KKR 161/8 (20.0ov)
CSK 162/5 (19.4ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 5 wickets

MOM: Imran Tahir

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  • KKR
  • CSK
  • 19.1PChawla to RJadeja

    EDGY FOUR! Chawla goes for the missile. Fires in a short delivery outside off at 120 kph, Jadeja flashes his bat at it and edges it down to third man for a boundary.
  • 18.4HGurney to RJadeja

    FOUR! Hat-trick of boundaries and Chennai are roaring! Gurney switches to 'round the wicket but ends up serving a low full toss on the pads, Jadeja neatly deflects it wide of short fine leg for a boundary. 11 needed off 8 balls.
  • 18.3HGurney to RJadeja

    FOUR! Lucky boundary for Chennai! Gurney slants in a length ball on off, Jadeja winds up for a big heave across the line over the leg side but it takes the leading edge and flies over backward point for a boundary.
  • 18.2HGurney to RJadeja

    FOUR! Fabulous straight hit from Jadeja. He shimmies down the track to a length ball outside off and powers it over the bowler's head for a boundary. 19 needed off 10 balls.
  • 17.2SNarine to SRaina

    FOUR! Poor length from Narine and it's punished by Raina. He immediately rocks back to a short delivery and pummels it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Can he see Chennai through?
  • 16.6PKrishna to RJadeja

    Wide! Back of a length delivery down the leg side, Jadeja tries to help it around but misses.
  • 16.5PKrishna to RJadeja

    FOUR! Mid off is inside the circle and Jadeja goes straight. Receives a length ball in his half and has bludgeoned it past his partner at the other end for a cracking boundary.
  • 15.4SNarine to MSDhoni

    OUT! It's hitting leg and the impact is also in line. Dhoni will have to go and this is a massive moment in this match. Narine has hunted down the prized scalp. A well-disguised off spinner, pitching full on off and turning back in. Dhoni stretches forward to meet the ball but it spins back in to beat his bat and rap him on the pads. They appeal and the umpire raises his finger after thinking for a while. MS takes the DRS hesitantly but to no use. The crowd has found its voice back. 41 needed off 26 balls.
  • 14.4HGurney to SRaina

    FOUR! A great wrist work by Raina. Full on leg, this is poor thinking from Gurney as fine leg is inside the circle and he bowls this on leg. Raina well aware of the fielding position flicks it with ease towards the fine leg region for a boundary.
  • 13.3PChawla to SRaina

    SIX! Raina is looking very good now. Wears his skates this time to reach the pitch of the ball and launches it over the bowler's head for a biggie.

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