KKR 178/7 (20.0ov)
DC 180/3 (18.5ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 7 wickets

MOM: Shikhar Dhawan

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  • That ends Friday's adventure. Over to Super Saturday now, where Mumbai host Rajasthan at the Wankhede at 4 pm local (1030 GMT), followed by the Punjab-Bangalore clash in Mohali at 8 pm local (1430 GMT). Do join us then for the weekend bash. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • SHIKHAR DHAWAN HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS UNBEATEN 97. Admits that the 100 was on the back of his mind but a victory is more important and hence, he did not look to go big. Adds that he was happy to work it around and stay till the end. On the pitch, Shikhar says that the track here is very different than the one in Delhi and it is a lovely wicket which supports both, the bowler and the batsman. Further says that the wicket is Delhi is more challenging and you need to adapt quickly. Says that he is enjoying his game. Also says that after the fall of two quick wickets, they were looking to build a partnership and they did so. Says that Rishabh Pant is very well capable of hitting it out of the park and he too was hitting boundaries on regular basis, which made things easier.
  • Victorious Delhi captain, Shreyas Iyer, says it is an amazing feeling, winning 4 out of 7 games, which is very rare since the time he has been playing. Adds that it was difficult to select the team but then Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly sat down together and decided to leave Sandeep Lamichhane out for Paul and it turned out to be a good move. Mentions that Dhawan loves to bat on such tracks and credits the way he played, appreciating him for batting till the end. Ends by saying someone from the top order needed to take the reponsibility and Dhawan did it.
  • Rishabh Pant comes over for a chat now. Says he tries to keep his head clear and play on the merit of the ball. Mentions he wanted to stay there till the end and complete the game as quickly as possible. States pacing the innings is very important while chasing something above 180. Further adds he does not focus on what the bowler is thinking and concentrates more on his strength. Ends by saying they were looking to take it deep and take their team over the line.
  • Kolkata skipper, Dinesh Karthik, says they were 15 runs short. Admits they did not bat as well as they should have. Adds that he expected his bowlers to put up a better fight. States Lynn and Narine were missed as they are an integral part of the team, but praises Gill for doing a very good job. Mentions it is hard on Joe Denly to get a game after a long time and get dismissed on the very first ball but expects him to come back stronger. Ends by saying they will try and come back stronger in the next game.
  • Just three bowlers took wickets. Prasidh Krishna, Andre Russell and the last, by Nitish Rana. No wickets for Ferguson, Kuldeep, Chawla or Brathwaite. Their spin department is struggling while the pace department has not been at its best either. This win takes Delhi to 4th spot in the points table, while Kolkata stay on second. Please stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Not the greatest outing for Kolkata with the ball. The focus has been so much on Andre Russell that all the other factors have been ignored. Ian Bishop on air mentioned that the home side have taken the least number of wickets this season. What about their batting? Where has it fired? Even in this game, it was more of Andre Russell's blitz that took them close to 180. Shubman Gill played a lone innings at the top.
  • Focussing away from the individual landmark, let us now move to the team performance. Delhi entered the Eden with 1 win in 8 outings against Kolkata. Finally they have doubled their wins. Well orchestrated, with Shikhar Dhawan batting till the end, with good support from Rishabh Pant. Delhi might have felt that they were in trouble having lost 2 inside the Powerplay but with Gabbar around, they were always comfortable. The 105-run stand for the third wicket sealed the game for the visitors.
  • Wow. Did not think this would happen. Everyone was waiting for a Dhawan century. But poor guy has been stranded on 97. 97 - would you believe that? But kudos to the team. Chased down 179 with 7 balls to spare. 7th successive run chase in this tournament.
  • 18.5PChawla to CIngram

    SIX! INGRAM FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE! No hundred for Dhawan. Ingram clears the front leg and then tonks the ball over the long on fence. All smiles though in the Delhi camp as THEY HAVE WON BY 7 WICKETS!
  • 18.4PChawla to SDhawan

    On the pads, this is worked around the corner for a run. Dhawan moves onto 97 and Delhi need 5.
  • 18.3PChawla to CIngram

    Now looks to go for the slog sweep but sees the line is not quite there for that shot. He sensibly hits it through covers for a single.
  • 18.2PChawla to CIngram

    FOUR! Edgy, that would do for Delhi! Runs needed in single digits now. This is slower and it is tossed up outside off. Ingram throws the kitchen sink at it but only manages an outside edge to the third man fence.
  • 18.1PChawla to SDhawan

    Needed a direct hit! The googly from Chawla, it pitches around off. Dhawan picks it and then guides it towards short third man. They go for a run. The fielder throws it to the keeper who fails to collect it.
  • Piyush Chawla to bowl. 2-0-22-0 so far.
  • 17.6NRana to CIngram

