RCB 161/7 (20.0ov)
CSK 160/8 (20.0ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run

MOM: Parthiv Patel

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  • Time to take a breather. For everyone. Bangalore win this close encounter and keep themselves alive in the tournament. Chennai won't mind it much, but they know they have improvements to make, especially in the batting department. Moving on, Indian T20 League action continues as on Monday, Rajasthan host Delhi at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Do join in for that one. See you for that, folks!
  • Man of the Match, Parthiv Patel, says he feels great about his performance. Mentions that he realized the wicket was a bit sticky, so decided to be a little cautious after playing some shots freely early on. States that he picked which bowlers he could go after and which he should be a little wary of. On the last-ball fiasco, he says that he knew the situation could happen any time, so he was ready for it since the start of the over. Ends by saying that the team is working hard and always trying to improve.
  • Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli, says he's feeling a varied range of emotions right now. States that the way they started with the ball was outstanding so is pleased with that. Adds that he never expected what happened on the last ball to happen and is relieved when he says that they finally got on the right side of a close encounter. Reckons that they were in control for the most part of the innings but MS Dhoni took it deep and did what he usually does. Stresses that while batting, Marcus Stoinis' wicket was the turning point as they fell a few runs shorter than they wanted. On Moeen Ali being sent down the order, the skipper feels that in hindsight it seems something else could have been done, but since the Englishman has been striking the ball well, they decided he could come in late and provide a late flurry. On Navdeep Saini and Yuzvendra Chahal, Kohli says both showed composure, especially the former as it's his first season, and he's doing well for the team which is quite pleasing to see. Informs that there are a lot of things said, but if you don't have a lot of confidence it doesn't matter. Continues saying that he's just told his team to play with confidence and take ownership of their decisions. Ends by praising Umesh Yadav for coming back well on the last ball after being hammered for the other five deliveries.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal comes in for a little chat. He says that he wanted to bowl it on the stumps and not in the zone of the batsman. Credits the way Dhoni batted and they were hoping the Chennai captain misses the last ball. Mentions that he is enjoying his bowling, especially on this wicket. Ends by saying that he continuously looks to attack and take wickets.
  • Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni, says it was a good bowling performance from his bowlers. Further adds that the batting is where they faltered. States that they needed to calculate the run chase better, early wickets made the task tougher. Tells that they need to assess their problems and take calculated risks. Informs that it was difficult playing back of a length deliveries and it was not going to be easy for a new batsman and hence, he did not run in the second last over. Ends by saying that they have done well so far since their team has a lot of experience, they were never complacent but it is their batting which is letting them down.
  • Bangalore will breathe a huge sigh of relief that they somehow managed to win. What should have been a comfortable victory turning into an unfavourable nail-biter for them. the start was perfect, the middle overs weren't too shabby either, but 68 runs came in the final 5 overs, with 24 of them coming in the last one which was bowled by Umesh Yadav. Steyn, Chahal and Saini all bowled really well, picking wickets and keeping the run-flow quite tight as well. Another scare for the home side, but it will take the win all the same.
  • With how the chase began, you'd never have thought it'd go so close. Post Rayudu's dismissal, the thought would have been the same. Bangalore started off in the best fashion with Steyn getting rid of Watson and Raina in the very first over of the innings. The visitors were four down by the end of the Powerplay. Dhoni and Rayudu regained some momentum, before the latter departed against the run of play. Jadeja and then Bravo's dismissals made it seem hope was all but lost, but Dhoni, who scored a superb fifty, kept the fight going and with 26 required off the final over, almost got his team across the line.
  • Wow! Let us take a breather. The absolute scenes here. How many more of these close shaves can we take? I don't know about you guys, but that number isn't too big for me. Real heart-stopping stuff. Dhoni almost pulled off another one of his many miracles, but fell short right at the end. Perhaps those single he didn't take with Bravo came back to haunt him in the end? Possibly. But Dhoni is Dhoni, he has his own way of doing things.
  • 19.6UYadav to MSDhoni

    OUT! THAKUR IS JUST SHORT! Even the dive doesn't save him. BANGALORE WIN BY 1 RUN! Umesh bowls the slower one outside off, Dhoni looks to poke it on the off side but misses and seeing this, without any doubt to anyone, both batsmen take off. Parthiv collects the ball and has a shy at his end. Scores a direct hit and it's taken upstairs. Replays roll in and show Thakur is gone for all money.
  • Is that a run out? Are we in for a Super Over? Or is Thakur gone? All happening here at the Chinnaswamy. Over to the third umpire now...
  • 19.5UYadav to MSDhoni

    SIX! Another maximum! MS Dhoni is taking his side home. He accepts this juicy full toss and swings his bat hard across the line. it's a flat hit and the ball clears the mid-wicket rope. Insane hit. Just 2 needed off the final ball. What will happen here?
  • 19.4UYadav to MSDhoni

    Better. Goes for the attempted yorker, it's a low dipping full toss which Dhoni slogs to deep mid-wicket. Obviously, he runs hard and comes back for the second.
  • 19.3UYadav to MSDhoni

    SIX! 10 off 3 now. Oh wow! MS Dhoni, you beauty! Full delivery and right in the slot, Dhoni gets underneath the ball and hammers it over long off. Ab de Villiers at the rope leaps and tries to catch it, but it's just over him.
  • 19.2UYadav to MSDhoni

    SIX! That's huuuuuuggggeeeeee!!!!!! Are we in for another MS Dhoni special? Could it be? That's hit the roof. Shortish ball on middle, Dhoni absolutely nails the pull and sends it high and handsome over the mid-wicket boundary. Wow. 16 needed in 4 now.
  • 19.1UYadav to MSDhoni

