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India beat Bangladesh by 95 runs

49.3Jadeja to Hossain

OUT! He is well short! Dinesh Karthik has removed the bails and the dive from Mehidy will not save him. INDIA WIN BY 95 RUNS!!! A flatter ball on middle, another huge swipe across the line from Rubel and he misses again. The ball goes off the pads and between slip and keeper. The batsmen complete 2 leg byes easily but Mehidy wants the third to come back on strike. The fielder in the deep throws to the keeper's end where Karthik removes the bails and appeals. The square leg umpire takes it upstairs and the replays show us that this ball will be final one of the World Cup warm-ups! A commanding performance from India!

49.2Jadeja to Hossain

Another flatter one on middle and leg, going down leg with the angle. Hossain misses the hoick and gets it on the pads.

49.1Jadeja to Hossain

Flatter off-spinner on middle, safely defended by Rubel.

48.7Chahal to Hasan

Another one fired in on middle, pushed to mid-wicket where Jadeja stops it again. Chahal ends with figures of 10-0-55-3!

48.6Chahal to Hasan

Flatter one on middle, Mehidy comes down the track and pushes this ball towards mid on. The mid-wicket fielder runs to his left and stops the ball.

48.5Chahal to Saifuddin

OUT! Chahal gets his third of the day. He tosses it up outside off, Saifuddin looks to heave it over the leg side but gets a top edge which lobs up towards the point region. Kuldeep runs to his left and takes a good catch. The wrist spinners have had a good game.

48.4Chahal to Saifuddin

Floated on the pads, Saifuddin looks to flick but gets hit on the pads.

48.3Chahal to Hasan

On the pads, Mehidy flicks it to mid-wicket and gets one.

48.2Chahal to Hasan

WIDE! Straighter one outside off. It is on the wrong side of the tramline. Wide signalled.

48.1Chahal to Hasan

Short outside off, Mehidy cuts it to the man at point.

47.6Shankar to Saifuddin

Bouncer on middle, Saifuddin looks to pull this away but misses the ball. An eventful over comes to an end.

47.5Shankar to Hasan

NOT OUT! The batsman was in easily. A length ball on middle, driven towards mid on. The mid-wicket fielder runs to his left, picks up the ball and fires a direct hit at the bowler's end. The batsman though is easily in and the umpire just takes it upstairs to check the same. Replays roll in and show it is not out.

47.4Shankar to Hasan

Six runs! Overthrows! Mehidy looks to punch this ball away but it goes away fine on leg side off the inside edge. Rahul there runs to pick up the ball but the batsmen come back for the second. The throw though is a really wild one and hence it runs away to the fence with no one backing up in that angle. 6 runs totally and Kohli is not pleased!

47.3Shankar to Saifuddin

NOT OUT! The ball is pitching outside leg, just as one felt! India lose the review. A length ball bowled outside leg, Saifudding misses the ball as he looks to flick it away. The ball goes onto the thigh pad and Shankar appeals but it is turned down. Meanwhile the batsmen have run for a leg bye. Virat Kohli takes this upstairs though but the replays confirm the umpire can stay with his original decision.

47.2Shankar to Hasan

Short ball on middle, mistimed pull towards deep square leg by Mehidy. Dhoni from the deep runs in and stops it at a single. Has a smile on his face as well.

47.1Shankar to Saifuddin

Back of a length on off, pushed away to mid-wicket by Saifuddin. A single is taken.

46.6Chahal to Hasan

SIX! What a shot! Mehidy showing he is no mug with the bat. A flighted ball outside off, Hasan runs down the track and lifts the ball over the bowler's head. Into the sightscreen!

46.5Chahal to Hasan

Flatter outside off, driven hard by Hasan to cover.

46.4Chahal to Saifuddin

Pushed away to deep cover this time by Saifuddin. The ball from around the wicket is easily dealt with by the left-hander.

46.3Chahal to Hasan

Mehidy runs down the track and pushes this to long off for a single.

46.2Chahal to Hasan

Poor fielding! Short outside off, cut away by Hasan towards the left of point. Bhuvneshwar dives but does not stop the ball. A couple is hence taken.

46.1Chahal to Saifuddin

Flighted on middle and leg, turned away through square leg by the southpaw. Single taken.

45.6Shankar to Saifuddin

Length ball outside off, MS guides it to third man and gets one.

45.5Shankar to Saifuddin

Full on off, Saifuddin drives it towards cover and gets a single. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end and he hits. The batsman was in though and the ball deflects off the stumps and they get one more.

45.4Shankar to Saifuddin

Now follows it up with a solid leave outside off.

45.3Shankar to Saifuddin

FOUR! Brute power here from Saifuddin. Shankar bowls it on a length outside off, Saifuddin smashes it through mid off for a boundary.

45.2Shankar to Hasan

On middle, Mehidy flicks it to fine leg and gets one.

45.1Shankar to Saifuddin

Bends his back and bowls it short. Saifuddin pulls it to deep square leg and gets one.

44.6Chahal to Saifuddin

Floated on off, Saifuddin drives it towards cover and gets one.

44.5Chahal to Hasan

This time sweeps it to square leg for one.

44.4Chahal to Hasan

Short on off, Hasan pulls it to mid-wicket.

44.3Chahal to Hasan

Short again this time Hasan cuts it to point.

44.2Chahal to Hasan

Flighted on off, Mehidy defends it.

44.1Chahal to Hasan

Short outside off, Mehidy slaps it straight to point.

43.6Yadav to Saifuddin

On the stumps, Saifuddin defends it to see off the over. Kuldeep ends with 3/47!

43.5Yadav to Saifuddin

Comes over the wicket and bowls it full on off, Saifuddin blocks it.

43.4Yadav to Saifuddin

Comes around the wicket and bowls it full on off, Saifuddin drives it straight to mid off.

43.3Yadav to Saifuddin

Flights it on off, MS defends it.

43.2Yadav to Saifuddin

Tossed up on off, Saifuddin taps it back to the bowler.

43.1Yadav to Hasan

Flighted on middle, Mehidy sweeps it to mid-wicket and gets one.

42.6Jadeja to Hasan

Mehidy comes down the track and pushes this ball down to long on for a single.

42.5Jadeja to Hasan

The batsman has played it to the point region.

42.4Jadeja to Hasan

Flatter outside off, Mehidy looks to sweep this ball away but misses and gets rapped low on the pads. Impact is outside off and hence the umpire declines the appeal. Virat Kohli looks to his players for a review consideration but then does not take it.

42.3Jadeja to Hasan

Flighted this time on off, defended watchfully by Hasan coming ahead.

42.2Jadeja to Hasan

Another flatter one on middle, driven abck to the bowler again.