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AUSW 106/2 (15.1ov)
ENGW 105 (19.4ov)

Australia Women beat England Women by 8 wickets

MOM: Ashleigh Gardner

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  • ENGW
  • AUSW
  • 14.6AShrubsole to AGardner

    FOUR! THE SCORES ARE LEVEL! Short and outside off, Gardner rocks back ad punches it through cover for a boundary! The Aussie team gets ready to run onto the field...
  • 13.5SEcclestone to MegLanning

    Down the leg side, Lanning looks to flick but misses. The ball goes off her pads through fine leg and a couple of leg byes are taken. The runs required come down to single digits...
  • 12.6KGordon to AGardner

    SIX! That is hugeeeeeee! Gardner is the mood to party already. Tossed up around off, Ashleigh steps out, extends her arms nicely and clubs it down the ground for the biggest six of the match! 15 from the over, 25 off the last 2 and Australia not allowing England to even think about a fightback.
  • 12.2KGordon to AGardner

    SIX! CRASH! Well, Australia can do this in singles but Gardner wants to finish this off early. Second six for her, in the space of 3 balls. Flighted on off, Ashleigh dances out and swings it over long on!
  • 11.5HKnight to AGardner

    SIX! CRACK! Well, that is a bad ball but your heart has to go out to the bowler. Knight has tried to toss this up but ended up dishing out a full toss. Gardner takes a couple of steps and whipped it over mid-wicket!
  • 11.2HKnight to MegLanning

    WIDE. Down the leg side, Lanning misses out on the sweep.
  • 10.4KGordon to MegLanning

    FOUR! CLOUT! What a strike from Meg Lanning. Short and outside off, Lanning goes back and cuts it behind point for a boundary! 39 more needed from 56 balls now.
  • 9.5DHazell to MegLanning

    TOP EDGE, FOUR! 46 more needed from 61 balls now. Full and around middle, Lanning looks to sweep but gets a top edge. It is in the gap and the fielder from deep square leg cannot stop it even with a dive.
  • 9.2DHazell to MegLanning

    FOUR! SUBLIME! A full toss, but does that mean a good shot cannot be praised? Beautiful from Meg Lanning. Backs away slightly, sees the gift but does not overreact. Places it beautifully, all along the carpet, between cover and point and even on this wet outfield with all the dew, the ball races away.
  • 7.1DHazell to BMooney

    OUT! Caught behind! Hazell strikes immediately on comeback! Second wicket for England. Outside off, Mooney looks to run it down fine, past the keeper but Amy Jones reacts superbly. Snaffles a sharp catch. She celebrates and then appeals and the umpire raises his finger! 8 wickets required, 62 runs needed. 77 balls left.

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