    FOUR! Slower short ball on middle and off, Dhoni picks it up early. Rolls his wrists as he controls the pull behind square leg and beats the fielder in the deep to the fence.
  • Shardul Thakur walks out to bat! Also, it is Umesh Yadav who will bowl the last over. He has 25 runs to defend. Can he do it or is it going to be Dhoni who is going to be the hero?
  • 18.7NSaini to DBravo

    OUT! Edged and taken! Saini with a good over, ends it in the best possible manner. Back of a length in line of the stumps, with some extra bounce, Bravo backs away to swing across the line but gets an edge behind. Parthiv Patel times his leap perfectly and takes it well above his head.
  • 18.6NSaini to MSDhoni

    Smashes it to long off again and takes the single on this occasion. Can Bravo find the boundary off the last ball?
  • 18.5NSaini to MSDhoni

    No run again. Strange. Dhoni drills this extremely full delivery to long off but doesn't take the run.
  • 18.4NSaini to MSDhoni

    Not much harm done. Full and on off stump, Dhoni clears his front leg and lofts it down the ground. Kohli from long on cuts it off by moving to his left and throws it in. The batsmen take two. Dhoni is back on strike.
  • 18.3NSaini to MSDhoni

    No ball and SIX! Well, obviously MSD knows more than us. It's a Free Hit too so this could be a big bonus for Chennai. Short ball outside off, Dhoni cuts it over the third man boundary. Saini overstepped. Let's see what happens here.
  • 18.2NSaini to MSDhoni

    On the shorter side of the length, Dhoni pulls it to wide long on. Doesn't take the run, surprisingly. It's not like Bravo can't hit 'em.
  • 18.1NSaini to MSDhoni

    Back of a length outside off, cut hard but straight to point.
  • 17.6DSteyn to DBravo

    Another couple. This is good running. Bravo whips this aerially through mid-wicket and comes back for the second. 13 runs off the over, a very good one for Chennai. 36 runs needed in the last 2 overs for Chennai to win this game.
  • 17.5DSteyn to MSDhoni

    Shortish delivery quite close to off, Dhoni wrists it to mid-wicket. Runs the first one hard, wants the second too but he slips at the non-striker's end. So they settle for just the one.
  • 17.4DSteyn to MSDhoni

    SIX! Fifty for MS Dhoni, his 23rd in the Indian T20 League. Gets there in style too. This back of a length ball just sits up for him, MSD camps back and muscles the heave over wide long on for half a dozen.
  • 17.3DSteyn to DBravo

    Short of a good length cutting back into the body, Bravo moves inside the line and works it from the inner half towards short fine leg. Just a single this time.
  • 17.2DSteyn to DBravo

    Keeps it on the fuller side, just outside off, Bravo stands tall and offers a firm punch through the covers. The batsmen come back for the second.
  • 17.1DSteyn to MSDhoni

    Fuller length delivery with some shape away from the batsman, MSD pushes it through covers and gets to the other end.
  • Dale Steyn returns to the attack.
  • 16.6NSaini to MSDhoni

    Good length delivery on off, it's hit down to long off for one run.
  • 16.5NSaini to MSDhoni

    EDGED and FOUR! Runs Dhoni and Chennai won't mind at all. Back of a length with some room on offer outside off, Dhoni cuts and it goes off the outer half through the vacant slip cordon for a boundary.
  • Dwayne Bravo walks out to bat!
  • 16.4NSaini to MSDhoni

    OUT! RUN OUT! Huge mix-up in the middle and Jadeja pays the price for it. Wicket at the wrong time for Chennai. Dhoni looks to pull this away but mistimes it in front of mid-wicket. Both batsmen take off, there's some hesitation, Jadeja continues on, and when he gets to the halfway mark, Dhoni turns around and leaves him stranded. Saini collects the ball and then has all the time in the world to go to the stumps at his end and take the bails off.
  • 16.3NSaini to RJadeja

    Good length delivery angling across, the left-hander smacks it towards wide mid off. The batsmen pinch a quick single.
  • 16.2NSaini to RJadeja

    Fine effort from Pawan Negi, after the initial fumble. Jadeja pulls this short ball aerially in front of square leg. Negi out in the deep moves to his right, gets low, it slips from his palms but he makes a good recovery. The batsmen take two.
  • 16.1NSaini to RJadeja

    And he starts off with a dot ball. Length ball on middle and leg, Jadeja works it straight to the man at mid-wicket.
  • Navdeep Saini back on to bowl.
  • 15.6YChahal to MSDhoni

    SIX! Goes straight back! Tossed right up there, on middle stump, Dhoni takes a step out of his crease and smokes it back over the bowler's head for a biggie. Chennai need 57 runs to win in 24 balls.
  • 15.5YChahal to MSDhoni

    Drifting in on middle and leg, Dhoni works it off his pads square on the leg side. Big gap out there, he places it with just enough power to place it right in between the fielders in the circle and in the deep. Gets two easily.
  • 15.4YChahal to RJadeja

    A lot of flight on this, outside off, it's dragged down to long on as the batsmen cross over comfortably.
  • 15.3YChahal to RJadeja

    The googly, which Chahal throws wide outside off, Jadeja reaches out to it as he slaps it to sweeper cover. The batsmen collect a brace.
  • 15.2YChahal to MSDhoni

    Quicker through the air, sliding in on middle and leg, Dhoni backs away and whips it through mid-wicket for another run.
  • 15.1YChahal to RJadeja

    Quick, flat and short outside off, Jadeja rocks onto the back foot and slaps the punch to long off for a run.
  • 14.7MStoinis to RJadeja

    Back of a length delivery outside off, Jadeja stays back and taps it down to point for one. 70 needed off 30 balls.

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