4ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs

MOM: David Warner

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  • AUS
  • PAK
  • 45.4KRichardson to SAfridi

    OUT! RUN OUT! Brilliance by Maxwell has given Australia the last wicket. Full and on off, Afridi jams it out towards cover and it goes on one bounce to the fielder inside the ring. Sarfaraz is off for a run but then realizes that Maxwell has jumped and collected the ball with one hand over his head. The Pakistan skipper tries to return but before that the Big Show hits the bull's eye at the non-striker's end. One stump to aim at and boom... Ahmed is well short. The Australian players are ecstatic as they hug each other. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 41 RUNS!
  • 44.5MStarc to MAmir

    OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Two in the over for Starc and this is probably the over which completely turns the game in Australia's favour. He goes full but ends up bowling a low full toss. Amir looks to put bat on ball but gets an inside edge which shatters the stumps behind. One wicket away now Australia, Starc has two balls to do it.
  • 44.3MStarc to MAmir

    WIDE! Goes short first up but down the leg side. Wided.
  • 44.2MStarc to WRiaz

    OUT! Caught behind! This could probably be the game-changing review by Australia. Wahab Riaz is out of here. Wicket no. 8 down. Starc delivers when his team needed the most. Back of a length delivery and it lands on off, straightens after pitching. Wahab hangs his bat out. He seems to have missed it. Carey takes it and appeals. The umpire shakes his head. Finch comes running in from mid-wicket or cover, asks Smith but the latter is unsure. Finch waits, waits and waits and at the last moment, reviews just in time and replays show that there is something on the Ultra Edge when the ball passes the bat! The on-field call has been overturned. Australia heavy favorites again. 44 needed in 34 with 2 wickets in hand.
  • 41.3NCoulter-Nile to WRiaz

    41.3: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, SIX! Wahab Riaz is doing it here for Pakistan. He picks up the slower one early and slogs it handsomely over mid-wicket for a biggie. 50-run stand comes up, 250 up for Pakistan as well!
  • 40.2GMaxwell to WRiaz

    SIX! Take that says Wahab! That is right off the middle. Very full and Wahab whips it easily over the long on fence. 10 from the first two balls. Pakistan not going down without a fight.
  • 39.8GMaxwell to WRiaz

    FOUR! Inside edge and that just goes past the off pole. So the intentions are clear. Go after the offie. Maxwell fires it outside off. Wahab swings across the line, the ball just about kisses the off pole. Goes to the fine leg fence.
  • 38.6NCoulter-Nile to WRiaz

    38.6: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, SIX! That has been nailed! 11 from the over. 80 needed in 66. Short and on the body, Riaz maybe was ready for it this time. He goes back and powers it over the square leg fence.
  • 36.4MStarc to WRiaz

    FOUR! Just wide of Steve Smith at wide first slip! Starc goes very full this time, around off and angling away, Riaz tries to play a booming cover drive but it takes the thick outside edge and flies past Smith's right for a boundary.
  • 33.5KRichardson to HAli

    OUT! Boom - Kane has the last laugh! Party over for Hassan Ali! Richardson bangs in a short ball again, it's around off and Hassan this time tries to play the cross-batted shot. But it takes the bottom half of his bat and flies down to Khawaja at fine leg. He makes no mistake and Pakistan lose their 7th wicket. End of an entertaining cameo from Ali but that's not enough.

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