SL 314/8 (50.0ov)
BAN 223 (41.4ov)

Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 91 runs

MOM: Kusal Perera

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  • 41.4LMalinga to MRahman

    OUT! Caught! Lasith Malinga fittingly takes the final wicket of the match! He stands there with his arms aloft in the air and the Lankan supporters are on their feet, to applaud their favourite son. A length ball outside off, slightly slower, Mustafizur backs away and aims to hit this over mid off. But he only skies it high in the air and it is a pressure catch for Thisara Perera. Yes, pressure catch because it could be the final time he would be involved in helping Mali take a wicket. He runs back from short extra cover, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes it over his head. SRI LANKA WIN BY 91 RUNS!
  • 41.3LMalinga to RHossain

    Almost! A slower ball outside off, Rubel backs away, aiming to steer it towards third man but is defeated by the lack of pace. Somehow, the ball hits the bat and deflects behind point. A single taken.
  • 41.2LMalinga to RHossain

    A yorker outside off, squeezed straight to point.
  • 41.1LMalinga to RHossain

    FOUR! That has stunned the crowd into silence. A length ball, around middle, Rubel swings it cleanly over mid-wicket, a bounce and into the fence!
  • 40.6NPradeep to MRahman

    FOUR! Edgy but will do for Bangladesh. Pradeep bowls it on the off side on a good length, Rahman tries to drive it towards cover but gets a thick outside edge. The ball flies between 3rd slip and gully and races away towards the third man fence for a boundary.
  • 40.5NPradeep to MRahman

    Yorker this time by Pradeep, the Fizz heaves it over point. The fielders cut it off before it reaches the boundary and the batters take two.
  • 40.4NPradeep to MRahman

    Bouncer by Pradeep, at full pace on middle and leg. Rahman somehow ducks and gets out of the way of the ball.
  • 40.3NPradeep to MRahman

    Backs away to the leg side and Pradeep fires it wide outside off. The Fizz lets it go.
  • 40.2NPradeep to MRahman

    FOUR! Off the edge this time! Gosh - how did the bat come down in time? A full and fast ball, in line of the stumps, Mustafizur looks to protect his left leg, getting it out of the way but manages to get his bat down in time. The ball goes off the outside edge, towards second slip, but wide of the diving Dhananjaya de Silva, to the third man fence.
  • 40.1NPradeep to MRahman

    FOUR! Full ball just outside off, Rahman makes room for himself and plays it over the covers for a boundary.
  • 39.6LMalinga to RHossain

    Slower yorker by Malinga, Hossain jams it out.
  • 39.5LMalinga to RHossain

    Good length ball outside off, Rubel slashes at it but finds the mid off fielder.
  • 39.4LMalinga to MRahman

    Slower ball on middle, Rahman plays with the full face of the bat with soft hands and quickly scampers through the other end for a single.
  • 39.3LMalinga to MRahman

    Play and a miss! Mustafizur is just looking to smash it out of the park. He heaves at the ball and misses.
  • 39.2LMalinga to MRahman

    Almost a yorker outside off, Rahman tries to heave it over mid-wicket but bottom edges it towards mid-wicket.
  • 39.1LMalinga to MRahman

    Slower ball on a good length just outside off, Rahman plays inside the line of the delivery.
  • 38.6NPradeep to MRahman

    Short in length and outside off, Rahman throws his bat at it and slaps it over point. Avishka chases it down near the fence, in fact the ball stopped itself, and the fielder pulls it back with a slide. The batsmen take three. 4 runs and two wickets in the over and Sri Lanka will be smelling victory!
  • 38.5NPradeep to MRahman

    Beaten again! On a good length and close to off, Mustafizur tries to push inside the line and misses.
  • 38.4NPradeep to MRahman

    Play and a miss! Pradeep switches to 'round the wicket and delivers it on a length outside off. Rahman tries playing the line but it nips away to beat the outside edge.
  • 38.3NPradeep to SIslam

    OUT! Stumps are disturbed, number 9 goes down for Bangladesh. Good length ball on the perfect line for Pradeep, the off pole line. The ball pitches and just slightly nips away from the line of the bat. It goes past the outside edge and clips the top of off stump. The Lankans are on the brink of victory here.
  • 38.2NPradeep to RHossain

