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BRH 144/8 (20.0ov)
MLR 145/2 (15.4ov)

Melbourne Renegades beat Brisbane Heat by 8 wickets

MOM: Sam Harper

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  • So, we're done with this one. Melbourne Renegades had full bragging rights in this game and will try to remain in the top half of the table as the tournament goes on. The Heat will look to bounce back in their very next game when these two face off once more. On Friday, Adelaide Strikers host Melbourne Stars and the clash takes place at 1830 local (0800 GMT). See you for that one, which will be played at the Adelaide Oval. Goodbye for now! Cheers!
  • SAM HARPER IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! His 56 not out off 40 balls with 7 fours and a six helped his team over the line easily. This is also his second MoM in a row!
  • No bowler was good enough for the Heat today and even though Mujeeb went for less than 6 runs per over, the Renegades made merry when the others were bowling as they finished off the target. Harper helped himself to a wonderful half-century along the way. Along with Tom Cooper, he forged an unbeaten partnership of 106 as their team romped home. There was also another notable event that was the injury to Cutting when he attempted to take a catch and got hit on the face. What was nice to see though, was that he was back on the field and even bowled. This win lifts the Renegades to second on the points table and par on points with the Sydney Sixers but ahead on NRR. As for the hosts, they remain on seventh and will have to quickly turn things around if they want to be in contention for the playoffs.
  • What an easy win for the Renegades. One would not have expected this at the start of the game, but the Brisbane Heat just weren't there today and have lost quite comprehensively in the end. The team from Melbourne have chased this with more than 4 overs left to be bowled and in T20s that is as big as it gets. It was always going to be tough for the hosts to defend 144 but they made it even tougher for themselves by dropping a few catches along the way. Harris was dropped on 0 and went on to give the Renegades a great start before getting out eventually for 28. From then on, there was no doubt about who was in the driving seat and the red brigade easily creamed the bowlers for runs in the middle overs.
  • 15.6BDoggett to SamHarper

    Fuller length on off, Harper lofts it over the mid off fielder and comes back for the second and with that two they seal this one. THE RENEGADES HAVE WON THIS MATCH COMPREHENSIVELY BY 8 WICKETS AND 26 BALLS REMAINING.
  • 15.5BDoggett to SamHarper

    Wide! Doggett misses hhis line and bowls it too wide on the offside. The umpire has no second thoughts on that one and signals it as wide ball.
  • 15.4BDoggett to SamHarper

    SIX! Huge! Once again a bouncer by Doggett and Harper pulls that one beautifully over the fine leg region for a maximum. Renegades now just 3 runs away from winning this one.
  • 15.3BDoggett to SamHarper

    Yorker. Doggett follows up that bad bouncer with a well directed bouncer on middle stump. Harper manages to get his bat in time for that one.
  • 15.2BDoggett to SamHarper

    Shorter delivery on leg side, Harper tries to pull it but misses. The umpire signals it as wide. A badly directed bouncer by Doggett.
  • 15.1BDoggett to TomCooper

    Starts up with a fuller delivery outside off, Cooper tries to hit it towards long off, gets an outside edge and the ball goes towards the third man region for a single.
  • Bredon Boggett is back on.
  • 14.6BenCutting to SamHarper

    Another delivery short and outside off, it is cut over point and a couple of runs have been taken. 11 runs more needed.
  • 14.5BenCutting to SamHarper

    Uses his feet and then clips it through square leg. They run the first one and then go for the second, complete that too.
  • 14.4BenCutting to SamHarper

    FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Full and on off, Harper lofts it over the cover fielder and into the fence.
  • 14.3BenCutting to SamHarper

    FOUR! Up and over! Poor ball with third man up. Short and outside off, Harper cuts it over that fielder and into the fence. Runs needed below 20 now.
  • 14.2BenCutting to SamHarper

    The bumper on middle, Harper tries to play the paddle but is done in by the bounce.
  • 14.1BenCutting to TomCooper

    Well stopped! Slightly short and outside off, Cooper goes for the cut but ends up chopping it towards the keeper who dives to his right and makes a good stop. Can't stop the single though.
  • Ben Cutting is back on for another over.
  • 13.6MSwepson to SamHarper

