KXIP 173/4 (18.0ov)
CSK 170/5 (20.0ov)

Kings XI Punjab beat Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets

MOM: Lokesh Rahul

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  • Don't go anywhere as the battle for the fourth spot is still on. Kolkata are taking on Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium and a win will hand them the ticket to the playoffs. Hyderabad will be closely watching this game too. Switch to the concerned tab and follow all the updates. Cheers!
  • That's all we have from this game. Chennai got outplayed in their last league game while Punjab managed to end their season on a high. Plenty of positives for both sides to take forward.
  • KL Rahul is the obvious choice for the Man of the Match award. He starts by saying that he was holding himself back till the last game as his role was to bat out 20 overs. Adds that sometimes you have to alter your game and play according to the situation. Feels that his strike rate has dropped a bit but he succeeded in winning more games for his side this season.
  • Punjab skipper, Ravichandran Ashwin says that it wasn't easy for them but adds that they never got outplayed in any game this season, apart from Hyderabad. Further says that they lost the Powerplay battles this season. Mentions that they have not qualified but wants to build on the performance this season. States that the auction is where most battles are won. Thanks the coach for all the support and feels that they need to have a long term vision for the franchise.
  • Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni credits Gayle and Rahul for their knocks and praises Punjab's bowling as well. Admits that Chennai were not up to the mark in the Powerplay. Is happy that they managed to stretch the game to as long as possible. Mentions that they wanted to win the game but after the kind of start Punjab had, the 14.2 overs factor played in his mind. Lauds his bowlers for bowling the last 8-9 overs well.
  • Chasing a stiff target, Punjab got off to a rollicking start. KL Rahul batted like a train on fire and completed his fifty off just 19 balls. That set the tone for the chase and scared Chennai who were in danger of getting dropped to number two in the points table, had Punjab overhauled the target in 14.2 overs. Harbhajan Singh, who took a real hammering in his first spell of 2 overs, returned with a bang to pick three wickets and put brakes on the home team's charge. His spell meant that Chennai kept the top spot even though they lost the game by a handsome margin.
  • A convincing win for Punjab to end their season. They have avoided the wooden spoon and it has landed in the bag of Bangalore. This victory will please the home team as it has come against one of the top teams of the league. Earlier, powered by the century stand between du Plessis and Raina, Chennai posted 170 on the board. Faf missed out on his ton while the visiting team didn't get going in the death overs and fell around 15-20 runs short.
  • 17.6ITahir to SamCurran

    FOUR! All over, PUNJAB WIN BY 6 WICKETS with two overs remaining! Tahir serves it very full and on off, Curran goes hard at it and thwacks it down the ground for a boundary.
  • 17.5ITahir to MSingh

    Shortish and on middle, Mandeep hops back and punches it down to long on. Nothing fancy, they are doing it in singles.
  • 17.4ITahir to SamCurran

    Forces a full ball down the ground to long off for a single.
  • 17.3ITahir to SamCurran

    A flatter one on off, Curran should have been forward but then decides to defend it from the back foot.
  • 17.2ITahir to SamCurran

    Shortish and on off, Curran punches it off his back foot but finds covers.
  • 17.1ITahir to MSingh

    Flighted one, full and on off, Singh knocks it down to long off for one.
  • 16.6RJadeja to MSingh

    Flighted and full on off, Mandeep drives it through wide mid off for a single. 5 more needed.
  • 16.5RJadeja to SamCurran

    Short and outside off, cut through cover-point for one.
  • 16.4RJadeja to SamCurran

    Action replay of the previous delivery. Once again Sam has hit a short ball back in the direction of the bowler.
  • 16.3RJadeja to SamCurran

    Quicker one on off, punched back towards the bowler.
  • Sam Curran is in next.
  • 16.2RJadeja to NPooran

    OUT! Against the run of play, Jadeja has dismissed Pooran. He dishes out a flatter and shorter delivery outside off, Pooran camps back to play the square cut but it takes a thick outside edge and settles into the gloves of Dhoni. The keeper just tosses the ball up in celebration, Jadeja turns back to put in a formal appeal and then Pooran is seen walking back.
  • 16.1RJadeja to MSingh

