AUSW 106/2 (15.1ov)
ENGW 105 (19.4ov)

Australia Women beat England Women by 8 wickets

MOM: Ashleigh Gardner

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  • Okay. Two games which could have had different results. Should Windies have batted first against Australia in the semi-final? Should England have chased in the final? Well, bygones are bygones. Ifs and buts do change the world, don't they? But it is now time for us to wrap up. Cannot say Australia have been the best team in the tournament but they played well when it mattered the most. England came so close to winning their first WWT20 title but it was not to be. Thank you all for getting up across different time zones in the world and diligently following us. Hope to connect with ya soon. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious Australian skipper, Meg Lanning, admits that the Aussies were not at their best in the field but praises the bowlers for stepping up. Has extra words for Georgia Wareham for that run out of Amy Jones and then praises Sophie Molineux for keeping her cool throughput the tournament. On the missed review of Lauren Winfield, Meg says that she did hear a noise but did not go for the review since the others were not confident. On the trophy cabinet being empty for so many years, Lanning says that plenty of hard work went behind this and thanks the entire support staff and the supporters. On her victorious leap to end the campaign, Meg says that she wanted this trophy badly and she was prepared to run right after the ball hit the bat, despite Gardner telling her - 'No silly singles.'
  • It is now time for the Aussies to get their medals.
  • England skipper, Heather Knight, manages to brave a smile. On the pitch, Knight says that it was a dry wicket and Danielle Wyatt started brilliantly but then they kept losing wickets regularly. On her decision to bat first, Heather says that she did not think there will be so much dew and the ball will skid on. Praises Australia but is proud of her young and inexperienced team. Thanks the crowd for its amazing support. On the future, Heather says that as a player, she has the domestic tournament in Australia to look forward to but as a team, they have the massive Ashes coming up next year.
  • Now, the English players get their medallions.
  • Any doubts? ALYSSA HEALY IS THE PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT. On the continuous set of awards increasing the weight in her bag, Healy smiles and says that luckily she got a golf bag with her. Admits that she missed out tonight but also enjoyed watching the game on the sidelines with the other members chipping in. Has no answer to so many dropped catches and puts it down to 'one of those days.' Amongst the World Cup wins, she tips 2010 as her favourite moment but also says that this one is pretty special. Hopes that in the remaining two days, she and the team get a good tour of the Caribbean.
  • ASHLEIGH GARDNER HAS BEEN NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH. Has a big smile and admits that there were a lot of nerves heading into the final but took a lot of confidence from their performance in the semi-final. On her bowling, Ash says that she was just focussing on bowling wicket-to-wicket. With the bat, Gardner agrees that she has not had a great tournament with the willow but just wanted to enjoy tonight, with sixes. On the shots played, Ash says that the moment the ball was tossed up, she decided to go big. Says that it is a great feeling to win the tournament which cannot be described in words.
  • Time for the presentation now. The umpires and match referee get their medallions.
  • Lisa Sthalekar gets Delissa Kimmince to talk to. Kimmince says that it is a very emotional moment, this win but also the fact that it has been a tough journey for her. All the same, she is excited to be a part of a World Cup-winning squad. Admits that she was nervous, not quite able to sleep last night but is relieved now. Thanks her family, friends, coaches and all people who have helped her along the journey.
  • Ebony gets more people to interview. Megan Schutt and Beth Mooney. Schutt says that she is over the moon but is holding back her tears of joy. On the crowd, Megan says that it is very hard to look at the people in front of a strict Lanning but adds that she enjoys the noise and cheering. Mooney says that Australia have done well throughout the tournament. Praises Lanning for her captaincy and being cool under pressure. Stresses that the talk in the dressing room was to play with confidence and with freedom. Adds that the strong batting line-up gave the unit more confidence. Thanks the supporters back home and also those who have come all the way to the Caribbean to cheer for them.
  • Lisa Sthalekar now gets Georgia Wareham with her. Says that the feeling is pretty unreal and is yet to sink in. Admits that they were confident of chasing this down but there were nerves in the dugout. Smiles and laughs on the party coming up and wants to just enjoy this moment.
  • Time for some interviews then! Ebony Rainford Brent is with Perry and Healy. Ellyse Perry says that this win feels really special after a long bit of hard work for 24 months. Reckons that it was a good tournament and everyone chipped in with their bit. Says further that this brigade has played a different brand of cricket and hopes to inspire young boys and girls. Alyssa Healy says that she saved her worst for the last. Adds that she played with freedom and enjoyed her role at the top. Was confident in her unit and openly says that there are no surprises that Australia won.
  • No such issues for Australia during the run chase though. Meg Lanning was in the middle and she controlled the scoring beautifully. The openers were dismissed early but Gardner's cameo was more than enough to dent England's confidence. The bowlers struggled to contend with the dew and struggled miserably. Still, Sophie Ecclestone was brilliant, with 1/12 in 4 overs. Maybe, if Heather Knight had chosen to bowl first with dew on offer, we might have had a different result or at least a close game.
  • A final is more about nerves than skill, it is said. Indeed, indeed. Australia and England, both had nerves and those didn't seem to be settling down at all, till the second innings where the English probably felt that it is too tough to fight back. The Aussies picked up 10 wickets but - AFTER 6 DROPPED CATCHES, 2 MISSED RUN OUTS AND A CATCH WHICH WAS NOT GIVEN AND NOT REVIEWED. That means, they got 19 opportunities to take 10 wickets! Outstanding bowling. But England's batters let them down as they just could not make use of their chances. In the end, 105 proved to be very, very, very, very, very short.
  • There was this second Test between India and Windies not too long ago in the men's category in India and me and my colleague ABK were just joking around, seeing Windies' performance. ABK smirked that India should ask Windies to bat first, then give them another chance immediately to bat after bowling them out and then chase it down by batting just once. Seems like Australia did just that to England in this game.
  • You look at the scorecard and say - 105 all out, 106/2 in the chase. What's the fuss? Australia blow England way will be the headlines. But was that the case? 'They were awful in the field, but they will not care one bit about it', says Nasser Hussain on air, regarding the Aussies. Indeed that was the case.
  • Champions in 2010. Champions in 2012. Champions in 2014. Nothing since then. Finally a silverware for Australia. Aaron Finch must be wishing that his men's side can emulate at least some part of the form his women counterparts are showing. But this group is something different.
  • 15.1NSciver to MegLanning

