NZ 432/6 (84.5ov)
BAN 211, 209 (56.0ov)

New Zealand beat Bangladesh by an innings and 12 runs

MOM: Ross Taylor

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  • That ends another Test match and another mauling. Bangladesh have simply not been able to answer the short ball challenge and they need to find a solution quickly, with the third Test not far away. Join us from Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11 am local (2200 GMT, previous night) for all the action from the third and final Test. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious Kiwi skipper, Kane Williamson, says that the shoulder is fine for now. Praises his bowlers for finishing the match within 2 and a half days, in spite of bowling not too well in the first innings. Says that the plan was always to be positive, playing good cricket. Feels that the wicket was very challenging, with Bangladesh bowling well on a green wicket in the first innings but without luck. Williamson adds that he and Taylor were able to capitalize on that and took the game out of reach. On the pitch, Kane says that it is very hard to make an accurate judgement but feels it held up nicely and scoring became easier after spending some time on the wicket. Hopes that Bradley Watling's hamstring injury is not serious and he is fit for the next Test.
  • Bangladesh captain, Mahmudullah, feels that the team could have done a lot lot better as they are a much better unit than that. Admits that there was help with the new ball but the batsmen could have showed some grit. Hopes to do well in the third Test. Agrees that catching let them down too in this game. On the short ball challenge, Mahmudullah puts it to the individuals as every player is different. Asks the batsmen to judge themselves how good or bad they are playing the short ball and find ways to tackle it.
  • ROSS TAYLOR HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Taylor says that as a batter it always plays in your mind when you look at a green track. Praises the bowlers for getting a result in 2 and a half days and taking 20 wickets. Says that it was a matter of 30 minutes of survival and himself and Williamson were lucky to get through those. Adds that once that period was over, the margin for error was very less for the bowlers and the batsmen took full toll. On going past Martin Crowe's century tally, Rosco says that he held up a couple of glasses for the great man in honour last night and is honoured to have been able to go past him.
  • A few dropped catches did not help the tourists' cause as they started falling way behind. Then, those two sessions on Day 4 saw Taylor and Nicholls plunder runs. Rosco went on to score his double hundred and at that stage, an innings defeat script was written. Bangladesh were good with the new ball but could not quite sustain the pressure. Please stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Just to give you a reminder of what happened in this Test. The first 2 days were washed out without a ball being bowled. And yet, we have had a result in 7 sessions. On a super-green wicket, the Kiwis elected to bowl and dismissed the visitors for 211, with only Tamim providing any resistance with his 74. There too, Boult and Wagner shared most of the wickets, 7 to be precise. Come the reply, the Kiwis were 8/2 but then a massive century stand between Williamson and Taylor put Bangladesh on the back foot.
  • When it comes to short pitch bowling, does any other name come to your mind apart from Neil Wagner? The lion-hearted fellow took yet another 5-fer, following his 4 in the first innings. He has taken 16 wickets in 4 innings in this series, at an average of 14 and a strike rate of 25.2. Brilliant. Trent Boult helped himself with 4 while the other bowlers, though wicketless, were always dangerous.
  • The day started with the hosts needing 7 wickets to win and they have wrapped things up in a matter of 33 overs. The plan was certain - bowl short and at the body, terrorize the batsmen's minds and get wickets through lack of patience. Short, short, short - the barricade kept on coming and eventually, the batting succumbed. Shadman, Mithun and Sarkar got starts, but could not quite convert them into big knocks. Mahmudullah easily looked the best of the lot, playing the short balls with ease.
  • 2-0 for New Zealand with a Test to go. Not surprising at all. Yet another game where an Asian side has been bounced out.
  • 55.6NWagner to EHossain

    OUT! Timber and it is a 5-fer for Wagner! Full and straight. Ebadot backs away, aiming to go through the off side but the ball is too good for him. Goes under his bat and bang. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 12 RUNS!
  • 55.5NWagner to EHossain

    A full toss outside off, Ebadot backs away to slash but misses.
  • Ebadot Hossain is the last man in.
  • 55.4NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    OUT! In the air and taken! No century for the skipper and Bangladesh are still 12 short of avoiding an innings defeat. Not surprisingly, a short ball, around middle, Mahmudullah looks to pull but is cramped for room. Gets a top edge which skies miles in the air. Trent Boult runs to his right from third man and takes it nicely.
  • 55.3NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    A short ball down the leg side, Mahmudullah lets it go.
  • 55.2NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    SIX! That is a terrific shot. Even Wagner admires it. A short ball outside off, Mahmudullah carves it over point and the ball goes all the way! The deficit is now 12.
  • 55.1NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    A length ball around middle, helped towards square leg.
  • 54.6TBoult to AbuJayed

