MI 132/4 (18.3ov)
CSK 131/4 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets

MOM: Suryakumar Yadav

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  • CSK
  • MI
  • 18.2DChahar to SYadav

    FOUR! Cleverly done! SKY is a master of this shot. He just loves playing fancy shots behind the wickets. Back of a length ball angling into him, Yadav gets across the stumps and spoons it over the keeper for a boundary.
  • 15.4ITahir to HPandya

    FOUR! Exceptionally played! Floated delivery, landing full around leg, Pandya doesn't go hard at it and plays a controlled paddle sweep fine down the leg side for a boundary.
  • 14.1RJadeja to SYadav

    DROPPED! Almost a team hat-trick for Chennai! Jadeja delivers a flatter delivery on off, Yadav leans forward to defend but it takes the outside edge and hurries behind to first slip. Watson sticks his left hand out but it brushes his fingers and speeds behind for a FOUR!
  • 13.7ITahir to KrunalPandya

    OUT! It is a clean catch and Tahir indeed has two in two. A full ball outside off, Krunal looked to hit it back but while doing so, the bat hit the ground and the ball lobbed off the bottom of the bat back to the bowler. Tahir collected and ran towards the umpire in an appeal who chatted with his colleague and then signalled towards the third umpire. Replays confirm that Krunal can continue walking as he had already started his trot once the umpires referred it upstairs...
  • 13.6ITahir to IKishan

    OUT! Bowled 'em! A wicket against the run of play and Tahir is up and running in celebration. A skidder from Tahir at 95.6 kph, Kishan walks down the track and tries to pull it after that but it goes right through him and pegs the off stump back. The 80-run stand has been broken but that has put Mumbai in the driver's seat. Only 31 more needed off 37 balls.
  • 13.3ITahir to SYadav

    FOUR! 7th League fifty for Suryakumar Yadav. Floated leg spinner outside off, Yadav strides forward and then opens the face of the bat late to play it wide of backward point. A boundary results and Yadav reaches his half century. Well batted young man.
  • 13.1ITahir to IKishan

    Four wides! Tahir starts by bowling it down the leg side, the batsman fails to get any bat on it and Dhoni has no chance of collecting it. Harbhajan chases it from short fine leg and slides near the fence to pull it back. The poor man then gets up, picks the ball and returns the throw as no one ran behind him to assist. Hmm... The batsmen take three.
  • 12.6RJadeja to SYadav

    FOUR! Smartly played! Quicker and flatter one, a touch shorter too, SKY stays back and plays it really late to get it away from first slip. Nice timing and it screams away to the fence at third man. 40 more needed.
  • 12.2RJadeja to IKishan

    Jumps out of the crease to play the flick shot again but once more misses. Lucky to get hit on the pads, otherwise he would have been stumped.
  • 10.4ITahir to SYadav

    FOUR! Wow, every batsman is mastering this shot now where you swing the bat more like a helicopter. Tahir is very full with his length and it's right in the half for the batsman yet again. SKY shows his skill and bludgeons it through wide mid on. Vijay tries his best by running across to his right from long on, slides but the ball goes past him.

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