SL 294/8 (50.0ov)
BAN 172 (36.0ov)

Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 122 runs

MOM: Angelo Mathews

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  • 35.6WHasaranga to TIslam

    OUT! Rubel Hossain is run out! SRI LANKA WIN BY 122 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 3-0! A fuller length ball on middle and leg, Taijul helps it off his pads to square leg and calls his partner for a quick run. Rubel responds and in the meantime, Karunaratne fires in a good throw to the keeper. Perera does the rest and catches Rubel short of the crease. The third umpire confirms the same. The Lankan players are delighted and shaking hands in the middle.
  • 35.5WHasaranga to TIslam

    Turns it off his pads but finds the backward square leg fielder.
  • 35.4WHasaranga to TIslam

    Flatter and on middle, swept fine down the leg side for two.
  • 35.3WHasaranga to TIslam

    Front foot defense by Taijul Islam as Hasaranga bowls it full on middle.
  • 35.2WHasaranga to TIslam

    FOUR! Desperate dive but still it has gone into the fence. Slog sweep over the head of mid-wicket. The ball is tossed up on off, Taijul goes down on one knee and slogs it over mid-wicket where the fielder dives desperately to his right but cannot save the boundary.
  • 35.1WHasaranga to TIslam

    Pitched outside leg, Wanindu bowls the googly. The ball turns towards the stumps and hits the pads of the batsman. The Lankans appeal again. The umpire denies it straightaway.
  • 34.6SJayasuriya to RHossain

    Floated and on middle, Rubel works it off the inner half of his bat and it rolls through square leg. They take two runs to close a 17-run over.
  • 34.5SJayasuriya to TIslam

    Quicker and flatter on middle, hit across the line through mid-wicket for one.
  • 34.4SJayasuriya to TIslam

    FOUR! 14 runs in the last 3 balls. Some entertainment for the crowd. Shehan slows this one in the air and serves it full on middle, Taijul again slogs it over mid-wicket and it beats the two fielders behind it to the fence.
  • 34.3SJayasuriya to TIslam

    FOUR! Innovation this time. Tossed up ball around off, Taijul brings out the reverse sweep and nails it past backward point for a cracking boundary.
  • 34.2SJayasuriya to TIslam

    SIX! Taijul has decided to have some fun. He goes down on one knee to a full ball around off and slog sweeps it handsomely over mid-wicket. 150 comes up!
  • 34.1SJayasuriya to TIslam

    Flighted and full on off, defended off the front foot to the off side.
  • 33.6WHasaranga to RHossain

    This time Hossain confidently comes onto the front foot and defends this full ball back to the bowler.
  • 33.5WHasaranga to RHossain

    Tossed up and full, Rubel blocks it towards the leg side.
  • 33.4WHasaranga to RHossain

    Now, does this one hit the pad first or the bat. The Lankans think it hit the pad. They appeal loudly but the umpire denies it. The replays roll in but the Ball Tracker shows that it would have gone with the umpire's call.
  • 33.3WHasaranga to RHossain

    Full, tossed up and just outside the leg pole. The ball turns towards the stumps and hits the pads of Hossain. The Lankans appeal but even they know it is not out.
  • 33.2WHasaranga to RHossain

    On the pads of Rubel, he tries to flick it but misses.
  • 33.1WHasaranga to SIslam

    OUT! No Shafiul is out of his crease and that's why Perera was so confident. Wanindu strikes on his very first ball. Leg spinner pitching on off and it spins away from Shafiul. He looks to have a whack at it but misses. Kusal Perera takes the bails off in a flash. He is confident that he has his man. The square leg umpire takes it upstairs and the replays show Shafiul was outside the crease.
  • 32.6LKumara to TIslam

    FOUR! Taijul confidently lofts this full ball on off over the head of Kumara towards the long on fence for a boundary.
  • 32.5LKumara to TIslam

    Again on the pads, maybe Kumara is going for the stump and hoping the batter would miss it. Taijul just flicks it off the back foot.
  • 32.4LKumara to SIslam

