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Chennai Super Kings beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 7 wickets
Deepak Chahar

17.3Narine to Plessis

FIVE WIDES! And that's game over. CHENNAI WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Easy enough for the home side, it has done it in a cool fashion. The off break spinning down leg, goes too far and beats both du Plessis and Karthik behind the stumps. Races away to the fine leg fence for a boundary.

17.2Narine to Plessis

Stifled appeal for a leg before, turned down. Spinning in from outside off, du Plessis goes back to play at it but is caught high on the thigh pad.

17.1Narine to Jadhav

Quicker, shorter and around off, Kedar pushes it towards the covers and jogs across to the other end.

16.7Gurney to Jadhav

Back to around the wicket. A full ball on middle and leg, Jadhav wrists it aerially through the gap in the square leg area and keeps strike with a single. Just 4 needed off the final 3 overs.

16.6Gurney to Plessis

Switches to over the wicket. It's fuller and on the stumps, Faf slogs it off the inner half through to deep mid-wicket and crosses over.

16.5Gurney to Plessis

FOUR! Two in two. Chennai just one hit away from victory now. It's a short ball angling down, Faf just uses the pace and helps the pull down to fine leg. Finds the fence without any trouble.

16.4Gurney to Plessis

FOUR! Excellent. Chennai almost home now. This boundary should make the home camp will feel much easier. Full toss on off stump, du Plessis lofts it over covers and places it well in the gap. Nobody out there, so it's a boundary.

16.3Gurney to Jadhav

No ball! For overstepping. Quick single taken here. He taps it in front of him and both batsmen cross over. Free Hit coming up...

16.2Gurney to Jadhav

Back of a length, angling in again on off, Jadhav looks to put bat on ball but is caught around the body.

16.1Gurney to Jadhav

Length delivery angling in on off, from around the wicket, Jadhav stays right behind the line and defends it out.

15.6Krishna to Plessis

Good length ball outside off, Faf strokes it through point. They show good aggression and run quickly which allows them to get another couple. 8 runs off the over. Only 16 runs required off the final 4 overs.

15.5Krishna to Plessis

On the stumps, Faf taps it back to the bowler.

15.4Krishna to Plessis

Fuller on off, Faf strokes it wide of deep cover again and gets another brace.

15.3Krishna to Plessis

Good shot! Back of a length ball outside off, Faf slaps it wide of deep cover and gets a brace.

15.2Krishna to Jadhav

Back of a length on off and middle, Kedar pulls it just wide of deep mid-wicket. Kedar looks for two but Faf is happy with just one.

15.1Krishna to Plessis

Good length ball on the stumps, Faf defends it with soft hands towards point and gets to the other end.

14.6Chawla to Jadhav

Floats it up on off, it is kept out.

14.5Chawla to Jadhav

FOUR! What a shot! The googly outside off, Jadhav goes against the spin, lofts it over covers and into the fence.

14.4Chawla to Rayudu

OUT! Caught! This time Chawla gets his man. Rayudu patient innings comes to an end. This is tossed up and around middle, it is the leg spinner. Rayudu looks to slog sweep it but only manages a top edge towards covers where Rana takes it with ease.

14.3Chawla to Plessis

Faf now pushes it through covers and takes one.

14.2Chawla to Rayudu

This is on the pads, Rayudu works it through mid-wicket.

14.1Chawla to Rayudu

DROPPED! A good effort by Krishna but that should have been taken! Kolkata need wickets, the created an opportunity here but don't hang on. This is floated outside off, Rayudu looks to go over covers but ends up slicing it towards sweeper cover. The fielder there runs in and looks to take it with a slide but can't hang on.

13.6Yadav to Plessis

Flicks away this last ball to mid-wicket. It was tossed up on middle but du Plessis was in no mood to take a run.

13.5Yadav to Rayudu

Floated on off, Rayudu goes on the back foot and cuts it to covers. One run taken.

13.4Yadav to Rayudu

Flatter delivery on middle, pushed back to the bowler.

13.3Yadav to Plessis

Floated outside off, du Plessis pushes it to covers and takes a run.

13.2Yadav to Plessis

Excellent running there. Faf pushes this full ball through the covers and completes an easy brace.

13.1Yadav to Plessis

Floated ball going away, Faf punches it back to the bowler.

12.6Chawla to Plessis

This is worked through square leg for a single. 5 singles from this over.

12.5Chawla to Plessis

The leggie on the off stump, it is kept out.

12.4Chawla to Rayudu

Played that very late! The googly and it comes back in from outside off, Rayudu waits for it and then guides it square on the off side for a single.

12.3Chawla to Plessis

Flatter and outside off, Faf looks to cut but due to the slowness of the surface, he mistimes it to covers. A single.

12.2Chawla to Rayudu

This is eased down to long off for a single.

12.1Chawla to Plessis

The slider on the pads, it is worked through square leg for a single.

11.6Narine to Rayudu

Ends up with a full ball going down but Rayudu moves away and plays it on the leg side.

11.5Narine to Plessis

Flighted ball outside off, du Plessis punches it to the off side and takes a single.

11.4Narine to Rayudu

Tossed up on the pads, Rayudu flicks it behind square leg and takes a run.

11.3Narine to Plessis

Floated on middle, Faf drives it through the covers for a run.

11.2Narine to Rayudu

Mix up in the middle but luckily no trouble there. Narine bowls it slower through the air, on the pads, Rayudu flicks it behind square leg and takes off. Faf was halfway down the track and stopped in the middle as both the batsmen were caught up in between the pitch but they finally complete the run.

11.1Narine to Plessis

Tossed up delivery on off, Faf drives it to long on and takes a run.

10.6Yadav to Plessis

Floated on off, Faf pushes it to covers and takes a run.

10.5Yadav to Plessis

FOUR! Struck it firmly. Important boundary for Faf and Chennai, he breaks the shackles with this shot. Full and darted around off, du Plessis kneels down and hammers the slog sweep through mid-wicket, beating Russell in the deep who tries to run to his right and stop it.

10.4Yadav to Rayudu

Flatter on the pads, Ambati drives it towards the mid off region. They pick up a single.

10.3Yadav to Rayudu

He has found that fielder for the third time in this over. Kuldeep bowls it full and on off, Rayudu pushes it to the cover fielder.

10.2Yadav to Rayudu

Fuller this time and Rayudu again drives it to cover.