MI 149/8 (20.0ov)
CSK 148/7 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run

MOM: Jasprit Bumrah

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  • MI
  • CSK
  • 19.6LMalinga to SThakur

    OUT! MUMBAI ARE THE CHAMPIONS FOR THE FOURTH TIME! Malinga holds his composure. He delivers a slower full length ball on middle and leg, Thakur is deceived there as he is early into his shot. Misses the ball completely and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the umpire has his finger up almost instantly. Start the celebration, Mumbai. Rohit Sharma is running in joy. The Mumbai dugout has gone mad. The crowd is jumping up and down. Off go the fireworks. What an atmosphere! What a match, truly worthy of a grand finale!
  • 19.4LMalinga to SWatson

    OUT! Watson is run out! What a big moment in this match! A very full length delivery outside off, Shane squeezes it out through backward point and crosses for a run. Plenty of hesitation over the second run and Watson eventually decides to go for it. The throw comes to the keeper who collects it and deflects it onto the stumps as the Aussie dives in. It's referred upstairs and the replays find Watson well short. Fantastic knock by him but he has left his team in a spot. 4 needed off 2 balls.
  • 18.6JBumrah to RJadeja

    Four byes! What a point in the match to err! Bumrah dishes out a sharp delivery again, it's short and outside off, Jadeja swishes and misses. De Kock tries to collect but it goes right through his gloves and reaches the fence behind.
  • 18.2JBumrah to DBravo

    OUT! Bravo is caught behind! This match is not over yet. Going right down to the wire. Bumrah bowls it with a lot of fire and intensity. Digs in a short ball on middle at 148.5 kph, Bravo moves back to play a big pull shot but edges it behind. Third dismissal in the match for de Kock. 17 needed off 10 balls.
  • 17.4KPandya to SWatson

    SIX! Out of here! Hat-trick of sixers! Watson, you ageless beauty! Loopy delivery, full and around leg, Shane clears his front leg, goes down on one knee and smokes it over mid-wicket.
  • 17.3KPandya to SWatson

    SIX! Watson goes straight and clears the rope yet again! Flatter delivery, a touch short and on middle, Shane goes on the back foot and bludgeons it over the bowler's head. 25 needed off 15 balls!
  • 17.2KPandya to SWatson

    SIX! Watson has sent it rocketing over covers. Clean hit. Clean as a whistle! Floated one, full and wide outside off, Watson unleashes onto the room on offer and dispatches it into the stand.
  • 16.5JBumrah to SWatson

    Extra for Chennai! Bumrah digs in a shortish ball, Watson tries hooking but once again fails to connect. De Kock fails to collect it with a jump to his left and they steal a bye.
  • 15.5LMalinga to SWatson

    FOUR! Watson has launched himself here. 19 from the over, so far. Malinga once again fails to find the blockhole and ends up delivering a juicy half-volley outside off. Watson latches onto it and spanks it to the deep cover fence.
  • 15.4LMalinga to SWatson

    FOUR! Another streaky boundary to bring up Chennai's 100 and Watson's fifty! Malinga offers width outside off, Shane throws his bat at it and ends up slicing it off the outside edge behind backward point. No chance for the fielder in the deep.

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