AUS 315 (49.5ov)
SA 325/6 (50.0ov)

South Africa beat Australia by 10 runs

MOM: Faf du Plessis

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    Image: ICC

    Africa beats Australia by 10 runs and it's means we are going to see a mini Ashes in semifinal between Australia and England now. What a match today for Africa specially from start only either it's batting first, bowling or fielding. A well deserved Century from Faf and big scrore from Dussen too took Africa to a huge total. 

    Australia too showed intent despite some early collapse and after Khwaja walked out due to hamstring injury. Warner kept on charging while Carey kept on attacking until he departed. Lastly Kangaroos left a little back in this race and lost. Africa will take some good memories back home with them now. Tahir might be playing his last World Cup now. We will miss him and his celebration. Duminy too departs from international cricket now.

  • 49.5APhehlukwayo to NLyon

    OUT! Caught! That ends the game. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 10 RUNS. Andile takes the last wicket of the match. A length ball around off, Lyon gets down and mows a slog towards mid-wicket. But he finds Aiden Markram in the deep running to his left who completes an easy catch.
  • 49.4APhehlukwayo to JBehrendorff

    Outside off, heaved down to long off for a single.
  • 49.3APhehlukwayo to JBehrendorff

    NOT OUT. Outside off, Behrendorff lofts it over mid off and hares back for the second. The throw is a good one to the keeper who disturbs the stumps and appeals. It is referred upstairs but replays show that Jason has used his long reach to stretch in.
  • 49.2APhehlukwayo to NLyon

    Outside off, punched off the back foot for just a single.
  • 49.1APhehlukwayo to JBehrendorff

    A length ball on middle and leg, whipped over short fine leg. JP Duminy tracks it down from deep backward square leg and dives but then slips and concedes an extra third.
  • 48.6KRabada to NLyon

    Outside off, eased through the covers for a couple. 7 runs and 2 wickets from the over, Rabada finishes with figures of 10-0-56-3.
  • 48.5KRabada to MStarc

    OUT! BOWLED! Full and straight, Starc swings hard but misses. The ball hits the timber and Rabada gives Starc a send-off.
  • 48.4KRabada to JBehrendorff

    A short ball, pulled to long on for one more.
  • 48.3KRabada to JBehrendorff

    Outside off, dabbed towards third man for a couple.
  • 48.2KRabada to JBehrendorff

    A sharp bouncer around off, Behrendorff takes his eyes off the ball and looks to fend it. The ball goes off the outside edge towards point. The batsmen go for a quick single and the fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but concedes an overthrow instead. A single added to the single.
  • 48.1KRabada to UKhawaja

    OUT! BOWLED! Khawaja has played that back onto the stumps! Usman stands there in remorse while Rabada smiles. It is not a wry smile, it is just a genuine one. He too, agrees that Khawaja is a bit unlucky. A full toss outside off, Uzzie gets across and looks to paddle but hits it from the bottom half of the bat onto the stumps! Well tried, brave lad.
  • 47.6CMorris to UKhawaja

    Outside off, hit through the covers for a single. 17 from the over, do Australia still have a chance? 25 needed in the last 2 overs.
  • 47.5CMorris to UKhawaja

    FOUR! 300 UP FOR AUSTRALIA! From 119/4 and a batsman more down, this is a fabulous effort. A full toss, on middle, Khawaja brings his subtle wrists into play and flicks it through mid-wicket!
  • 47.4CMorris to MStarc

    Full and wide outside off, squeezed through the covers for a run.
  • 47.3CMorris to MStarc

    FOUR! Nice shot! Full and around middle, Starc backs away and hammers it straight back past the non-striker, to the long on fence!
  • 47.2CMorris to MStarc

    SIX! AUDACIOUS! A length ball, around middle and leg, Starc pulls this over mid-wicket for half a dozen! 35 more needed from 16 balls now.
  • 47.1CMorris to UKhawaja

