WI 321/8 (50.0ov)
BAN 322/3 (41.3ov)

Bangladesh beat West Indies by 7 wickets

MOM: Shakib Al Hasan

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  • WI
  • BAN
  • 41.3SGabriel to LDas

    FOUR! Das finishes it off in style! Gabriel bowls it short and Das swivels and pulls it away from fine leg and bags a boundary. Emphatic win for Bangladesh. All smiles in their dug out. Customary handshakes taking place out in the middle. BANGLADESH HAVE CHASED DOWN 322 WITH 7 WICKETS IN HAND AND 51 BALLS TO SPARE!
  • 40.4JHolder to LDas

    FOUR! Dealing in boundaries is Das. He stays back and then guides this through backward point and the ball races away.
  • 40.1JHolder to LDas

    FOUR! Delightful! He is painting a Monalisa here! Holder bowls this full and outside off, Das leans into it and just times it through covers. The ball races away.
  • 38.4SCottrell to LDas

    FOUR! Another short ball and once again it is put away! Short and on the body, Das swivels and pulls it down to the fine leg fence.
  • 37.5SGabriel to AlHasan

    EDGY FOUR! Length and around off, the ball straightens. Shakib looks to defend but the ball flies off the outside edge and down to the third man fence.
  • 37.3SGabriel to LDas

    SIX! Three in a row! This is unreal stuff from Das. He is playing with the mind of the bowler. He expected a short one and shuffles right across. Gets it and he helps it on its way over the fine leg fence. 4 in 4? Also, the 150-run stand is up.
  • 37.2SGabriel to LDas

    SIX! This is even better! WOW! Das wants to end it in a hurry here. He makes room and Gabriel bowls it full. He smashes it over the long off fence for a maximum.
  • 37.1SGabriel to LDas

    SIX! Into the stands! lovely shot. A short ball by Shannon and Das is quickly onto the back foot. He pulls it high and handsome over the square leg fence. Runs needed below 50 now.
  • 36.6SCottrell to AlHasan

    FOUR! on the pads once again! Easy pickings for a batsman of Shakib's calibre. He flicks it through backward square leg and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 36.1SCottrell to LDas

    WIDE! Down the leg side and it has been wided.

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