IRE 292/8 (50.0ov)
BAN 294/4 (43.0ov)

Bangladesh beat Ireland by 6 wickets

MOM: Abu Jayed

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  • IRE
  • BAN
  • 42.6MAdair to SRahman

    FOUR! Bangladesh win by 6 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)! Sabbir finishes it handsomely. He gives the charge to a length ball and hammers it over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 41.4GDockrell to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    SIX! Tossed up ball on off, Mahmudullah shimmies down the track and launches it over long on for a maximum.
  • 40.4MAdair to MHossain

    OUT! Guided into the hands of the keeper! Another good take by Wilson. Too late though. Good length delivery in the zone outside off, Mosaddek probably tries to run it down to third man but ends up edging it too close to the keeper. Gary does the rest.
  • 38.7JLittle to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    EDGY FOUR! Little pitches it up and outside off, Mahmudullah gets on the front foot for a big booming cover drive. But it takes the outside edge and flies wide of the keeper for a boundary at third man. 16 from the over, 22 needed more off 11 overs.
  • 38.5JLittle to MHossain

    FOUR! Poor bowling! Little is short with his length, it's too wide outside off and Mosaddek has cracked it off his back foot to the point fence.
  • 38.4JLittle to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Two wides. Slips it down the leg side, Mahmudullah fails to flick and the keeper also fails to collect. They cross.
  • 38.3JLittle to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    FOUR! A direction-less delivery, short and drifting down the leg side, Mahmudullah pulls it down to fine leg for a boundary. Easy pickings.
  • 37.5BMcCarthy to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Wide! Too high for a bouncer. Mahmudullah did not even duck and the ball went over his head. Wided.
  • 37.1BMcCarthy to MHossain

    Wide! Bowled down the leg side by the bowler and it is adjudged wide by the umpire.
  • 35.4BMcCarthy to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    FOUR LEG BYES! Poor bowling. Straying on the hips. A length ball from Barry on the hips, Mahmudullah looks to pull this away fine on the leg side for a boundary. But he misses and the ball goes off the thigh pad fine on the leg side for a boundary.

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