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Perth Scorchers beat Brisbane Heat by 40 runs
Fawad Ahmed

18.4Kelly to Laughlin

OUT! CAUGHT! That's the end of that. Livingstone holds onto the catch this time. Good length ball on off, Laughlin looks to heave it away but gets a top edge which goes towards cover. Liam Livingstone comes under it and takes a simple catch to end the game. PERTH SCORCHERS WIN BY 40 RUNS.

18.3Kelly to Laughlin

Slower delivery outside off, Laughlin looks to guide it but misses it altogether.

18.2Kelly to Laughlin

FOUR! Thrashed! Full delivery on middle, Ben hammers it straight over the bowler's head for a boundary. The fielder tries to cut it off coming in from long off but misses it.

18.1Kelly to Khan

DROPPED! That won't make much of a difference but Fawad Ahmed drops a sitter and Perth Scorchers will have to wait a little longer to get the win. Short delivery on middle, Zahir looks to pull but it goes off the top edge towards short fine leg. Ahmed settles himself under it but fails to hold onto the simplest of catches.

17.6Jordan to Laughlin

Good length ball around off, it is worked towards short third man. 46 needed off the final 2 overs.

17.5Jordan to Laughlin

FOUR! Nicely done! Low full toss outside off from Jordan. Ben makes some room moving towards the leg side and carves it through point for a boundary.

17.4Jordan to Khan

Full and outside off, Zahir once again backs away and drives it through covers for a single.

17.3Jordan to Khan

Full and on the pads of Zahir, he looks to flick but misses. The ball hits the pads and goes towards third man. A couple of leg byes.

17.2Jordan to Khan

Good length ball on middle, Zahir looks to paddle it over the keeper's head. It goes there but from the inside edge. A couple of runs for Khan.

17.1Jordan to Khan

FOUR! Through the gap. A low full toss outside off, Zahir backs away and slams it through the gap between cover and mid off for a boundary.

16.6Kelly to Laughlin

Good length delivery outside off, Laughlin looks to scoop it but misses to get anything on it.

16.5Kelly to Khan

What happened there? The bails did not come off. It would have been game over. Full delivery down the leg side. Zahir looks to drive but gets an inside edge onto the pads.The ball rolls onto the hit the off stump. The bails come off but settles back. That's just luck. The ball rolls to the off side and Laughlin calls Zahir for a single.

16.4Kelly to Laughlin

AMAZING FIELDING! That's Chris Jordan for you! Full delivery on off, Ben drives it crisply towards mid off. Jordan dives to his right and collects it with just one hand. Brilliant. A single taken.

16.3Kelly to Laughlin

Good length ball on off, Laughlin looks to play the upper cut but it goes uppishly towards the short third man fielder who collects it on the bounce.
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