    Pitches it up and outside off, Rubel drives it through covers and gets a run to open his account.
  • 38.1NPradeep to MRahim

    OUT! Pradeep strikes straightaway and eliminates Bangladesh's last hope. He delivers a shortish length ball in the line of the stumps, Rahim shuffles across the stumps to paddle it around the corner but fails to get the desired connection. It comes off the bottom edge and settles into the safe gloves of Kusal Mendis. Good fight from Rahim is over, he walks back dejected.
  • 37.8LMalinga to MRahim

    Bouncer by Malinga, Rahim tries to pull this one but only gets a top edge to it. The ball floats towards the fine leg region and Rahim keeps the strike by taking a single.
  • 37.7LMalinga to MRahim

    Full on the pads of Mushfiqur, he pushes it towards mid on.
  • 37.6LMalinga to MRahim

    Wide! Again down the leg side by Malinga, this time Rahim goes for it but he misses. The umpire has wided this one too.
  • 37.5LMalinga to MRahim

    Wide! Down the leg side by Malinga, Rahim lets it be.
  • 37.4LMalinga to MRahim

    Direct hit and Islam was a goner. Malinga bowls a yorker on the off pole and Rahim jams it towards cover. Islam sets off for a run but is sent back by Mushfiqur. Thisara goes for a direct hit towards the non-striker's end but luckily for Islam, he misses.
  • 37.3LMalinga to MRahim

    Good length ball on off, Rahim defends it off the back foot.
  • 37.2LMalinga to SIslam

    Leg bye. Full ball again outside leg, it hits the pad of Islam and the ball rolls towards square leg. The batters cross and take a run.
  • 37.1LMalinga to MRahim

    Full on the pads of Rahim, he glances it towards fine leg for a single.
  • 36.6deSilva to MRahim

    Flatter ball on leg, Rahim guides it towards square leg and keeps the strike. 10-0-49-2, job well done by the part-timer!
  • 36.5deSilva to SIslam

    Islam guides this one towards square leg and takes a single.
  • 36.4deSilva to SIslam

    Shafiul again comes on the front foot and plays it towards mid-wicket.
  • 36.3deSilva to SIslam

    Islam prods forward and blocks this leg sided ball out.
  • 36.2deSilva to MRahim

    On the pads this time, Rahim tucks it towards square leg for a single.
  • 36.1deSilva to MRahim

    Flatter on off, Rahim looks to cut but misses.
  • 35.7LKumara to MRahim

    Length ball on off, Mushfiqur gets onto the back foot and punches it towards cover point for one.
  • 35.6LKumara to SIslam

    Short ball outside off now, this time Islam gets an edge on it and it flies over third slip for a single.
  • 35.5LKumara to SIslam

    Similar length, Islam misses again. Kumara keeping him on strike and doing well for Sri Lanka here.
  • 35.4LKumara to SIslam

    Short one again. Islam again tries to play at it but misses. He looks out of sorts here.
  • 35.3LKumara to SIslam

    Wide! Another bouncer by Kumara but this time it is too high. Islam tries to play at it but misses and the ball carries through to the keeper.
  • 35.2LKumara to SIslam

    Bouncer following the yorker. Islam tries to get bat on ball but misses. The Lankans appeal but it is dismissed by the umpire.
  • 35.1LKumara to MRahim

    Yorker to begin with by Kumara. Shafiul digs it out towards point.
  • 34.6deSilva to MHasan

    OUT! Caught behind! Dhananjaya has his second. This match looks to be hurrying to a close now. Landed outside off, Mehedi looks to guide it towards third man but only feathers it into the gloves of Kusal Mendis who collects it and straightaway leaps in celebration. The umpire has his finger raised this time. Useful from DdS - 9-0-46-2.
  • 34.5deSilva to MHasan

    Appeal for LBW, turned down! That looked plumb. Full and around middle, Mehedi looks to flick after getting across but misses and is hit flush on the pads. The Lankans appeal long and hard but the umpire is unmoved.

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