AUS 288 (49.0ov)
WI 273/9 (50.0ov)

Australia beat West Indies by 15 runs

MOM: Nathan Coulter-Nile

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  • AUS
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  • 49.6NCoulter-Nile to ANurse

    49.6: N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Make it four in a row but still that won't do for the Windies. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 15 RUNS! A pitched up delivery outside off, Ashley Nurse gets on the front foot and strokes it through the gap between mid off and extra cover for a boundary. 16 from the over but they needed 32. Well tried in the end but Australia are the deserving winners.
  • 49.5NCoulter-Nile to ANurse

    49.5: N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Hat-trick of boundaries! Nurse is doing well in a losing cause here. Short and down the leg side, Nurse turns and pulls it past the diving short fine leg fielder for a boundary.
  • 49.4NCoulter-Nile to ANurse

    49.4: N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Fuller in length and outside off, Nurse drives this time and finds the gap at covers for a good-looking boundary.
  • 49.3NCoulter-Nile to ANurse

    49.3: N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Too little too late. Short and on middle, pulled behind square leg and it raced away to the fence.
  • 47.3MStarc to SCottrell

    OUT! Stumps are shattered! Starc gets his 6th ODI fifer and is all pumped up. What an impact bowler he is when he gets it right! Cottrell exposes all his stumps even before the bowler has delivered. Starc keeps it in line at 143 kph, Sheldon swings and misses to find his stumps rattled. No Sheldon, you cannot do that against this bowler.
  • 47.2MStarc to ANurse

    Full and fast it is. Angling down the leg side, Nurse fails to flick and it goes off his pads. They cross for a leg bye.
  • 45.6MStarc to JHolder

    OUT! Starc, you beast! Two wickets in the over and this match has completely turned in the favour of the Aussies. He hurls in a short delivery around the rib cage, Holder stands tall to pull but the bounce gets big on him and he ends up gloving it towards short fine leg. Adam Zampa takes an easy catch and this is wicket number 150 in ODIs for Mitch - fastest to reach this mark. Meanwhile, a disappointed Holder walks back leaving his team sinking.
  • 45.3MStarc to CBrathwaite

    OUT! Brathwaite holes out! Starc outsmarts the big guy with a slower one. Looks for a yorker but it turns out to be a low full toss on middle. Carlos though has not picked the variation in pace and is early into the swing of his bat. It catches the toe end and flies straight down to Finch at long on who makes no mistake. The Aussies won't go down without a fight. 37 needed off 27 balls.
  • 44.6PatCummins to JHolder

    Shortish again, angling down, Holder offers no shot and then tries to move away from the line of fire. However, it brushes his left arm and goes down to fine leg. They cross and the umpire gives it as a leg bye. Didn't look like offering the shot but maybe he was taking some evasive action. 10-3-41-2, Cummins completes his outstanding spell.
  • 44.1PatCummins to CBrathwaite

    FOUR! A boundary from the bat of Carlos Brathwaite! Finally, he connects with one. Shortish and on off, Carlos throws all his power behind it and flat-bats it over the bowler's head for a boundary down to long off.

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