CSK 71/3 (17.4ov)
RCB 70 (17.1ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 7 wickets

MOM: Harbhajan Singh

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  • So that is it from this game. The opening night in Chennai did not exactly turn out what it was hyped up to be. Chennai strolled to a victory in a very low-scoring game. A strong start for the reigning champions but a sorry one for Bangalore. Virat Kohli and his men will have to go back and come stronger next time. The Indian T20 League will see a double-header on Sunday. The first game will be Kolkata hosting Hyderabad at the Eden Gardens. It will begin at 1600 local (1030 GMT). And the second one will take place between Mumbai and Delhi at the Wankhede Stadium at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Join us for all the action. Till then, take care and cheers. Goodbye!
  • Harbhajan Singh is the Man of the Match. Laughs and says that it was a learning experience to transform from a commentator a few months back to a player come this tournament. He dedicates the award to his family. Mentions that there could not have been a better start to the league and also informs us that the coach told him he would be playing in this game due to the opposition having plenty of left-handers and bowling in the Powerplay. He looks forward to contribute further in the coming matches. Feels overjoyed on the fact that he could pick the wickets of both AB de Villiers as well as Virat Kohli. Signs off with a smile on his face and thanks Sanjay Manjrekar for his tips during their time spent in the comm box.
  • MS Dhoni, the winning Chennai skipper, says he was not really sure about the wicket. Informs us that they did play a practice game on the same pitch but there was not so much turn back then. He felt that the wicket was completely different to what anyone would have imagined. He mentions that he would like the wicket to improve and be a little high-scoring. On the spot of Harbhajan Singh, he says that the team members are well-informed prior to the games and that the shuffle of certain spots may or may not change according to the sides they play. When asked about whether he is happy to play 7 games on this kind of a wicket, MS does not hold back and says that he would like their batsmen to make runs as well, also mentioning that the pitch needs to improve because going ahead, it could be a problem for them in the games where they might have to defend with dew playing a part.
  • Ambati Rayudu is called for a chat. He says that the wicket was a tough one to bat on but states that it would have been hard had Bangalore added 40-50 runs more. Felt like he was batting on a Day 4 wicket. Mentions that they have to start afresh in the new season and not think about the previous year where they were champions.
  • Virat Kohli, the Bangalore skipper, says no one wants to start like this but mentions that he is glad it is out of the way early on in the tournament. Is happy that the side took it till the 18th over in the bowling innings despite the low total and the poor effort by the batsmen. He informs us that no one expected this kind of wicket and they were deceived by the look on the surface. Expected it to be a 140-odd surface. Has some praise for Navdeep Saini who is a promising youngster. Reckons that the important factor in such a long league is the attitude of the players and the team which will help them going ahead.
  • Just one of the those days for the visiting side. Nothing went its way, not even the coin toss. Bangalore had a scrappy start with the bat, losing wickets early and at regular intervals, with all but Parthiv Patel getting into double figures. When they came out to bowl, they needed a miracle. Yuzvendra Chahal bowled amazingly well, finishing with 1/6 in his 4 overs, but the tourists needed a lot more. They'd like to put this behind them quickly and move on to the next one.
  • The win eventually came for Chennai, even if it took longer than expected. Might not be the best Indian T20 League opener in the competition's history, but the defending champs wouldn't be complaining. They got maximum points and start the new campaign with a victory. They first got the job done with the ball, with the spin trio of Harbhajan, Tahir and Jadeja steamrolling the Bangalore batting line-up, bowling them out for just 70. And then, the hosts cruised along across the finish line without any trouble. There was never any scoreboard pressure, all too easy for them.
  • 17.5SDubey to RJadeja

    And there it is... CHENNAI WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Rather comfortably in the end. Jadeja gets on top of this one and helps it through the vacant square leg area for a single.
  • 17.4SDubey to RJadeja

    Just behind a length, angling in from outside off, the left-hander goes for another pull but gets an inside edge onto his body.
  • 17.3SDubey to RJadeja

    Slower length delivery outside the line of off stump, Jadeja is early into the pull and misses the pull shot altogether.
  • 17.2SDubey to RJadeja

    Wide! The scores are level now. Dubey comes from around the wicket and angles it down the leg side, the umpire raises his arms and signals wide.
  • 17.1SDubey to KJadhav

    Length ball on off stump, Jadhav moves a step across and turns it square on the leg side for a single.
  • Shivam Dubey on to bowl now.
  • 16.6MSiraj to RJadeja

