IND 347/9 (89.4ov)
BAN 106, 195/9 (41.1ov)

India beat Bangladesh by an innings and 46 runs

MOM: Ishant Sharma

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  • 41.1UYadav to AHossain

    OUT! Umesh Yadav picks a fifer (his third in Tests) and wins the individual battle with Ishant Sharma! Mahmudullah won't come out to bat so INDIA WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 46 RUNS and become the first team to complete four successive innings wins. A back of a length ball on middle, Al-Amin hangs on the back foot to play it loosely with a straight bat but it kisses the outside edge and flies behind to Saha. He catches it with ease and they all appeal. The finger has gone up and the Indian team is ecstatic. The crowd is loving it and the players are exchanging smiles and hugs.
  • 40.6ISharma to AHossain

    Shami has slightly hurt himself! Ishant spears in a yorker on middle, Al-Amin digs it out towards short mid-wicket and looks for a run. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but fails to find the stumps. Shami trying to back up the throw is hit on his leg and it deflects away. Now the batsmen complete the single.
  • 40.5ISharma to AHossain

    Better this time from Ishant. He angles in a length ball from middle and leg, Al-Amin makes room to swing his bat but fails to connect again.
  • 40.4ISharma to AHossain

    FOUR! Why would you bowl that length, screams Sunil Gavaskar on air? Rightly so. Target the stumps with a full length ball. Sharma bangs it in around leg, Al-Amin moves back to pull across the line but it takes the top edge and flies over the slip cordon for a boundary.
  • 40.3ISharma to AHossain

    Back of a length ball on off, Hossain pushes at it with firm hands but fails to make any connection.
  • 40.2ISharma to AHossain

    Around off on a good length, Hossain defends it from the back foot.
  • 40.1ISharma to AbuJayed

    Fullish and around off, Abu pushes it through mid off for a single.
  • 39.6UYadav to AHossain

    Shortish again, around leg, Hossain fails to work it across the line cleanly.
  • 39.5UYadav to AHossain

    FOUR! That is a shot from a batsman with nothing to lose. Fearless. Back of a length ball on middle, Al-Amin stays back and thrashes it down to long off for a boundary.
  • 39.4UYadav to AbuJayed

    Umesh greets the batsman with a short delivery, Jayed shows good skills in ramping it over the slip cordon. The ball slows down in the deep and they take a single.
  • 39.3UYadav to MRahim

    OUT! Fight over from Rahim and end is nigh for Bangladesh. Yadav dishes out a good length ball close to off, Rahim steps down the track to make room for an inside-out shot but ends up skying it in the air at covers. Jadeja is stationed there and he will not drop those even in his sleep. An excellent knock by Rahim is over and sadly for him, he won't be getting his maiden century in Day-Night Test!
  • 39.2UYadav to MRahim

    Good length ball on off, Rahim blocks it from the back foot.
  • 39.1UYadav to MRahim

    Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 38.6RJadeja to AHossain

    Hossain has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
  • 38.5RJadeja to MushfiqurRahim

    Shout for an lbw! The umpire shakes his head. Saha says 'baahar hai baahar' meaning that the impact is outside off. Jadeja delivers an arm ball around off, skidding in, Rahim attempts for a paddle sweep to play it fine on the leg side but fails to connect properly. It possibly goes off his pads towards fine leg and they cross.
  • 38.4RJadeja to MRahim

    FOUR! Conventional sweep this time! Flighted and full around off, Rahim stretches forward with a bend back knee and sweeps it from the outer portion of his bat. It flies in front of square leg and races away to the fence.
  • 38.3RJadeja to MRahim

    Flatter and on off, defended off the back foot by Rahim.
  • 38.2RJadeja to MRahim

    FOUR! Innovation from the little batsman. A tossed up ball landing on the fuller side outside off. Rahim quickly changes his stance and reverse sweeps it over backward point for a boundary. Moves into the 70s!
  • 38.1RJadeja to MRahim

    Full and flighted around off, Rahim gets forward to push it back to the bowler.
  • 37.6ISharma to AHossain

    FOUR! Lucky boundary! Ishant follows the batsman down the leg side with a yorker, Al-Amin does well to bring his bat down in time. He jams it out from the inner half of his bat and it loops over the keeper on one bounce for a boundary.
  • 37.5ISharma to AHossain

    Stays on the back foot to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads.
  • 37.4ISharma to AHossain

