AUS 580 (157.4ov)
PAK 240, 335 (84.2ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by an innings and 5 runs

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  • 84.2MStarc to Khanjr

    OUT! Caught! No, they will not have to because Imran has holed out. Good length ball on middle, Imran looks to power it over the mid-wicket fence this time but manages only a top edge. Wade from long on comes forward to catch but initially misjudges it. He backtracks and then manages to hold onto the catch over his head. Australia win the first Test by an innings and five runs.
  • 84.1MStarc to Khanjr

    FOUR! What a shot that is! Hits it over the bowler's head. Fullish length just around off, Imran clears his front leg and hammers it over mid on for a boundary. Five more runs and Australia will have to bat again.
  • 83.6JHazlewood to NShah

    Hazlewood tries to bowl the inswinging yorker but ends up missing it and bowling a full toss.
  • 83.5JHazlewood to NShah

    Heave and a miss this time. But it misses the bat and stumps as well.
  • 83.4JHazlewood to SAfridi

    OUT! 9 down and Australia are just a wicket away. Back of a length delivery on middle, Shaheen looks to mow it to over mid-wicket but mistimes it. It lobs towards short cover where Cummins takes the easiest of the catches.
  • 83.3JHazlewood to SAfridi

    Almost dragged it on the stumps. Full and wide outside off, Shaheen looks to drive but the ball takes the inside edge onto the pads.
  • 83.2JHazlewood to SAfridi

    Bouncer and around off, Shaheen sways away from the line of the delivery.
  • 83.1JHazlewood to SAfridi

    Good length ball around off, Shaheen blocks it off the front foot.
  • 82.6MStarc to Khanjr

    Fuller and outside off, Imran pushes at it to get beaten.
  • 82.5MStarc to Khanjr

    Shortish length, aimed at the body. Imran looks to work it on the leg side but gets hit on the body and then it goes to Labuschagne at short leg. He appeals but not sure for why. Nothing from the umpire.
  • 82.4MStarc to SAfridi

    Back of a length ball on middle, Shaheen pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single. Two balls to survive for Imran.
  • 82.3MStarc to SAfridi

    Full ball but down the leg side. Shaheen flicks but misses.
  • 82.2MStarc to SAfridi

    On the pads again, Shahenn looks to flick but misses again. The ball goes to short leg.
  • 82.1MStarc to SAfridi

    Pull and a miss! Bouncer and on middle, Shaheen goes for the pull but misses.
  • 81.6JHazlewood to Khanjr

    Good length ball on middle, Imran looks to turn it towards the leg side but gets hit on the pads. The ball goes towards fine leg but Afridi denies the run.
  • 81.5JHazlewood to SAfridi

    Good length ball on middle, this time Afridi nudges it towards short fine leg for a single.
  • 81.4JHazlewood to SAfridi

    Beaten! In the channel outside off, Afridi pokes and misses.
  • 81.3JHazlewood to SAfridi

    FOUR! That flies off the outside edge. Shortish length ball on middle, Afridi looks to mow it towards mid-wicket but the ball takes the outside edge and flies to the third man fence. 11 more runs and Australia will have to bat again.
  • 81.2JHazlewood to Khanjr

    On the pads, Imran guides it towards fine leg for a single.
  • 81.1JHazlewood to YShah

    OUT! Pakistan are 8 down now. A nice little cameo comes to an end. A fuller ball on middle, Shah looks to flick but the ball takes the leading edge and balloons towards mid off. Wade at covers runs across from covers and takes a nice catch diving forward. Australia just 2 wickets away.
  • 80.6MStarc to SAfridi

    Fuller and outside off, Shaheen looks to block but ball takes outside edge and goes towards third slip.
  • 80.5MStarc to SAfridi

    FOUR BYES! Did that hit the crack again? It is a shortish length on middle, Afridi ducks under it. Paine though leaps high in the air to pouch but it still goes over the head of Paine.
  • 80.4MStarc to SAfridi

    On the body this time! Shortish length around middle, Shaheen looks to work it on the leg side but misses to get hit on the body.
  • 80.3MStarc to SAfridi