    AUSTRALIA ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS AGAIN! Full and outside off, Lanning taps it towards point and scampers through for a quick single. The entire squad comes onto the ground from the dugout to greet its skipper and Gardner. Congratulations!
  • 14.6AShrubsole to AGardner

    FOUR! THE SCORES ARE LEVEL! Short and outside off, Gardner rocks back ad punches it through cover for a boundary! The Aussie team gets ready to run onto the field...
  • 14.5AShrubsole to AGardner

    On middle and leg, played straight to short mid-wicket.
  • 14.4AShrubsole to MegLanning

    Short and outside off, cut through point for a single.
  • 14.3AShrubsole to MegLanning

    A short ball, pulled straight to short mid-wicket.
  • 14.2AShrubsole to AGardner

    Outside off, played through point for a run. Just a hit away from lifting that trophy for the 4th time...
  • 14.1AShrubsole to AGardner

    Down the leg side, tickled fine for a couple.
  • Anya Shrubsole returns. 2-0-22-0 so far.
  • 13.6SEcclestone to MegLanning

    Around off, the arm ball, Lanning picks that late as she looks to cut. Nearly misses it as the ball skids through but the willow comes down in time. 4-0-12-1 for Ecclestone in the final. Superb. Sadly for her, won't do tonight.
  • 13.5SEcclestone to MegLanning

    Down the leg side, Lanning looks to flick but misses. The ball goes off her pads through fine leg and a couple of leg byes are taken. The runs required come down to single digits...
  • 13.4SEcclestone to AGardner

    Comes down the track and works it towards long on for a run.
  • 13.3SEcclestone to AGardner

    The arm ball, watchfully defended.
  • 13.2SEcclestone to MegLanning

    Full on middle, worked through mid-wicket for a single. 50-RUN STAND IS UP, IN JUST 37 BALLS.
  • 13.1SEcclestone to MegLanning

    Outside off, played straight to point.
  • Bowling change. Sophie Ecclestone returns. 3-0-10-1 so far.
  • 12.6KGordon to AGardner

    SIX! That is hugeeeeeee! Gardner is the mood to party already. Tossed up around off, Ashleigh steps out, extends her arms nicely and clubs it down the ground for the biggest six of the match! 15 from the over, 25 off the last 2 and Australia not allowing England to even think about a fightback.
  • 12.5KGordon to MegLanning

    Short ball, pulled to deep mid-wicket for one. 19 more needed from 43 balls now.
  • 12.4KGordon to AGardner

    Uses her feet again and gets it down to long off for a run.
  • 12.3KGordon to AGardner

    Full on middle, driven back to the bowler.
  • 12.2KGordon to AGardner

    SIX! CRASH! Well, Australia can do this in singles but Gardner wants to finish this off early. Second six for her, in the space of 3 balls. Flighted on off, Ashleigh dances out and swings it over long on!
  • 12.1KGordon to MegLanning

    Landed outside off, Lanning comes forward but then she is squared up. However, adjusts well to go back and open the bat-face to run the ball down to short third man. A bit of confusion in the running but eventually they go through with the single.
  • 11.7HKnight to MegLanning

    Down the leg side, helped through square leg for one. 10 runs from the over.
  • 11.6HKnight to AGardner

    Comes down the track again and pushes it past the bowler, down the ground to long off for a run. 29 more needed from 49 balls.
  • 11.5HKnight to AGardner

    SIX! CRACK! Well, that is a bad ball but your heart has to go out to the bowler. Knight has tried to toss this up but ended up dishing out a full toss. Gardner takes a couple of steps and whipped it over mid-wicket!
  • 11.4HKnight to AGardner

    Slightly short, punched straight to short cover.
  • More delay... more ball-wiping. It is getting more and more difficult to grip the ball.
  • 11.3HKnight to MegLanning

    Outside off, punched through the covers for a single.
  • 11.2HKnight to MegLanning

    WIDE. Down the leg side, Lanning misses out on the sweep.

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