SL 247 (45.5ov)
AUS 334/7 (50.0ov)

Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

MOM: Aaron Finch

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  • AUS
  • SL
  • 45.5PatCummins to NPradeep

    OUT! There is the final wicket! Australia have finally managed to take it. Cummins is the man who finishes things off. Pradeep, like he has been doing, makes room again. Cummins bowls it full and follows him down the leg side. Nuwan looks to go downtown but the ball kisses the outside edge and goes into the gloves of the keeper. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 87 RUNS!
  • 44.5KRichardson to deSilva

    FOUR! Just over! Dhananjaya once again looks to paddle. It is outside off and he ends up dragging it just over the man at short fine leg this time for a boundary.
  • 44.2KRichardson to deSilva

    WIDE! This is bowled outside the tramline on the off side.
  • 43.2PatCummins to deSilva

    Goes short this time, Dhananjaya lets it be and it has been wided as the umpire feels it is too high.
  • 41.4KRichardson to LMalinga

    OUT! Three-fer for Richardson. 9 down now are Sri Lanka. Richardson goes very full and on middle, Malinga ends up slicing it straight to Khawaja at covers.
  • 39.7KRichardson to IUdana

    OUT! Udana is out of here! A terrific catch by Finch. Length and around off, this one bounces a touch more and it is also the slower one. Udana looks to flat-bat it but mistimes it high up in the air behind mid off. Finch runs backwards and takes a very good catch. Not easy when you have to run like that and also, the sun might have just been in his eyes. Australia are now two wickets away from winning this one.
  • 39.5KRichardson to IUdana

    Down the leg side, IU looks to flick but misses. Wided.
  • 39.1KRichardson to IUdana

    FOUR! Up and over! Shorter and outside off, Udana slashes hard, it flies over point and the ball races to the fence. Consecutive boundaries.
  • 38.6MStarc to deSilva

    FOUR! Fine shot! Starc delivers it on a length around off, de Silva presents a straight bat and times his shot beautifully. Warner tries his best to stop it with a dive at mid off but fails.
  • 38.1MStarc to KMendis

    OUT! Another one bites the dust! Starc with the older ball is a different beast! He steams in and slants across a good length delivery outside off at 140 kph. Mendis stays back to throw his bat at it but only manages a thin outside edge behind. Alex Carey makes no mistake and Starc hunts down his fourth victim. He's on a hat-trick now. Can he get it and the fifer?

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