CSK 71/3 (17.4ov)
RCB 70 (17.1ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 7 wickets

MOM: Harbhajan Singh

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  • RCB
  • CSK
  • 17.2SDubey to RJadeja

    Wide! The scores are level now. Dubey comes from around the wicket and angles it down the leg side, the umpire raises his arms and signals wide.
  • 15.5UYadav to RJadeja

    Wide! Way down the leg side from Umesh Yadav. The umpire has wided this one.
  • 14.2MSiraj to ARayudu

    OUT! What has happened there? The stumps are in disarray! Rayudu was coming down the track and Siraj spots it early. He bowls it short and aims it at the body of the batsman. Rayudu is cramped for room and looks to pull it away still but the ball goes off the inside edge and onto the stumps. Too late in the game for Bangalore though.
  • 13.2NSaini to KJadhav

    Wide! Sprays this one down the leg side. The umpire spreads his hands wide.
  • 11.5NSaini to ARayudu

    FOUR! Lovely shot that. Short of a good length delivery on off, Rayudu plays a cover drive with precision. It goes through the gap between covers and extra cover. The ball touches the ropes. Ambati plays it with great technique, a great foot work and perfect placement.
  • 10.6UYadav to KJadhav

    FOUR! Crisp! A back of a length delivery on off, Jadhav pulls it upshily and a one bounce four at the vacant mid-wicket region. The bat made a crisp sound on that. Perfect timing by Kedar on this.
  • 9.2MAli to SRaina

    OUT! Moeen has the last laugh. Tossed up delivery on middle, Raina charges down the track and looks to clear the fielder at long on. He does not time it well enough as he doesn't get the desired elevation and it goes straight to Shivam Dubey positioned there. He takes it just inside the rope.
  • 9.1MAli to SRaina

    FOUR! Beautiful shot! No power, just pure timing and placement. Moeen bowls this at 91 clicks, Raina waits for it and then punches it through covers for a boundary.
  • 7.3MAli to SRaina

    FOUR! Two in two. This time Raina stays in his crease. Tossed up on off, Raina gets on one knee and sweeps it between mid-wicket and long on for another boundary.
  • 7.2MAli to SRaina

    FOUR! Raina takes the charge here. Flighted delivery on middle and off, Raina comes down the track and lofts it over mid on. The ball crosses the rope after a bounce.

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