SYS 177/7 (20.0ov)
BRH 98 (18.1ov)

Sydney Sixers beat Brisbane Heat by 79 runs

MOM: James Vince

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  • Big Bash action continues on Monday as Adelaide Strikers host table-toppers Hobart Hurricanes at 1845 local time (0815 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, have a great night.
  • James Vince has been announced as the MAN OF THE MATCH for his brilliant knock of 75 runs off just 46 balls. His innings took the game away from Brisbane Heat.
  • It was a collective effort from the Sixers bowlers. Steve O'Keefe started the innings in brilliant fashion picking up Max Bryant and bowling a wicket maiden. They kept it tight in the Powerplay not conceding free runs and picked up 2 wickets. They hardly let the visitors go over 6 runs in an over. Moises Henriques was very smart with his captaincy. He started with a spinner, which has been a weakness of the Heat top order and that paid dividends. He kept changing the bowlers smartly and never let the batsmen settle. Tom Curran and Sean Abbott picked up 3 wickets each. Steve O'Keefe and Lloyd Pope picked 1 and 2 wickets respectively. Earlier in the day, the Sixers posted 177 on the board courtesy a James Vince 50 and a blitzkrieg from Jordan Silk.
  • Brisbane Heat have been bundled out for less then 100. and the Sixers win this by 79 runs. The Heat innings never got going as they lost wickets at regular intervals. Max Bryant got out in the very first over. Chris Lynn followed him soon and the Heat not only kept losing wickets but also never accelerated when the time came. Brendon McCullum struggled for timing and played an unusual knock of 27 from 31 balls. No batsman except Josh Lalor and Ben Cutting scored more than run a ball.
  • 18.1SAbbott to MSwepson

    OUT! That is as comprehensive as you like! Back of a length ball outside off, Swepson makes room to upper cut this but edges it to the keeper at the back. Philippe takes the catch and the Heat are all out for 98. SYDNEY SIXERS WIN THE MATCH BY 79 RUNS!
  • Sean Abbott to bowl the penultimate over.
  • 17.6TomCurran to MSwepson

    Slower ball outside off, the batsman drives this through the covers. One run added to the total.
  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman is the last batsman in for Brisbane Heat.
  • 17.5TomCurran to BDoggett

    OUT! Third wicket for Tom! And this one is with a different variation. Slower full ball around off, Doggett swings but cannot get it off the middle. Abbott at long on settles under it and makes no mistake. Just one more wicket for the Sixers to wrap things up.
  • 17.4TomCurran to MSwepson

    Swepson rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball. One run added to the total.
  • 17.3TomCurran to MSwepson

    How did that miss the stump? Slower length ball on off. Swepson swings but cannot connect. The ball just goes over the stumps.
  • Mitchell Swepson is the next man in.
  • 17.2TomCurran to JLalor

    OUT! Another yorker and another wicket for Curran. Full on the leg stump. Lalor makes room and looks to go big but the ball goes under his bat and onto the leg stump. The Englishman is up in celebration.
  • 17.1TomCurran to BDoggett

    Full and in line of the stumps, Doggett lofts it towards long on. The fielder hares to catch it but cannot get near the ball. Good effort. The batsmen take three.
  • 16.6SO'Keefe to BDoggett

    16.6: S O'Keefe to B Doggett, Loopy ball on off, Doggett gets an inside edge trying to play it to the off side. The ball goes to the on side where they pick up a run.
  • 16.5SO'Keefe to BDoggett

    16.5: S O'Keefe to B Doggett, Tooses this one up on middle and off, hit back to the bowler.
  • 16.4SO'Keefe to JLalor

    16.4: S O'Keefe to J Lalor, On off, driven to covers and quickly tries to get to the other end. The fielder gives it to the keeper who takes the bails off but the batsmen make their ground.
  • 16.3SO'Keefe to JLalor

    16.3: S O'Keefe to J Lalor, On off, delivers this a bit late. Lalor slaps it back to the bowler.
  • 16.2SO'Keefe to JLalor

    16.2: S O'Keefe to J Lalor, SIX! Just enough! In the zone for Lalor, he slogs this over long on and gets maximum.
  • 16.1SO'Keefe to BDoggett

    16.1: S O'Keefe to B Doggett, Loopy ball on off, lofted over to long off for a single.
  • Steve O'Keefe replaces Lloyd Pope.
  • 15.7TomCurran to BDoggett

    Full again on the leg side, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for just a run.
  • 15.6TomCurran to BDoggett

    Yorker again on off, Doggett drives it to covers.
  • Brendan Doggett is the next batsmen in.
  • 15.5TomCurran to BenCutting

    OUT! Bowled 'em! Yorker, spot on and way too good for Cutting! In line of the stumps, Ben swings and once again cannot get bat to ball. Cutting misses but Curran hits. Timber! Cutting never looked settled for sometime now.
  • 15.4TomCurran to BenCutting

    Slower ball which turns. Outside off, Cutting swings but connects with thin air.
  • 15.3TomCurran to BenCutting

    Wide! Lovely bouncer but just too high.. Outside off, Cutting leaves it alone hoping for a wide and gets it.
  • 15.2TomCurran to JLalor

    Full in line of the stumps, Lalor carves it over mid off for one.
  • 15.1TomCurran to JLalor

    That could have been a leg glance into the stumps. Outside off, Lalor shuffles across but cannot get bat to ball.
  • Tom Curran in for his third over.
  • 14.6LPope to BenCutting

    Flighted delivery on middle, Cutting sees that one off with a front foot defense.
  • 14.5LPope to JLalor

    Drifts it on the pads, Lalor flicks it away on the leg side and rotates the strike.
  • 14.4LPope to JLalor

    Flighted leg spinner on off, Lalor tries to defend but the ball misses the outside edge.
  • 14.3LPope to JLalor

    FOUR! It is tossed up around off, Lalor comes down the pitch and hits it wide of the cover fielder in the ring. The ball races away to the fence and Lalor gets off the mark with that.
  • 14.2LPope to BenCutting

    OUT! Things getting bad to worse. And Prestwidge is run out here. It is tossed up on middle, Cutting comes down the track and pushes it to deep mid-wicket. He runs the first one hard but slips. Prestwidge is unaware about it and comes for the second. Ben Dwarshuis throws it at the keeper's end. It is not a good throw so Josh Philippe collects it in front of the stumps, dives and hits the stumps. Jack Prestwidge is way out and the square leg umpire doesn't even go upstairs and straightaway raises the dreaded finger.
  • The new man in is Josh Lalor.
  • 14.1LPope to JPrestwidge

    Leg spinner outside off, punched to cover for a run.
  • Lloyd Pope is back to bowl his last over.
  • 13.6SAbbott to BenCutting

    Shorter in length, this time Cutting times the punch but the ball goes straight to the fielder at mid off.
  • 13.5SAbbott to BenCutting

    Full outside off, Cutting tries to heave it over long on but misses.
  • Jack Prestwidge walks in next.
  • 13.4SAbbott to ARoss

    OUT! Abbott strikes again. Alex Ross is a goner and Brisbane Heat struggling here. On a length outside off, Ross tries to loft it over deep point but the ball goes straight to Jack Edwards. He takes a regulation catch and half the side back in the hut for the visitors.
  • 13.3SAbbott to ARoss

    Play and a miss. Good length delivery outside off, Ross has a go at it but doesn't connect.
  • 13.2SAbbott to BenCutting

    Full outside off, Cutting does not time it well and the ball goes to long on, on a bounce. They cross.
  • 13.1SAbbott to BenCutting

    Length delivery outside off, Cutting tries to punch it but misses.

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