    Goes for the yorker to end the over but bowls a full toss instead. The batsman puts his bat down and plays it to extra cover.
  • 54.5TBoult to AbuJayed

    Fullish delivery outside off, Abu tries to play and defend it but keeps his bat on the wrong line and misses to connect.
  • 54.4TBoult to AbuJayed

    NOT OUT. New Zealand waste a review but they will not care too much about it. They will like to finish this off quickly. A short ball, around middle, Jayed looked to fend it off but missed. The ball went off something, to the naked eye and keeper Bocock appealed. The umpire turned it down and Southee went for the review. Hot Spot showed a mark on the helmet while Snicko showed nothing.
  • Review for a caught behind! The keeper looks very confident and Southee has obliged.
  • Abu Jayed walks in at number 10, replacing Mustafizur. LUNCH HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY 15 MINUTES, as 8 wickets are down.
  • 54.3TBoult to MRahman

    OUT! BOWLED! Straight and full, and that's how it is done. A full length delivery on middle stump and straight. Rahman was going for a big shot but misses it completely. The ball knocks the middle stump out. And that's how one gets a tail-ender. Just 2 wickets more for Kiwis to seal the deal for this Test. Can they finish this off in this session itself?
  • 54.2TBoult to MRahman

    A well-directed bouncer, ducked by Rahman watchfully.
  • 54.1TBoult to MRahman

    Full on middle, pushed towards mid on.
  • 53.6NWagner to MRahman

    Finally the full ball comes. It is on the stumps and Mustafizur has a massive heave. Mistimes it high in the air but mid off cannot get to it running back. The ball lands safely and strangely, the batsmen are happy with the single.
  • 53.5NWagner to MRahman

    Pitched outside off angling away, Mustafizur plays the wrong line and the ball goes to the keeper.
  • 53.4NWagner to MRahman

    Short and outside leg, Rahman tries to play fine but misses to hit.
  • 53.3NWagner to MRahman

    A replica of the first delivery and the batsman tries the same shot and misses again.
  • 53.2NWagner to MRahman

    Length delivery outside off, Rahman tries to heave a big shot over mid-wicket but totally plays down the wrong line.
  • 53.1NWagner to MRahman

    Comes from round the wicket to the left hander, pitches it short on middle. Rahman goes on his knees to play the upper cut but misses to get bat on ball.
  • 52.6TBoult to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    A bad delivery pitched outside leg and goes wide. Boult just gets away with it. The umpire gives the FIRST OFFICIAL WARNING TO BOULT for running on the pitch.
  • 52.5TBoult to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    FOUR! A good timing shot! A short pitch delivery around off, Mahmudullah goes on the back foot. Using the angle and pace just plays it with precision towards point for a boundary.
  • 52.4TBoult to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    A length delivery outside off angling away, Mahmudullah shoulders his arms.
  • 52.3TBoult to MRahman

    A full length delivery on middle and leg, Rahman makes some room and hits towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 52.2TBoult to MRahman

    A short pitch delivery outside off, tempting Mustafizur to play. Rahman almost falls for the trap, attempting an upper cut but misses it.
  • 52.1TBoult to MRahman

    SIX! Freaky six. A short ball, around middle, Mustafizur looks to pull but gets a top edge. The ball flies straight in the air but well over the keeper and beyond the ropes.
  • Trent Boult is back on. 14-4-41-3 so far.
  • 51.6NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    A short ball down the leg side, the skipper looks to pull but misses. Wagner smiles and starts to sledge Mahmudullah. He gets something back in return and both players continue to chirp. A watchful Paul Reiffel is observing all and is smiling too. Must have been reminded of his haydays, the former Aussie speedster.
  • 51.5NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Half tracker near the shoulders, Mahmudullah pulls it away. He gets the elevation but could not get the timing. The fielder at short mid-wicket runs behind and gathers up the ball. The batsman complete a brace.
  • 51.4NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Mahmudullah stands up on his toes to play this short ball.
  • 51.3NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Shorter delivery going down leg, the batsman manages to leave it to the keeper.
  • 51.2NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Changes his line totally, Wagner goes for the blockhole. Mahmudullah manages to dig it out at the last moment.
  • 51.1NWagner to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Back of a length delivery angling away outside off, defended from the back foot.
  • 50.6TimSouthee to MRahman

    A loopy full length delivery on leg, Rahman flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 50.5TimSouthee to MRahman

    Change of angle for Mustifizur. A bouncer, pitched on off and middle, Rahman ducks it.

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