PAK 315/9 (50.0ov)
BAN 221 (44.1ov)

Pakistan beat Bangladesh by 94 runs

MOM: Shaheen Afridi

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  • PAK
  • BAN
  • 44.2SAfridi to MRahman

    OUT! BOOM! Afridi finishes things off! 6-fer for him and he now holds the record for the best bowling figures in this World Cup. Another excellent yorker on middle, Rahman fails to jam it out and the stumps are shattered. PAKISTAN WIN BY 94 RUNS!
  • 44.1SAfridi to MRahman

    Shorter and down the leg side, Rahman awkwardly tries to pull but misses. Wided.
  • 43.4SKhan to MMortaza

    OUT! He is way short! STUMPED! No. 9 goes down! Clever bowling from Shadab. He sees Mashrafe come down the track and fires it outside off. Mashrafe swings but misses. Sarfaraz collects it and whips the bails off. The umpires take it upstairs to check. Replays show that Mashrafe did try to slide his back foot in, but could not make it in time. End of the entertainment by Mashrafe.
  • 43.1SKhan to MHasan

    FOUR! Deft! Flatter and outside off, Hasan goes back, plays it late and past the short third man fielder for a boundary.
  • 42.1SAfridi to MMortaza

    SIX! High and handsome! Fuller and on middle, Mortaza clears his front leg, extends his arms and lofts it over the long on fence. He is dealing in maximums.
  • 41.4SKhan to MMortaza

    SIX! TONKED! This is fuller and on middle, in the zone for Mashrafe. he lofts it over the long on stand for a biggie. 200 up for Bangladesh.
  • 40.3SAfridi to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    OUT! KABOOM! What a way to get a fifer! What a delivery! WOW! That is fast and right in the blockhole, nothing Mahmudullah could have done there. Shaheen steams in and bowls a corner of a yorker on middle. Mahmudullah fails to jam it out, the ball hits the boot and then the stumps. Maiden ODI fifer for Shaheen.He is a different bowler since his performance against New Zealand.
  • 40.1SAfridi to MSaifuddin

    OUT! CAUGHT! Shaheen gets his fourth. Half century for Saifuddin in the last game and a first-baller in this one. He looks to go after the bowler straightaway. He comes down the track and smashes this but straight to mid off. Amir takes an easy one. Once again Shaheen strikes on the first ball of his new spell. Pakistan are 3 wickets away.
  • 39.4SKhan to MHossain

    OUT! Mosaddek holes out! Shadab breaks the stand. His first. Hossain had to go for it. He comes down the track and looks to go inside out over cover. He ends up hitting it a little too straight and Azam at long off takes a straight forward catch.
  • 39.1SKhan to MHossain

    FOUR! Perfect start to the over! Shorter and outside off, Mosaddek waits for it and guides it through backward point for a boundary.

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