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Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs
David Warner

45.4Richardson to Afridi

OUT! RUN OUT! Brilliance by Maxwell has given Australia the last wicket. Full and on off, Afridi jams it out towards cover and it goes on one bounce to the fielder inside the ring. Sarfaraz is off for a run but then realizes that Maxwell has jumped and collected the ball with one hand over his head. The Pakistan skipper tries to return but before that the Big Show hits the bull's eye at the non-striker's end. One stump to aim at and boom... Ahmed is well short. The Australian players are ecstatic as they hug each other. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 41 RUNS!

45.3Richardson to Afridi

Short and on middle, Shaheen looks to defend but it goes off the top portion towards mid off.

45.2Richardson to Afridi

Full and outside off, Afridi plays inside the line and gets beaten.

45.1Richardson to Afridi

On the stumps, it is kept out.

44.7Starc to Afridi

Plays out the last ball but the interesting thing here is, Sarfaraz takes a single. Full toss on the pads, SA works it through square leg and a single is taken.

44.6Starc to Afridi

Almost! Bowls it on a length and around off, this one shapes in late. Shaheen looks to defend but gets an inside edge towards square leg.

44.5Starc to Amir

OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Two in the over for Starc and this is probably the over which completely turns the game in Australia's favour. He goes full but ends up bowling a low full toss. Amir looks to put bat on ball but gets an inside edge which shatters the stumps behind. One wicket away now Australia, Starc has two balls to do it.

44.4Starc to Amir

BEATEN! Quick delivery on off, it skids through. Amir looks to defend but gets beaten.

44.3Starc to Amir

WIDE! Goes short first up but down the leg side. Wided.

44.2Starc to Riaz

OUT! Caught behind! This could probably be the game-changing review by Australia. Wahab Riaz is out of here. Wicket no. 8 down. Starc delivers when his team needed the most. Back of a length delivery and it lands on off, straightens after pitching. Wahab hangs his bat out. He seems to have missed it. Carey takes it and appeals. The umpire shakes his head. Finch comes running in from mid-wicket or cover, asks Smith but the latter is unsure. Finch waits, waits and waits and at the last moment, reviews just in time and replays show that there is something on the Ultra Edge when the ball passes the bat! The on-field call has been overturned. Australia heavy favorites again. 44 needed in 34 with 2 wickets in hand.

44.1Starc to Ahmed

Well played! Clears his front leg but Starc bowls it short. Sarfaraz guides it down to third man who is very fine. So only a run.

43.6Richardson to Ahmed

Well played again! Guides it down to third man and takes one. 6 from the over.

43.5Richardson to Ahmed

A dot! Short and on middle, Sarfaraz looks to pull but mistimes it to mid-wicket.

43.4Richardson to Riaz

Slapped but just for one! Outside off, Wahab hits it through covers and gets to the other end.

43.3Richardson to Ahmed

Sarfaraz works it through mid-wicket and gets to the other end. Well played. He need not do anything silly at the moment.

43.2Richardson to Riaz

Another full toss, Wahab looks to play a cautious stroke. The ball goes off the outside edge down to third man for one.

43.1Richardson to Riaz

Good running and even more impressive dive in the end! A full toss to begin with by Kane. Wahab guides it past point. They take one, go for the second. The throw is a loopy one from the deep so Wahab makes in with a dive.

42.6Starc to Riaz

Starc's over comes to an end! Three runs from it. A good one for Pakistan as they did not lose a wicket. 51 needed in 42. Full and on the pads, Riaz works it towards fine leg and keeps strike.

42.5Starc to Riaz

Good bumper! It is on off, Wahab hops and tries to fend at it but at the very end bails out.

42.4Starc to Riaz

Back of a length and on the stumps from around the wicket. Wahab blocks it down onto the ground.

42.3Starc to Ahmed

Good length and on off, Sarfaraz guides it down to third man and takes one.

