CSK 109 (17.4ov)
MI 155/4 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 46 runs

MOM: Rohit Sharma

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  • MI
  • CSK
  • 17.4LMalinga to MSantner

    OUT! Game, set and match. Four-fer for Malinga and Chennai have been floored at home. A low full toss, Santner backs away and swings hard but cannot quite get underneath the ball. He ends up mistiming it to long on where Kieron Pollard completes the formalities. MUMBAI WIN BY 46 RUNS!
  • 17.3LMalinga to MSantner

    SIX! Cracking hit. A length ball, Santner swings it over wide long on. It is a flat hit!
  • 17.2LMalinga to HSingh

    OUT! Taken in the deep and number 9 goes down. A short ball, outside off, Harbhajan pulls it high in the air but has not much timing. Simple catch for Hardik Pandya at the wide long on fence.
  • 16.4JBumrah to DChahar

    OUT! Caught! Sensational take from Krunal Pandya. Chennai lose their 8th. A short ball, outside off, Chahar pulls it over mid-wicket. Krunal Pandya comes running in, keeps his eyes on the ball and dives full length to take the catch.
  • 16.3JBumrah to DChahar

    WIDE. Fires this down the leg side, Chahar cannot connect.
  • 15.6LMalinga to DBravo

    OUT! Caught and bowled! Bravo departs and with that, possibly the last hope of the table-toppers. It has been a barricade of slower balls in this over from Malinga. He finally outsmarts his ex-Mumbai mate. Landed outside off, Dwayne is early into his flick and gets a leading edge behind. Malinga runs back and takes a simple catch.
  • 15.3LMalinga to MSantner

    SIX! THRASH! A short ball, slower in pace again, Santner picks it in a trice and pulls it over mid-wicket! Still any hope? 60 needed from 27...
  • 14.3RChahar to DBravo

    FOUR! Finds the gap. Short and outside off, Bravo pulls it wide of the man at mid-wicket and gets the boundary.
  • 13.7HPandya to MSantner

    WIDE. Down the leg side, Mitchell misses his flick.
  • 13.4HPandya to DBravo

    FOUR! Nicely done. A short ball outside off, Bravo stands tall and carves this over short third man and backward point for a boundary!

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