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Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 46 runs
Rohit Sharma

17.4Malinga to Santner

OUT! Game, set and match. Four-fer for Malinga and Chennai have been floored at home. A low full toss, Santner backs away and swings hard but cannot quite get underneath the ball. He ends up mistiming it to long on where Kieron Pollard completes the formalities. MUMBAI WIN BY 46 RUNS!

17.3Malinga to Santner

SIX! Cracking hit. A length ball, Santner swings it over wide long on. It is a flat hit!

17.2Malinga to Singh

OUT! Taken in the deep and number 9 goes down. A short ball, outside off, Harbhajan pulls it high in the air but has not much timing. Simple catch for Hardik Pandya at the wide long on fence.

17.1Malinga to Singh

Full and outside off, driven back to the bowler.

16.7Bumrah to Santner

Full and outside off, almost a yorker, Mitchell swings but misses.

16.6Bumrah to Singh

Around middle and off, worked through mid-wicket for a run.

16.5Bumrah to Santner

A short ball, around off, Santner drags it towards wide long on for a single.

16.4Bumrah to Chahar

OUT! Caught! Sensational take from Krunal Pandya. Chennai lose their 8th. A short ball, outside off, Chahar pulls it over mid-wicket. Krunal Pandya comes running in, keeps his eyes on the ball and dives full length to take the catch.

16.3Bumrah to Chahar

WIDE. Fires this down the leg side, Chahar cannot connect.

16.2Bumrah to Chahar

Around off, defended solidly back to the bowler.

16.1Bumrah to Santner

Around middle and leg, worked through mid-wicket for a single. 100 UP FOR CHENNAI.

15.6Malinga to Bravo

OUT! Caught and bowled! Bravo departs and with that, possibly the last hope of the table-toppers. It has been a barricade of slower balls in this over from Malinga. He finally outsmarts his ex-Mumbai mate. Landed outside off, Dwayne is early into his flick and gets a leading edge behind. Malinga runs back and takes a simple catch.

15.5Malinga to Bravo

Down the leg side, helped through mid-wicket for a couple.

15.4Malinga to Santner

IN THE AIR... JUST OVER! The slower ball almost does the trick for Malinga. Outside off, fuller in length, MS is early into his push and ends up chipping it over the bowler. Malinga leaps and goes for the catch with his right hand but misses. A run taken.

15.3Malinga to Santner

SIX! THRASH! A short ball, slower in pace again, Santner picks it in a trice and pulls it over mid-wicket! Still any hope? 60 needed from 27...

15.2Malinga to Bravo

A short ball, barely comes, Bravo is early into his pull and ends up dragging it through mid-wicket. A run taken.

15.1Malinga to Santner

Outside off, punched through the covers for a single. There is a shy at the bowler's end and Santner dives in. The throw misses the stumps and direct hit could have been interesting.

14.6Chahar to Santner

A low full toss, around off, Mitchell swipes it towards mid-wicket where Rohit Sharma dives to his right and makes a half-stop. A single taken.

14.5Chahar to Santner

Short and outside off, pulled straight to short mid-wicket.

14.4Chahar to Bravo

Around middle, worked through mid-wicket for one.

14.3Chahar to Bravo

FOUR! Finds the gap. Short and outside off, Bravo pulls it wide of the man at mid-wicket and gets the boundary.

14.2Chahar to Santner

A short ball outside off, Santner pulls it away for a run.

14.1Chahar to Bravo

Landed outside off, pushed towards point for a quick single.

13.8Pandya to Santner

Bouncer! The batsman ducks in time to let that one go over him.

13.7Pandya to Santner

WIDE. Down the leg side, Mitchell misses his flick.

13.6Pandya to Bravo

The batsman works it down the leg side. One run added to the total.

13.5Pandya to Bravo

On middle, flicked towards mid-wicket.

13.4Pandya to Bravo

FOUR! Nicely done. A short ball outside off, Bravo stands tall and carves this over short third man and backward point for a boundary!

13.3Pandya to Santner

NO BALL! Hardik has overstepped. A length ball outside off, skids on, Santner looks to pull but mistimes it towards long on. A run taken.

13.2Pandya to Bravo

Full and around off, flicked towards wide long on for a run.

13.1Pandya to Santner

Outside off, Santner looks to push it through the off side but gets a thick outside edge which goes down to third man. A single taken.

12.6Roy to Santner

Around off, pushed down to long on for another single.

12.5Roy to Santner

Punched off the back foot by the batsman.

12.4Roy to Bravo

Full and around off, worked through mid-wicket for one.

12.3Roy to Santner

Outside off, punched down to long off for a run.

12.2Roy to Santner

The batsman works it down the leg side.

12.1Roy to Bravo

A short ball, pulled through mid-wicket for a single.

11.6Bumrah to Santner

Outside off, Santner pushes at it but gets an outside edge. The ball falls short of Quinton de Kock who dives to his left and makes a good stop.

11.5Bumrah to Santner

Full and around off, watchfully defended.

11.4Bumrah to Vijay

OUT! The ball has carried. Catching practice. Wow. Wickets are falling like ninepins. Fractionally short in length outside off, Vijay cuts that away and cannot keep it down. The ball dips on its way to Suryakumar Yadav at point but he dives to his right and takes a splendid catch. He immediately celebrates but Vijay is not sure. Bravo, his partner, immediately shakes his head. The umpires confer and then give the soft signal as out. Replays take a long while and eventually, everyone feels that the ball has carried. Vijay has to depart and Chennai sink further...

11.3Bumrah to Bravo

A back of a length delivery on off, Bravo guides it towards the third man region for a single.

11.2Bumrah to Bravo

Bumrah bowls this short of a length. Bravo defends it from his back foot.

11.1Bumrah to Vijay

An in-swinging delivery on off, Vijay looks for a flick but fails to connect. The ball hits his thigh pad. An appeal from the bowler denied by the umpire. A leg bye taken.

10.6Chahar to Vijay

Short and outside off, Vijay goes back to punch but gets a bottom edge past the bowler to long off. A single taken.

10.5Chahar to Vijay

SAFE. Flighted outside off, Vijay looks to defend but the ball spins away and beats him in flight. De Kock quickly collects and whips the bails off and appeals. Replays show that even before Vijay's foot was out of the crease, de Kock had whipped the bails off. A bit too quick.