SRH 137/4 (16.5ov)
CSK 132/5 (20.0ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets

MOM: David Warner

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  • CSK
  • SRH
  • 16.5KSharma to JBairstow

    SIX! Bairstow does finish it off in style! This is fuller and on middle, he easily lofts it over the long on fence for a biggie. Customary handshakes taking place as HYDERABAD WIN BY 6 WICKETS!
  • 16.4KSharma to DHooda

    OUT! Hooda holes out! He tries to finish it off in style. He uses his feet and looks to go downtown. The ball turns a little, he ends up slicing it towards long off where Faf takes an easy catch.
  • 16.3KSharma to DHooda

    FOUR! 2 more needed now. Steps down the track and goes inside out over covers for a boundary.
  • 15.5SThakur to JBairstow

    Way too wide outside off, left alone. Wide signaled.
  • 15.2SThakur to JBairstow

    Another short ball but this has bounced way above the batsman's head. Wided.
  • 12.2ITahir to VShankar

    OUT! Imran Tahir strikes! One would wonder why was Raina looking to hold his one over back? Well, he gets him on, Tahir strikes but it maybe a little too late. The leg spinner on off, Shankar lunges and tries to defend but the slightest of turns, takes the outside edge and Billings takes a good catch behind.
  • 10.4KSharma to JBairstow

    SIX! Into the 40s is Bairstow. This is tossed up nicely but it is a little too full. JB slog sweeps it over the wide long on fence. Second maximum in the over.
  • 10.2KSharma to JBairstow

    SIX! A flat one! Short and on middle, Bairstow goes onto the back foot quickly and then nails the pull. It flies over the mid-wicket fence.
  • 9.3RJadeja to JBairstow

    FOUR! Excellent use of the feet! Steps down the track, also makes room and then smashes it over the bowler's head for a boundary.
  • 6.6ITahir to KWilliamson

    OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! One brings two and that is exactly the case for the visitors here. Tahir gets his first. A soft, soft dismissal. This is slightly shorter and on off, the ball sticks into the surface. Williamson looks to work it around the corner but then looks to check his shot. The ball hits the bottom half and then lobs towards the bowler who takes it. Chennai have a sniff here, they are into the fragile middle order of Hyderabad.

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