    Stifled appeal for an lbw! Nothing doing. You will need 3-4 more stumps to get that lbw. Ishant delivers it on a length around middle and leg and gets it to drift down. Al-Amin stays leg side of this delivery and tries to work it around. Fails to do so and takes a blow on his pads. A muted appeal from the Indian players but it's over-optimistic.
  • 37.3ISharma to AHossain

    Aahhh... typical tail-ender! Gets carried away with the previous shot. Ishant feeds him room outside off, it's short in length and outside off, Al-Amin flashes and misses.
  • 37.2ISharma to AHossain

    FOUR! Nicely played in the end by Bangladesh's number 9! Shortish delivery around off, Hossain is on his toes as he controls the bounce well and then guides it wide of the slip cordon for a boundary.
  • 37.1ISharma to AHossain

    Miscommunication and nearly a run out! Back of a length ball on off, Al-Amin pushes it from the crease to cover-point and comes out of the crease in search of a run. Rahim could have responded but seeing Jadeja attacking the ball, he sends his partner back. Sir misses his shy at the striker's end as Hossain parks his bat inside the line. The replays show that direct hit would have consumed Al-Amin.
  • 36.6UYadav to MRahim

    FOUR! Bat on ball this time and it has gone to the fence. This means that Al-Amin Hossain will have to face the next over. Short in length and around leg, it goes down with the angle, Rahim stands tall and pulls it fine down the leg side for a boundary.
  • 36.5UYadav to MRahim

    Another bouncer down the leg side, Rahim this time tries pulling but fails to make any contact.
  • 36.4UYadav to MRahim

    Bouncer this time. Around middle and leg, Rahim ducks underneath it. Not sure what Bangladesh will gain from this approach.
  • 36.3UYadav to MRahim

    Shortish and around off, Rahim is on the back foot and steers it down to third man. Another run turned down.
  • 36.2UYadav to MRahim

    Back of a length ball on off, Rahim once again keeps his weight on the back leg and pushes it through covers. Not interested in rotating the strike.
  • 36.1UYadav to MRahim

    Good length ball around off, Rahim defends it from the back foot to covers.
  • 35.6ISharma to MRahim

    Fullish and around middle and leg, Rahim clips it off his pads and it races through square leg. The fielder in the deep moves across to his left to stop the ball and Rahim picks a single to keep strike with himself.
  • 35.5ISharma to MRahim

    Swing and a miss! Rahim attempted something similar in the previous over of Ishant as well. Only difference is that this time he stayed rooted to his crease. Back of a length ball around off, Rahim camps back and tries to hoick it over the leg side but fails to make any contact.
  • 35.4ISharma to MRahim

    Played through mid-wicket by the batsman. Two runs added to the total.
  • 35.3ISharma to MRahim

    A little bit of movement off the pitch. A length ball close to off and shaping away, Rahim stays back to play it straight but it takes the outer half and speeds through point. No run taken. Strange. There was a possibility for two.
  • 35.2ISharma to MRahim

    Good length and around off, Rahim gets behind the line in defense.
  • 35.1ISharma to MRahim

    Edgy! Good length ball close to off, Rahim plays at it with an angled bat and it takes the outer half before rolling towards Rahane at gully.
  • 34.6UYadav to AHossain

    FOUR! Very full in length and too straight in line, Al-Amin clips it off his pads and it races away through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 34.5UYadav to AHossain

    Good length ball on off, angling in, Hossain gets forward and pushes it with an angled bat to point.
  • 34.4UYadav to AHossain

    BANG ON THE HELMET! Not for the first time in this Test match. Have lost count. Umesh bangs it in short on middle, Hossain takes his eyes off the ball as he tries to duck. It hits the back of his helmet and then runs down to fine leg for a boundary. Given as FOUR LEG BYES as the batsman was taking evasive action.
  • 34.3UYadav to AHossain

    Yet another bouncer, this time in the line of the stumps, Al-Amin ducks underneath it.
  • 34.2UYadav to AHossain

    A bouncer down the leg side, Al-Amin has an easy leave.
  • 34.1UYadav to EHossain

    OUT! Soft dismissal! Umesh Yadav has bounced out Ebadot Hossain. He digs in a well-directed short ball around off and it gets high on the batsman. Ebadot is stuck on the back foot trying to get away from the line. But he has his bat hanging there and the ball takes the splice of his willow. It lobs up to third slip where Virat Kohli takes the simplest of catches.
  • 33.6ISharma to MRahim

    Solidly behind the line of the delivery again. Rahim keeps it out safely and plays out a maiden.
  • 33.5ISharma to MRahim

    Good length delivery on off, defended sensibly from the back foot by Rahim.

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