    Flatter and shorter on middle, punched down to long on for a run.
  • Strategic break!
  • 15.6ITahir to NPooran

    Short outside off, cut by the left-hander towards short third man. Dot ball, a rare one. Punjab need 8 runs off 24 balls now at 2 runs per over!
  • 15.5ITahir to MSingh

    Punched back down the ground for a single by Mandeep.
  • 15.4ITahir to NPooran

    Flighted outside off, driven through mid off for a single by the southpaw.
  • 15.3ITahir to NPooran

    SIX! That has gone out of Mohali! A leg-spinner on middle, Pooran pulls it way into the stands over deep mid-wicket. This is striking of the best quality! 10 runs needed now.
  • 15.2ITahir to NPooran

    FOUR BYES! That has beaten everyone. Fired in really full on off, Pooran looks to drive but fails to put bat on ball. Dhoni misses the ball too and the ball goes to the rope for four byes.
  • 15.1ITahir to NPooran

    Pooran comes down the ground and looks to hit this one but gets an outside half towards short third man.
  • Imran Tahir comes back on now. 2-0-21-0 so far.
  • 14.6RJadeja to MSingh

    Flatter on middle, pulled away through square leg for a couple of runs by Mandeep. 13 runs off it. Just 20 needed now.
  • 14.5RJadeja to NPooran

    Cut away to deep point for a run.
  • 14.4RJadeja to NPooran

    FOUR! Bludgeoned down the ground! A flatter one on off, Pooran pulls this one and finds the long on boundary on a bounce. This is some hitting!
  • 14.3RJadeja to NPooran

    Pushed away towards short third man this time by the southpaw.
  • 14.2RJadeja to NPooran

    Wide outside off, Pooran looks to cut. He gets an under edge to the keeper. 14.2 done and the target not done! That means that Chennai will be in the top 2!
  • 14.1RJadeja to NPooran

    SIX! Humongous! A flatter one on middle and leg, Pooran lifts the ball clean as a whistle over wide long on. The fielders are mere spectators. Brilliant shot.
  • Ravindra Jadeja to bowl now.
  • 13.6DBravo to MSingh

    A low dipping full toss on middle, it's clipped down to wide long on for a couple of runs. The throw comes from the deep, Bravo tries to collect it and collides with Pooran. No harm done. 12 from the over, 33 needed off 36 balls.
  • 13.5DBravo to NPooran

    Another good looking drive from Pooran's bat, this time it has gone straight to the cover fielder for a run.
  • 13.4DBravo to NPooran

    FOUR! Crunched! Bravo goes full again, it's wide outside off, Nicholas reaches out for it with his long hands and thumps it through covers.
  • 13.3DBravo to NPooran

    Dropped by Vijay (sub)! Bravo delivers it full and outside off, Pooran drives it in the air towards point where Vijay puts down a sitter.
  • 13.2DBravo to NPooran

    Four running runs! Bravo pitches it up and outside off, Pooran drives it through extra cover and Jadeja chases it down from long off. He fires in the throw at the bowler's end, misses the target and it races towards the fence. Jadhav does well to pull it back but is holding his left shoulder. Not looking good, he is heading off the field. Four runs in total added to the total.
  • 13.1DBravo to MSingh

    A low full toss down the leg side, it's helped to fine leg for a run.
  • 12.7HSingh to NPooran

    SIX! That ends up deep in the stands. A flatter one on middle, Pooran rocks back and pulls this one. That ball keeps travelling. Ends up in the crowd somewhere. Harbhajan ends with figures of 4-0-57-3 but only 16 runs came off his last two overs along with all the wickets.
  • 12.6HSingh to NPooran

    Cut away but straight to the backward point fielder. Good timing on that ball.
  • 12.5HSingh to NPooran

    Wide! Bowled way outside off, wided.
  • 12.4HSingh to NPooran

    Flighted outside off, driven to cover by Pooran.

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