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SYT 34/2 (5.3ov)
BRH 186/8 (20.0ov)

Brisbane Heat beat Sydney Thunder by 15 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Chris Lynn

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  • BRH
  • SYT
  • 5.3UrRahman to ShaneWatson

    SIX! That is out of here, literally out of here! 110 meter biggie. WOW! He has truly picked the bones out of the that one. It is short and on middle, Watson loves it there. He goes back quickly and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence, over the roof I should write, for a maximum.
  • 4.6BDoggett to CFerguson

    OUT! Caught! Soft dismissal! Another wicket for the Heat. A length ball outside off, Ferguson looks to punch it through the covers but finds Max Bryant in the circle! 2 wickets in the Powerplay and the Heat are well on top. 159 more needed from 90 balls.
  • 4.5BDoggett to CallumFerguson

    FOUR! That has gone like a rocket! On a length around middle, Ferguson just whips it in front of square and the ball races away!
  • 2.4UrRahman to CFerguson

    SIX! Effortless shot! Full and around off, Ferguson lofts it straight back down the ground and makes it land on the sightscreen!
  • 1.3JPattinson to JosButtler

    OUT! LBW! Heat get the big fish early! Buttler departs cheaply in his last knock of the season in Big Bash. On a length and fast, around off, nipping back in, Jos is done in by the pace and misses his flick. Is hit on the back pad and Pattinson appeals. The umpire slowly raises the dreaded finger. Big blow.
  • 0.1UrRahman to JosButtler

    FOUR! Poor ball and then poorer effort from James Pattinson. Down the leg side, Buttler tickles it fine. Pattinson hubnts it down from short fine leg. Slides, pushes the ball back but then while doing so, the ball rolls back in. James tries to return the throw but he has pushed the rope away and the ball is in that position where the rope was initially.
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