BAN 508 (154.0ov)
WI 111, 213 (59.2ov)

Bangladesh beat West Indies by an innings and 184 runs

MOM: Mehidy Hasan

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  • The Bangladesh players are now posing with the trophy. They are a happy bunch and want to savor this moment of accomplishment. It's also time for us to sign off. We look forward to your company for the first ODI on 9th December at 1400 local (0800 GMT). Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!
  • Bangladesh's skipper, Shakib Al Hasan is chosen for the Player of the Series award. Says that this is something he and the coaching staff want from the team. He is thrilled with the overall team effort. Points that every time the batsmen who got in tried to make it count. Praises all the spinners for the way they bowled in this Test match and gives a special mention to Mehidy Hasan. Lauds Naeem Hasan and Shadman Islam as well for showing good composure and he feels that they can do well in the international arena. Mentions that he cannot ask more than this from his team but quickly says that there is always room for improvement. On his own performance, Shakib admits that he was a bit rusty in the first Test as he trained for only 2-3 sessions and this match was much more comfortable. Reckons he will be at his best in the ODI series.
  • Player of the Match, Mehidy Hasan is smiling and says that he is delighted to get this award after a long time. States that he received good support from the other end from Shakib and Taijul. He is really happy with the win. Adds that he likes batting and goes on to say that their batsmen set the tone by posting 500-plus on the board which made the job easier for the bowlers.
  • Windies' skipper Kraigg Brathwaite says that his bowlers bowled well in this series and that's one of the few positives for them. Praises the batting of Hetmyer and Dowrich (first innings) as well but admits that other batsmen need to show more application. Feels that they didn't get enough partnerships going. States that Test cricket is mentally tough and they have a few FC matches to go before facing England. Mentions that to stay positive is the key and hopes to get better in the ODIs.
  • Everything went according to the plan for Bangladesh. They won an important toss and aimed to bat once by posting a big total. Debutant Shadman Islam, Mahmudullah and Shakib Al Hasan played important roles in taking them to a total over 500. The Windies bowlers, especially the spinners, failed to deliver on a helpful surface and this was also one of the prime reasons for this embarrassing loss for the tourists. Just for the record, this is Bangladesh's first ever Test series win over Windies at home and it truly is a historic one.
  • It was a pretty dismal show by Windies. They didn't benefit much from the Test series in India. Their batsmen lacked the required skill and technique to play spinners and were exposed. Application and temperament, two key characteristics to succeed in Test cricket were also missing. Shimron Hetmyer did show his ability with the bat as he made an attacking 93 while the last pair also sent a message to the top order on how to apply in tough conditions.
  • All over in the blink of an eye! Bangladesh have beaten Windies comprehensively to take the Test series 2-0! Dominance, that's the word to describe their performance. Their spinners were relentless and Mehidy Hasan was ruthless. He bagged a 12-wicket haul, his personal best in Tests and starred the day where 15 wickets fell.
  • 59.2TIslam to SLewis

    OUT! BANGLADESH WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 184 RUNS! A nicely tossed up delivery, landing around leg and straightening from there. Lewis tries to flick but misses and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the umpire nods before raising his finger. The number 11 reviews it but the Ball Tracker shows three reds. Impact in line and it's hitting middle and leg. Bangladesh can continue with their celebration. Their first ever win by an innings! Historic day.
  • Sherman Lewis is given out lbw. Looks gone. But he is reviewing it. The Bangladesh players are seen already congratulating each other. Let's see...
  • 59.1TIslam to SLewis

    Full and on off, defended off the front foot.
  • 58.6AlHasan to SLewis

    Straighter delivery, turned in front of square leg for a run. This pair has now frustrated Bangladesh for 69 balls. The partnership is worth 42. Last over before Tea coming up now...
  • 58.5AlHasan to SLewis

    Arm ball outside off, nicely read by Sherman who allows it through to the keeper.
  • 58.4AlHasan to KRoach

    Fuller and outside off, driven down through extra cover for a run.
  • 58.3AlHasan to SLewis

    The batsman has played it towards mid-wicket. One run added to the total.
  • 58.2AlHasan to SLewis

    Quicker one, darted on middle, defended off the back foot.
  • 58.1AlHasan to SLewis

    Floated one, full and on off, Sherman defends it watchfully. The number 11 is showing a better technique than the top order. He is applying himself. Putting a price on his wicket. Good to see.
  • 57.6TIslam to SLewis

    Drags his length short and lands it outside off, Lewis goes back and pulls it against the spin to wide mid on.
  • 57.5TIslam to SLewis

    Shortish on off, punched to the off side.
  • 57.4TIslam to SLewis

    Loopy and full on off, Sherman pushes it out off his front foot to point.
  • 57.3TIslam to SLewis

    Flatter on off, Lewis blocks it back rather easily.
  • 57.2TIslam to SLewis

    Slower this time, full and around off, Lewis defends it by going inside the crease at the last moment.
  • 57.1TIslam to SLewis

    Quicker and on off, defended off the back foot.
  • 56.6AlHasan to KRoach

    Off spinner outside off, Roach fails to make contact.
  • 56.5AlHasan to KRoach

    Brings out the broom now. Sweeps this behind square for a couple of runs. This stand is starting to get frustrating now.
  • 56.4AlHasan to KRoach

    FOUR! That's a proper cricket shot! Sees the ball given air on off, Roach drives it through covers for a beautiful boundary.
  • 56.3AlHasan to SLewis

    Around off, Lewis lofts this towards mid off. They cross.
  • 56.2AlHasan to SLewis

    On off, punched off the back foot by Lewis.
  • 56.1AlHasan to SLewis

    Down the leg side, Lewis looks to turn it away but cannot get bat to ball.
  • 55.6TIslam to KRoach

    Jaffa! Quicker ball on middle, it spins sharply and almost kisses the outside edge. Beauty!
  • 55.5TIslam to SLewis

    Played through mid-wicket by the batsman. They pick up a single.
  • 55.4TIslam to SLewis

    Outside off, guided to the slip cordon.
  • 55.3TIslam to SLewis

    FOUR! Lewis and Roach continue to make merry. Lewis this time gets low and slogs this over mid-wicket, through the gap, for a boundary.
  • 55.2TIslam to SLewis

    Outside off, Lewis shoulders his arms to it.
  • 55.1TIslam to SLewis

    Around off, kept out ahead of the silly point fielder.
  • 54.6AlHasan to KRoach

    On middle, blocked by Roach.
  • 54.5AlHasan to KRoach

    FOUR! Lovely batting! Swipes this through square leg to get back-to-back boundaries. Playing a nice little knock. And these shots are showing that there is certainly no demon in this pitch. Windies have only themselves to blame for this sorry performance.
  • 54.4AlHasan to KRoach

    FOUR! Full and on middle and leg, Roach gets under it and lofts it over mid on for a boundary.
  • 54.3AlHasan to KRoach

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 54.2AlHasan to KRoach

    Nice delivery holds its line. Around off, Roach tries to poke at it but cannot get bat to ball.
  • 54.1AlHasan to KRoach

    Tossed up ball on off, driven to the cover region.
  • 53.6TIslam to SLewis

    Maiden over. Full and on off, dug out well by Lewis.
  • 53.5TIslam to SLewis

    Played to mid-wicket region by Sherman.
  • 53.4TIslam to SLewis

    Gets behind this ball and dead-bats it.
  • 53.3TIslam to SLewis

    Loopy ball around off, played to the point region.
  • 53.2TIslam to SLewis

    On middle and off this time, Lewis stonewalls it.

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