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Bangladesh beat Ireland by 6 wickets
Abu Jayed

42.6Adair to Rahman

FOUR! Bangladesh win by 6 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)! Sabbir finishes it handsomely. He gives the charge to a length ball and hammers it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

42.5Adair to Mahmudullah

Width on offer outside off, it's guided down to third man for a run.

42.4Adair to Mahmudullah

Full and angling in on middle, Mahmudullah brings down a straight bat and pushes it out to mid-wicket.

42.3Adair to Mahmudullah

Slower shortish ball outside off, Mahmudullah taps it down to point.

42.2Adair to Rahman

Offers width outside off, Rahman throws his bat at it and under edges it down to third man for a run. One boundary away now...

42.1Adair to Rahman

Beauty! Adair gets a good length ball to nip away from a length around off, Sabbir is squared up completely as the ball screams past the outside edge.

41.6Dockrell to Rahman

Loopy and on off, drilled down to long off for a run.

41.5Dockrell to Mahmudullah

Dockrell shortens his length and delivers it outside off, Mahmudullah cuts it to deep point for a run. One big hit away now.

41.4Dockrell to Mahmudullah

SIX! Tossed up ball on off, Mahmudullah shimmies down the track and launches it over long on for a maximum.

41.3Dockrell to Rahman

Knocks down a full ball through mid off for a run.

41.2Dockrell to Rahman

Arm ball on off, skidding back in, Sabbir defends it near his front pad. It drops in front of the stumps and then rolls behind. Rahman stops it with his leg.

41.1Dockrell to Mahmudullah

Flatter and shorter outside off, Mahmudullah reaches out for it and slaps it to deep cover for one.

40.6Adair to Rahman

Angles in a length ball on off, Sabbir defends it by covering the line.

40.5Adair to Rahman

Lands it on a good length outside off, Sabbir covers his stumps and allows it through.

40.4Adair to Hossain

OUT! Guided into the hands of the keeper! Another good take by Wilson. Too late though. Good length delivery in the zone outside off, Mosaddek probably tries to run it down to third man but ends up edging it too close to the keeper. Gary does the rest.

40.3Adair to Mahmudullah

A leg stump half-volley, it's nudged to fine leg for a run.

40.2Adair to Hossain

Shortish and outside off, guided down to third man for one.

40.1Adair to Hossain

Fullish and outside off, driven off the front foot to mid off.

39.6McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Ducked under. Mahmudullah receives a short ball and leans back to allow it through to the keeper.

39.5McCarthy to Hossain

Shortish and on off, Mosaddek gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through square leg for a single.

39.4McCarthy to Mahmudullah

A gentle delivery this time, on the slower side, Mahmudullah glides it down to third man for a run.

39.3McCarthy to Hossain

Nicely driven again, this time by Mosaddek. Full and outside off, Hossain strokes it to sweeper cover for one. 19 more needed.

39.2McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Gets on the front foot and drives a full ball to deep cover for a single.

39.1McCarthy to Hossain

Short and outside off, Hossain goes on his toes and taps it down on the off side for a run.

38.7Little to Mahmudullah

EDGY FOUR! Little pitches it up and outside off, Mahmudullah gets on the front foot for a big booming cover drive. But it takes the outside edge and flies wide of the keeper for a boundary at third man. 16 from the over, 22 needed more off 11 overs.

38.6Little to Hossain

Goes full this time but the line is too straight, it's worked through backward square leg for one.

38.5Little to Hossain

FOUR! Poor bowling! Little is short with his length, it's too wide outside off and Mosaddek has cracked it off his back foot to the point fence.

38.4Little to Mahmudullah

Two wides. Slips it down the leg side, Mahmudullah fails to flick and the keeper also fails to collect. They cross.

38.3Little to Mahmudullah

FOUR! A direction-less delivery, short and drifting down the leg side, Mahmudullah pulls it down to fine leg for a boundary. Easy pickings.

38.2Little to Hossain

Short ball again, around off, Mosaddek lifts his front leg and pulls it behind square leg for a run.

38.1Little to Hossain

Short delivery outside off, Mosaddek goes on the back foot and taps it down to point.

37.8McCarthy to Hossain

Short of a length on off, pulled away to the left of deep mid-wicket who does well to mop it up and just keep the Bangladeshi batsmen down to a single. 5 runs off this over.

37.7McCarthy to Mahmudullah

The batsman opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. They pick up a single.

37.6McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Defended towards the leg side by the batsman.

37.5McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Wide! Too high for a bouncer. Mahmudullah did not even duck and the ball went over his head. Wided.

37.4McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Another back foot defense towards the left of the bowler. McCarthy bowling a good line.

37.3McCarthy to Mahmudullah

Back of a length on off, defended back towards the bowler by Mahmudullah.

37.2McCarthy to Hossain

Run down to third man for a single by Hossain.

37.1McCarthy to Hossain

Wide! Bowled down the leg side by the bowler and it is adjudged wide by the umpire.

36.6Little to Hossain

Pulled away to deep mid-wicket for a single by Mahmudullah. Single taken and that brings up the 250 for Bangladesh. 43 runs needed now in 78 balls.

36.5Little to Hossain

Pushed towards the left of cover for a single by the batsman.

36.4Little to Mahmudullah

Bouncer on the middle stump line, Mahmudullah was initially looking to pull that one but then just angles this fine on the leg side for a run.

36.3Little to Hossain

Turned through square leg for a run by MH.

36.2Little to Hossain

Back of a length on middle, Hossain looks to flick the ball but gets hit high on the thigh pad as he misses.

36.1Little to Hossain

On a length outside off, Mosaddek looks to cut the ball but fails to put bat on ball.