    In the channel outside off, it is left alone.
  • 80.2MStarc to SAfridi

    FOUR LEG BYES! This time diving Paine cannot save it. Good length ball down the leg side. Shaheen looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. It goes wide of the keeper. Paine dives to his right to save but he cannot stop that from going to the fine leg fence.
  • 80.1MStarc to SAfridi

    FOUR! Wow! Shaheen into the act now. Low full toss on the pads. Shaheen whips it to the deep mid-wicket fence.
  • 79.6JHazlewood to YShah

    Outside off, a play and a miss to end the over.
  • 79.5JHazlewood to YShah

    FOUR! Nicely played! A short ball outside off, Yasir pulls it through mid-wicket! He moves to 42 from 55 balls.
  • 79.4JHazlewood to YShah

    TOP EDGE, SAFE! A length ball, around middle, Yasir looks to flick but gets a top edge. The ball lobs behind and three men run after it - Tim Paine, Joe Burns from first slip and Steven Smith from second slip. The ball eludes all of those and Paine gets to the ball and parries it behind to Smith who returns the throw. Two runs taken.
  • 79.3JHazlewood to YShah

    Around middle, Yasir hops and defends it down the ground.
  • 79.2JHazlewood to SAfridi

    This is slipped down the leg side, Afridi lets it pass and the ball keeps on kicking after landing. Paine leaps to his right and parries it to fine leg. Wrings his hand in pain. Finger injuries are always a pain for Tim.
  • 79.1JHazlewood to MRizwan

    OUT! Caught! Rizwan goes for 95! That is so, so, so, so sad for him. He is distraught. He just looks at the fielder, then his shot and thinks, 'What have I done?' It is difficult to say who spent a longer time at the crease after getting out - Rizwan or Sohail yesterday. A short ball outside off, Rizwan leaps and plays the upper cut but he finds Nathan Lyon at deep backward point! Is the innings defeat still on? 35 more needed for Pakistan to avoid that. End of a quickfire 79-run stand.
  • 78.6PatCummins to YShah

    Full and around middle, flicked towards short mid-wicket.
  • 78.5PatCummins to YShah

    Full and around off, watchfully defended.
  • 78.4PatCummins to YShah

    Where has that hit? A crack? Big leg cutter from Cummins. Lands it on a fuller length outside off and makes Yasir Shah poke at it. But the ball suddenly bounces and kicks off, just about beating the outside edge. Now, an alert Tim Paine senses that Yasir is outside the crease and fires a throw at the striker's end. There is an appeal for the run out but the umpire is not interested.
  • 78.3PatCummins to MRizwan

    Full and straight, Rizwan drives it off the inner half of the bat through mid on. A single taken.
  • 78.2PatCummins to YShah

    Full on middle, flicked through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 78.1PatCummins to YShah

    A bouncer, Yasir ducks.
  • 77.6NLyon to MRizwan

    The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot. Two runs added to the total.
  • 77.5NLyon to MohammadRizwan

    NOT OUT. But had the decision been given out, Rizwan would have reviewed it. Because he did not hit it in the first place. A full ball, around middle, Rizwan gets across and looks to paddle. Now, the ball goes off something and two people go for the catch - Steven Smith from first slip and Marnus Labuschagne from short leg. Both dive and almost have a nasty collision but avert it. The South African pouches it and then claims the catch, celebrating as well. Umpire Kettleborough checks with Illingworth about the carry and then sends it upstairs, with the soft signal as OUT. Replays are too inconclusive with a big part of the ball touching the ground. But the replays then show the ball not hitting the bat or glove. Snickometer confirms.
  • 77.4NLyon to YShah

    Down the leg side, Yasir gets across and nudges it through fine leg for a single.
  • 77.3NLyon to YShah

    Full and around off, pushed towards short mid-wicket.
  • 77.2NLyon to YasirShah

    Full and around off, Yasir looks to defend but gets a thick outside edge which flies towards the vacant silly point region.
  • 77.1NLyon to MRizwan

    300 UP FOR PAKISTAN! Wow. Take a bow. From 25/3 and 94/5, did not think we would have expected this. Around off, punched uppishly, but well past the bowler down to long on for a single.
  • 76.6PatCummins to YShah

    Full and outside off, hint of reverse, Yasir looks to defend but gets a bit of an inside edge down the pitch.

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