    Oops... Gets across to play a paddle but cannot make use of the low full toss. Gets into a tangle and the ball hits the outside edge and goes to short third man. A single taken.
  • 46.6KRabada to UKhawaja

    Outside off, driven through the covers for one.
  • 46.5KRabada to UKhawaja

    FOUR! Nicely done. A short ball, down the leg side, would have been a wide had it been left alone but Khawaja helps it with a pull over the keeper to the fine leg fence.
  • 46.4KRabada to MStarc

    A length ball on middle and leg, turned through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 46.3KRabada to UKhawaja

    Backs away to the leg side, is followed by a short ball and somehow Usman fends it towards short third man for a single.
  • 46.2KRabada to UKhawaja

    Full and outside off, Khawaja looks to go big but the ball hits the toe end of his bat and goes to mid off. Does not carry.
  • 46.1KRabada to UKhawaja

    A short ball outside off, Khawaja looks to pull but misses.
  • 45.6CMorris to MStarc

    A short ball, around off, Mitchell tries to hook but misses.
  • 45.5CMorris to MStarc

    Dropped short, pulled straight to short mid-wicket.
  • 45.4CMorris to MStarc

    A short ball, pulled behind square leg for a couple.
  • 45.3CMorris to MStarc

    Full on middle, flicked straight to short mid-wicket.
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    Out! Morris joins the party too as Carey departs.

  • 45.2CMorris to ACarey

    OUT! Caught in the deep! Fighting knock from Carey comes to an end. He tried very hard to take Australia home but the task is too steep. A cutter outside off, Carey backs away and tries to carve it over cover but finds Aiden Markram at sweeper, who comes running in and takes a diving catch! The entire Protean unit mobs him. That surely should be the game? 51 more needed from 28 balls.
  • 45.1CMorris to MStarc

    Excellent yorker outside off, dug out towards cover for a single.
  • 44.7APhehlukwayo to MStarc

    Full and outside off, driven through cover for a single. Just 5 from the over. Phehlukwayo's figures read 2-0-15-1.
  • 44.6APhehlukwayo to AlexCarey

    A short ball, pulled straight to short fine leg. A metre here or there would have been a boundary. A run taken.
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    Out! Phehlukwayo strikes as Cummins departs.

  • 44.5APhehlukwayo to PatCummins

    OUT! Caught! The 45-run stand is broken. Another slower ball fetches a wicket. This is also at 106 kph. On a length outside off, Cummins looks to go big, coming forward and aiming for a home run in baseball, but only manages to sky it high in the air. JP Duminy comes running in from long off and takes it Australian style. 54 more needed from 32 balls.
  • 44.4APhehlukwayo to ACarey

    A short ball, pulled to mid-wicket for a run.
  • 44.3APhehlukwayo to ACarey

    WIDE. A short ball, down the leg side, Alex is already backing away but still cannot connect with his pull.
  • 44.2APhehlukwayo to PatCummins

    Landed outside off, a slower one, 106 kph, Cummins swings hard but gets a thick outside edge which flies down to third man. A single taken.
  • 44.1APhehlukwayo to PatCummins

    Outside off, punched straight to cover.
  • 43.6TShamsi to PatCummins

    Short ball, stays low, pulled behind square leg for a run. 12 from the over, 29 from the last 2!
  • 43.5TShamsi to ACarey

    Full and around middle, Carey gets down and sweeps it through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 43.4TShamsi to ACarey

    Short and outside off, cut in front of point this time for a brace.
  • 43.3TShamsi to ACarey

    Misses out. Short and outside off, Alex finds backward point with a cut shot.
  • 43.2TShamsi to ACarey

    FOUR! ADMONISHED! Full and outside off, Carey gets down and mows a slog sweep over mid-wicket!
  • 43.1TShamsi to ACarey

    FOUR! Edged away! Outside off, Carey rocks back to cut but gets a thick outside edge past short third man!

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