42.2Starc to Riaz

Nicely played! This is worked through square leg and gets off strike.

42.1Starc to Riaz

BEATEN! Full and angles it away from off. Wahab looks to put bat on ball but misses.

41.6Coulter-Nile to Riaz

41.6: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single. 24 in the last two overs, 54 needed off 48 balls. Game on?

41.5Coulter-Nile to Ahmed

41.5: N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, On middle and leg, Sarfaraz smartly glances it behind square leg and rotates the strike. The skipper is showing great maturity.

41.4Coulter-Nile to Riaz

41.4: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Back of a length ball on off, Wahab gets back and plays it in the gap in front of square leg for one.

41.3Coulter-Nile to Riaz

41.3: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, SIX! Wahab Riaz is doing it here for Pakistan. He picks up the slower one early and slogs it handsomely over mid-wicket for a biggie. 50-run stand comes up, 250 up for Pakistan as well!

41.2Coulter-Nile to Riaz

41.2: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Shortish and on off, Wahab rocks back to pummel it on the leg side but it takes the lower half of his bat and goes towards covers.

41.1Coulter-Nile to Ahmed

41.1: N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, On a good length outside off, Ahmed dabs it down to third man for a run.

40.6Maxwell to Ahmed

Once again smart batting by Ahmed. He eases it down to long on for one. 14 came from the over. 64 needed in the last 9.

40.5Maxwell to Riaz

Straight down the ground. Not timed nicely though but a single taken.

40.4Maxwell to Ahmed

Ahmed smartly goes back and pushes it down to long off for one.

40.3Maxwell to Riaz

Excellent stop! Saves three for his side. Riaz goes for the slog sweep. Does not hit it right off the middle. It still seems to be going to the mid-wicket fence but Coulter-Nile runs to his right, jumps, keeps both his legs in the air and pushes it back in.

40.2Maxwell to Riaz

SIX! Take that says Wahab! That is right off the middle. Very full and Wahab whips it easily over the long on fence. 10 from the first two balls. Pakistan not going down without a fight.

39.8Maxwell to Riaz

FOUR! Inside edge and that just goes past the off pole. So the intentions are clear. Go after the offie. Maxwell fires it outside off. Wahab swings across the line, the ball just about kisses the off pole. Goes to the fine leg fence.
Powerplay 3 to get underway now! A maximum of 5 fielders can be put outside the ring till the end. 78 needed more off the last 10 overs. Three wickets left.

39.6Cummins to Riaz

A loud cheer as Riaz plays Cummins out. He works the last ball towards mid on and takes one. End of Cummins for tonight. Top spell by him again. His figures read 10-0-33-3.

39.5Cummins to Riaz

Good length on off, Wahab defends it out.

39.4Cummins to Riaz

Bangs it short and down the leg side, Wahab looks to work it on the leg side but misses. It is the slower one. Not wided. Replays confirm that it has hit the gloves on its way. Good decision.

39.3Cummins to Riaz

Once again, gets right behind the line and defends it onto the ground. Clever batting, knows it is Cummins' last over and he may have decided to play him out.

39.2Cummins to Riaz

On the stumps, Wahab gets right behind the line and keeps it out. Playing with responsibility is the pacer. Needs to hang in there with his skipper.

39.1Cummins to Ahmed

Edgy run! Length and around off, Sarfaraz look to run it down to third man, it goes off the outside edge down towards third man for one.

38.6Coulter-Nile to Riaz

38.6: N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, SIX! That has been nailed! 11 from the over. 80 needed in 66. Short and on the body, Riaz maybe was ready for it this time. He goes back and powers it over the square leg fence.

38.5Coulter-Nile to Ahmed

38.5: N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, Good running! Length and around off, SA looks to defend but gets an inside edge onto his pads. The ball rolls beside the pitch and the batsmen take one.

38.4Coulter-Nile to Ahmed

38.4: N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, On the stumps, Sarfaraz blocks it out.