    Sam tries to sweep this tossed up delivery but misses it completely.
  • 13.5MSwepson to SamHarper

    Mujeeb pulls the length back this time , Harper guides it down to the third man region and takes a couple.
  • 13.4MSwepson to SamHarper

    FOUR! The Renegades are in a hurry to finish this game quickly and improve their run rate as well. Tossed up by Mujeeb and Sam brilliantly times his drive and finds the gap to send the ball through the boundary.
  • 13.3MSwepson to SamHarper

    Googly by Swepson. Harper misses the ball and hits him on his pads. The Heat players appeal but the umpire turns it down.
  • 13.2MSwepson to TomCooper

    Lucky! Shorter on length thi time, Cooper tries to cut it but finds the inside edge. Luckily it's not chopped on to the stumps. The bastmen pick up a single.
  • 13.1MSwepson to SamHarper

    tossed up on middle, Harper moves down thew leg and punches the ball towards long off for a single.
  • 12.6UrRahman to SamHarper

    Hit down to long on for a run. 32 needed in 42.
  • 12.5UrRahman to SamHarper

    The batsman works it down the leg side.
  • 12.4UrRahman to TomCooper

    Works it with the angle through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 12.3UrRahman to TomCooper

    Deft! Waits for the ball to come to him and then guides it through short third man for a couple, Doing it with ease are the visitors.
  • 12.2UrRahman to SamHarper

    This is eased down to long on for a single.
  • 12.1UrRahman to TomCooper

    Top edge but safe! Cooper tries to play the reverse sweep but gets a top edge towards short third man. A run taken.
  • 11.6MSwepson to TomCooper

    On the pads, Cooper tries to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball rolls towards square leg for a leg bye.
  • 11.5MSwepson to TomCooper

    FOUR BYES! Luck is just not going the Heat's way. The googly on middle, it turns back in. Cooper tries to go downtown but misses. The ball goes agonizingly past the leg pole, the keeper fails to collect it and then it races to the fine leg fence.
  • 11.4MSwepson to SamHarper

    The batsman works it down the leg side. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 11.3MSwepson to SamHarper

    The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball.
  • 11.2MSwepson to SamHarper

    Uses his feet and this time yorks himself. Ends up hitting it to covers.
  • 11.1MSwepson to SamHarper

    Uses his feet and then works it through mid-wicket for a couple.
  • 10.6UrRahman to TomCooper

    Flighted delivery on off, Cooper defends it off his front foot. A very good over for the Melbourne Renegades. 10 off it. 30 off the last three.
  • 10.5UrRahman to SamHarper

    Harper attempts the reverse sweep on this occasion but the ball hits his arm and goes towards the fine leg region and the batsmen pick up a single. The umpire signals it as leg bye.
  • 10.4UrRahman to SamHarper

    FOUR Leg bye! Tossed up on middle, Harper goes for the paddle sweep but misses it. The keeper and the bowler appeal but the umpire does not agree with them and the ball goes towards the fine leg fence for a boundary.
  • 10.3UrRahman to TomCooper

    Flighted delivery outside off, Cooper attempts a sweep outside off but misses it. Mujeeb appeals but the umpire is not interested. The batsmen rotate the strike and the umpire signals it as leg bye.
  • 10.2UrRahman to TomCooper

    Tossed up a bit, Tom square cuts it straight to the fielder.
  • 10.1UrRahman to TomCooper

    FOUR! Excellent shot! Mujeeb starts off with a shorter ball on off, Cooper beautifully paddles it over the fine leg region for a boundary.
  • Mujeeb is back on.
  • 9.6BDoggett to SamHarper

    Play and a miss! Wanted to hit that to Melbourne it seemed! A length ball on middle, Harper clears his front leg and wanted to smash it through the line but he misses as he is beaten by pace. Good comeback from Doggett in the last three balls after being hit for two fours.
  • 9.5BDoggett to SamHarper

    Length ball outside off, cut towards point along the ground.

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