CSK 179/4 (20.0ov)
DC 99 (16.2ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Delhi Capitals by 80 runs

MOM: MS Dhoni

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  • CSK
  • DC
  • 16.2ITahir to AMishra

    OUT! Caught behind! CHENNAI WIN BY 80 RUNS! Tahir gets 4 and the Men in Yellow are roaring. Tossed up outside off, Mishra looks to defend but the ball takes a thin outside edge and Dhoni does the rest. 2 stumpings and 1 catch to go with his unbeaten 44 earlier in the evening.
  • 15.3DBravo to AMishra

    FOUR! Oh no, Jadeja's effort in the deep goes in vain. A full toss on middle, Mishra whips it away towards deep square leg. Jadeja from deep mid-wicket runs and tries to keep it in unsuccessfully though.
  • 15.2DBravo to JSuchith

    OUT! Run out! Watson making up for his zero with the bat on the field. He took a brilliant catch earlier and now an excellent direct hit. A length ball on off, Suchith pushes the ball towards the left of Watson at point. The batsmen have an indecision in the middle of the wicket and that extra second means Suchith will end up being short due to the direct hit.
  • 11.6RJadeja to SIyer

    OUT! How wrong can I be? This man is a wizard and is faster than light. Shreyas Iyer is the man to walk out now and it would not be too off the mark to say that Delhi's final hope too vanishes with him. A flatter one on off, grips and there is quick turn which beats the outside edge of the Delhi skipper. Dhoni again collects and whips off the bails. And once more, the back foot is in the air as the replays come on. The big screen flashes out and Chepauk is bustling! Delhi have quite superbly slumped from 52-1 to 85-8! 2 runs and 2 wickets off this over from Jadeja, it has been his night!
  • 11.4RJadeja to CMorris

    OUT! That's what flashes on the big screen. Dhoni is lightning quick and you do not lift your foot against him. Morris is a goner, a first-ball duck for him. A flatter one outside off and turns sharply to beat the outside edge of Morris as he looks to defend. He though ends up lifting his back foot and Dhoni whips off the bails in a flash. The replays roll on and lo and behold, the foot is in the air. 7 down!
  • 10.6ITahir to SRutherford

    OUT! Tahir has another! The sixth one departs. A flighted googly outside off, Rutherford looks to go big but gets a leading edge on that one. The ball flies to backward point and the catch is easily taken by Deepak Chahar there. Delhi in shambles and Shreyas Iyer watches from the other end helplessly.
  • 10.2ITahir to APatel

    OUT! What a catch by Watson! That was travelling. Tahir is off on the run again but that was Watto's wicket more than anyone else's. Flighted ball wide outside off, Axar reaches out to drive the ball but gets a thick edge. The ball flies towards slip and the burly Aussie does really well to react quickly, get his hands in front of his face and hold on at an awkward height. Yet another batsman departs without partnering their skipper.
  • 8.1DBravo to APatel

    FOUR! Excellent placement! A really full length ball wide outside off, almost yorker length. Axar gets bat on that by stretching out. He angles it away wide of point and beats third man easily. Good start to the over for the away side.
  • 7.4RJadeja to CIngram

    OUT! Umpire's call it is! Ingram has to depart now and Chennai are all over Delhi like a rash. A flatter one outside off, Jadeja turns it a long way and raps the southpaw on his pads as he misses his defensive push. There is an appeal and the finger goes up! Colin wants a review but it does not save him as the ball just clips the top of leg stump. Delhi stuttering now.
  • 6.2ITahir to RPant

    OUT! Gone next ball! Tahir is off on his run. A flighted one outside off again, Pant goes to repeat the shot, looks for even better. He though ends up hitting the ball straight to Bravo at long off. Huge wicket, Pant can change the game on his own but the wily old fox has got him. Chennai on the charge now, 3 wickets down are Delhi.

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