CSK 175/5 (20.0ov)
RR 167/8 (20.0ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Rajasthan Royals by 8 runs

MOM: MS Dhoni

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  • CSK
  • RR
  • 19.5DBravo to SGopal

    OUT! Tahir settles under the ball, takes it and starts running! This game is all but over! A length ball on off, slower in pace. Gopal goes for the swing over mid-wicket but fails to hit it well. The ball flies off the leading edge and goes towards third man where Tahir is there and takes a good catch.
  • 19.3DBravo to SGopal

    Slower bouncer on middle, Gopal is past his shot even before the ball arrives. He misses it and gets hit on the shoulder. The batsmen steal a leg bye as the ball runs towards short third man.
  • 19.1DBravo to BenStokes

    OUT! Is that the game? Is that the game? Bravo, the man for all seasons does it yet again! A fuller length ball outside off, almost yorker length. Stokes goes deep in the crease, tries to lift it over cover. He does not get the elevation though and the ball goes straight to Raina who pouches it safely. The Chennai crowd has come alive once again!
  • 18.4SThakur to BenStokes

    SIX! One-handed sixer and the Chennai crowd has its hands on its heads. A length ball at the body of Stokes. He goes deep in the crease and lifts it over deep square leg for a maximum. Ben's right hand came off the bat during the shot and that is what makes it even more special. 15 off 8 now.
  • 18.1SThakur to BenStokes

    A good ball from Thakur to start the over! On the pads from around the wicket, Stokes comes down the ground and looks to lift it over long on but fails to put bat on ball. It goes off the pad towards the off side and a leg bye is stolen.
  • 17.5DBravo to JArcher

    SIX! That is into the stands! The Archer show is starting to trouble the Chennai crowd here. A fuller length ball on middle, lifted by Jofra way back into the long on stands. 92 meters!
  • 17.2DBravo to BenStokes

    FOUR! That is smart stuff from big, burly Ben. A length ball from around the wicket, Stokes gets inside the line and paddles it over fine leg for a boundary. 10 runs off the first two balls.
  • 17.1DBravo to BenStokes

    SIX! That is the brute power of Stokes. A length ball outside off, Stokes stands tall and gets it over the rope at wide long off. That is the perfect start for Rajasthan to this over.
  • 16.6SThakur to JArcher

    SIX! That is a beautiful strike! A length ball on middle, Jofra Archer lifts it over long on to spoil what was a good over from Thakur until that point. 44 off 18 is the equation now.
  • 16.2SThakur to JArcher

    FOUR! That is some kind of a start for Archer. A length ball wide outside off, cut away wide of point and to the right of third man for a boundary.

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