BAN 286 (48.0ov)
IND 314/9 (50.0ov)

India beat Bangladesh by 28 runs

MOM: Rohit Sharma

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  • IND
  • BAN
  • 47.6JBumrah to MRahman

    OUT! Bowled! Perfect yorker once again. Too good for the number 11 batsman. It is on middle and off, Mustafizur looks to put his bat down but he misses. 2 in 2 for Bumrah. He won't get a hat-trick though are Bangladesh are bowled out. INDIA WIN BY 28 RUNS AND QUALIFY FOR THE SEMI-FINALS.
  • 47.5JBumrah to RHossain

    OUT! Bowled! A fast and straight yorker on middle, Rubel looks to put the bat down but he is late and the stumps are disturbed.
  • 47.3JBumrah to MSaifuddin

    FOUR! FIFTY FOR SAIFUDDIN. Only his 2nd one in ODIs. Full on off, Saifuddin smashes it straight down the ground. Virat Kohli in the deep runs and dives to his left but cannot stop it. Good effort from the skipper though.
  • 46.4MShami to MSaifuddin

    FOUR! 37 needed off 21 balls. Short on the body, Saifuddin pulls it towards the backward square leg fence for a boundary.
  • 46.3MShami to MSaifuddin

    WIDE! Bouncer is over the head of Saifuddin. Wide signalled by the umpire.
  • 45.3JBumrah to RHossain

    FOUR! That is hit with venom. Good length ball on off, Rubel smashes it over the bowler's head for a boundary.
  • 44.6BKumar to MSaifuddin

    FOUR! Extremely well played this. Saifuddin won't die without trying. Full on off, Saifuddin creams it wide of long off for a boundary.
  • 44.5BKumar to MSaifuddin

    WIDE! Bowls it down the leg side, Saifuddin looks to flick but misses. Wide signalled.
  • 44.2BKumar to MMortaza

    OUT! Caught! Mortaza's cameo comes to an end. Slower ball outside off, Mortaza swings his bat at it. The ball takes the outside edge and flies to the right of Dhoni. He moves swiftly to that side and takes a relatively easy catch.
  • 44.1BKumar to MMortaza

    IN THE AIR....SIX! Slower ball on middle, Mortaza swings his bat at it. He does not time it well. It looks like Rahul at long on will have a chance. He stretches to his left but cannot keep it inside and it goes over the ropes for a six.

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