    A maiden! On a length on middle and leg, Jadeja pushes it towards mid-wicket for a dot ball.
  • 16.5MSiraj to RJadeja

    The batsman has pushed it to the cover region.
  • 16.4MSiraj to RJadeja

    Some confusion but all's well in the end. A fuller length ball on the leg stump, pushed back towards the bowler. Siraj fails to stop the ball completely and Jadeja looks for a single but Jadhav was ball watching there. Jaddu runs back in time.
  • 16.3MSiraj to RJadeja

    Pushed towards point by RJ. No run.
  • 16.2MSiraj to RJadeja

    On a length outside off, Jadeja pushes it to the left of point where Hetmyer makes a diving stop. Good fielding effort despite there being nothing much left in the game.
  • 16.1MSiraj to RJadeja

    Slower bouncer on middle, Jadeja sways out of the way and lets the ball go.
  • Strategic break - The Chennai batsmen are in no hurry and doing this comfortably. Just another 3 runs required for them to get on the points table. Has been a dismal night for Bangalore and continues to be so.
  • 15.7UYadav to KJadhav

    Short of a length outside off, Jadhav mistimes the ball towards point.
  • 15.6UYadav to RJadeja

    On a short length and aimed at the head of the batsman, Jadeja fends it off uncomfortably and manages to get the ball to go to third man for a run.
  • 15.5UYadav to RJadeja

    Wide! Way down the leg side from Umesh Yadav. The umpire has wided this one.
  • 15.4UYadav to KJadhav

    Dabbed down to third man for a single by KJ.
  • 15.3UYadav to RJadeja

    Jadeja runs down the track and looks to hit it over cover. The ball goes off the outside edge and in the air, but no fielder there means the ball will run safely down to third man. A run is taken.
  • 15.2UYadav to RJadeja

    Pushed towards mid-wicket by Jadeja and the batsmen decide very late that they do not want a single. Could have been a run out had they run through. Kohli the fielder was quick to get to the ball.
  • 15.1UYadav to KJadhav

    On a length and on the pads, flicked away to deep square leg for a single.
  • Umesh Yadav is back on.
  • 14.6MSiraj to KJadhav

    Jadhav pushes the length ball on the off stump for a single through the cover region. He keeps strike for the next over.
  • 14.5MSiraj to RJadeja

    Inside edge! But safe. A length ball on top of off stump, Jadeja looks to defend it but gets an inside edge on the ball as it runs fine on the leg side. A run is taken.
  • 14.4MSiraj to RJadeja

    Punched through the cover region by Jadeja for a couple of runs.
  • 14.3MSiraj to RJadeja

    Slower ball bouncer outside off, Jadeja looks flummoxed by that as he leaves it alone.
  • Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in.
  • 14.2MSiraj to ARayudu

    OUT! What has happened there? The stumps are in disarray! Rayudu was coming down the track and Siraj spots it early. He bowls it short and aims it at the body of the batsman. Rayudu is cramped for room and looks to pull it away still but the ball goes off the inside edge and onto the stumps. Too late in the game for Bangalore though.
  • 14.1MSiraj to KJadhav

    Worked away off a length to third man for a single by Jadhav.
  • Mohammed Siraj is back on.
  • 13.7NSaini to ARayudu

    Good sound off the bat but the ball goes straight to the fielder. A short length ball outside off, hit hard by Rayudu coming down the track.
  • 13.6NSaini to ARayudu

    Another pull through the same region. Another couple results.
  • 13.5NSaini to ARayudu

    Short of a length, Rayudu pulls it away for a couple of runs through mid-wicket.
  • 13.4NSaini to KJadhav

    On the pads, worked away to deep square leg for a single by KJ.
  • 13.3NSaini to KJadhav

    Left alone! In a T20! Such is the state of the game. A length ball outside off, Jadhav leaves in perfect Test match fashion.
  • 13.2NSaini to KJadhav

    Wide! Sprays this one down the leg side. The umpire spreads his hands wide.
  • 13.1NSaini to KJadhav

    Length ball outside off, defended back to the bowler by Rayudu off the back foot.
  • 12.6YChahal to ARayudu

    A loopy delivery outside off, Rayudu lets this one go. Chahal ends with the figures 4-1-6-1.
  • 12.5YChahal to ARayudu

    A nice air on this one. Full on leg, defended with ease.

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