    On the pads by Kumara, Shafiul clips it towards the leg side and takes a single.
  • 32.3LKumara to SIslam

    Good length ball bang on middle, Shafiul blocks it off the back foot.
  • 32.2LKumara to SIslam

    There is surely a noise, but it's maybe just the bat hitting the ground. Yorker bowled just outside the off pole by Kumara, Shafiul tries to jam it out but misses it.
  • 32.1LKumara to TIslam

    On the pads of Taijul, he clips it towards fine leg for a single.
  • 31.6ADananjaya to SIslam

    A nicely flighted ball on off, Shafiul takes it on the full and drills it back past the bowler. Dananjaya goes down low to stop the ball but it misses his right hand and cannons onto the stumps. Akila smiles.
  • 31.5ADananjaya to SSarkar

    OUT! Sound of timber! Dananjaya becomes the first spinner to pick a wicket in this run chase. A nicely disguised variation from Akila. This one lands full outside off and spins back in viciously. Sarkar is seen making room on the off side for an expansive drive through the line. But the ball spins back in too much to beat his bat and rattle the stumps. A good fighting knock by Sarkar is over and the end is nigh for Bangladesh.
  • 31.4ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Tossed up ball on off, pushed off the front foot but straight to the cover fielder.
  • 31.3ADananjaya to SSarkar

    FOUR! Nicely played! Soumya continues to impress. He jumps out of the crease to a full ball on middle and lofts it beautifully over extra cover for a boundary.
  • 31.2ADananjaya to TIslam

    Loopy and on middle, Taijul inside edges his attempted flick shot through backward square leg for one.
  • 31.1ADananjaya to TIslam

    Full and flighted on off, Taijul stretches forward and defends it back to the bowler.
  • 30.6LKumara to SSarkar

    FOUR! Sarkar pounces on this length ball outside off. He just times it beautifully as he cuts this one towards the backward point fence for a boundary.
  • 30.5LKumara to TIslam

    Good length ball wide outside off, Kumara bowls with a change in his action. Taijul gets down and plays it towards third man for one.
  • 30.4LKumara to TIslam

    Bouncer again! This time Taijul plays at it but the ball narrowly misses the edge of the bat as it carries through to the keeper.
  • 30.3LKumara to TIslam

    FOUR! Edgy but will do for Bangladesh. Good length ball wide outside off, Taijul goes for the drive but gets a thick outside edge as the ball races away towards the third man fence for a boundary.
  • 30.2LKumara to TIslam

    Bouncer bowled at a very good pace, it goes near the head height of Taijul. He leaves it and Kusal Perera collects it with a jump.
  • 30.1LKumara to SSarkar

    Good length ball on off, the ball rushes through towards Sarkar, He guides it towards third man and changes ends.
  • 29.6ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Flighted delivery on middle, Sarkar flicks it towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 29.5ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Loopy delivery on off, Sarkar keeps it out.
  • 29.4ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Floated delivery on off, Sarkar drives it back towards the bowler.
  • 29.3ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Tossed up on off, Sarkar blocks it off the front foot.
  • 29.2ADananjaya to SSarkar

    Play and a miss! There was turn on this one. Flighted delivery just outside off, Sarkar looks to play a reverse sweep but misses it completely. The ball was inches away from the off stump.
  • 29.1ADananjaya to TIslam

    Flighted delivery on middle and leg, Islam lofts it over mid-wicket. The fielder chases it and does well to stop it. The batsmen get three runs.
  • 28.6LKumara to TIslam

    Short and pulled away by Islam, the ball goes uppishly towards deep backward square leg. The fielder from deep fine leg cuts it off as the batters take a single.
  • 28.5LKumara to TIslam

    Again similar line and length, Islam manages to put bat on ball as he blocks it out.
  • 28.4LKumara to TIslam

    Length ball on off, Taijul goes hesitantly onto the back foot and hits it towards mid off.

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