    A couple to finish! 12 in 12! Ingram dances down the track and hits it hard towards long off. The fielder there makes a good diving stop, can't stop two though. A good over though by Rana, he has given Kolkata some hope.
  • 17.5NRana to SDhawan

    Good running! Dhawan taps it to the right of the bowler and sets off for a single. They complete it.
  • Mind games... Dhawan lines up for a big hit but then Rana does not deliver at all.
  • 17.4NRana to CIngram

    A risky run but they complete it in the end! Ingram first looks to paddle but then seeing the line is outside off, he guides it towards point. The batsmen go for a single and complete it as the throw from the fielder is a week one.
  • 17.3NRana to CIngram

    Fires this on the stumps, Ingram punches it back to the bowler.
  • 17.2NRana to SDhawan

    Just a single as this is slapped through covers.
  • Colin Ingram walks in at number 5, replacing Pant. Surely can hang around with Dhawan to seal this through...
  • 17.1NRana to RPant

    OUT! PANT HOLES OUT! He has thrown it away! This was just needless. This though has been his problem throughout this edition, plays an excellent innings but does not finish off the game for his team. He walks down the track and looks to go for another one-handed biggie. This time he does not time it and it goes straight into the hands of the fielder at long on. Kuldeep Yadav makes no mistake. 17 needed in 17. Delhi can't surely lose it from here right or can they? We will have to wait and watch.
  • Nitish Rana is back on! Also, Russell is seen walking off the field.
  • 16.6ARussell to SDhawan

    A couple to edn! So 17 needed in the last 3 overs. Slightly short and outside off, Dhawan drives it square on the off side and takes two.
  • 16.5ARussell to SDhawan

    A good short ball outside off, Dhawan looks to upper cut it but misses.
  • 16.4ARussell to RPant

    Short and on the body, Pant pulls it to deep square leg for a single. Singles will do it now!
  • 16.3ARussell to RPant

    SIX! That is probably the blow which seals it for Delhi. The runs needed is below the balls to be bowled. The slower one and it has been picked. Pant lofts it over long on and it goes all the way. The 100-run stand is also up, they have taken Delhi to the brink of victory, they now need to take them to victory.
  • 16.2ARussell to RPant

    FOUR! Smashed! A half volley and it has been put away! Very full and outside off, Pant hits it through covers. Long off had no chance.
  • 16.1ARussell to SDhawan

    Slower one to begin with! Dhawan pushes it down to long off for a single.
  • Andre Russell returns. 2-0-15-1 so far.
  • 15.6KYadav to RPant

    A couple to end! Pant uses his feet again and with soft hands works it towards mid on for a brace. 10 from this over as well and now Delhi need 31 in 24.
  • 15.5KYadav to SDhawan

    Into the 90s now with this deft touch towards short third man for a single.
  • 15.4KYadav to SDhawan

    FOUR! The boundary that is needed in the over has come! Dhawan makes very good use of the feet and gets to the pitch of the ball. He smashes it to the long on fence.
  • 15.3KYadav to RPant

    Kuldeep changes the angle! Pant steps out. Kuldeep bowls it short and outside off, Pant can only slap it through cover for a run. Just three from the first three balls.
  • 15.2KYadav to SDhawan

    Well fielded! Dhawan plays the sweep towards short fine leg. Krishna there qui8ckly moves to his right, then slides and stops it. Can't stop the single.
  • 15.1KYadav to RPant

    Slower through the air on middle, Pant first looks to charge but then seeing the length, stays back and works it through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Kuldeep Yadav to bowl out. 3-0-18-0 so far.
  • 14.6PKrishna to SDhawan

    A couple to end another producitve over for the visitors. Dhawan slashes at this one which is wide outside off. Ferguson at sweeper cover runs to his right, slides and keeps it to two.
  • 14.5PKrishna to SDhawan

    Good delivery that! Bends his back on this one and bangs it short outside off. Dhawan looks to cut but misses as that one had extra bounce.
  • Pant is taking a long time to recover, it seems. So the umpires have called for the STRATEGIC BREAK. Delhi are cruising. But we will keep our lips sealed. And our fingers as well. We have seen this in the past that Delhi have cruised through, only to fumble towards the end. What's in store tonight?
  • Pant is down at the non-striker's end. He seems to be in pain. The physio is out.
  • 14.4PKrishna to RPant

    Ouch! This is angled into the batsman. Pant looks to flick but misses. Gets hit near the box. It rolls towards the off side and a leg bye is taken.
  • 14.3PKrishna to SDhawan

    Now follows the boundary up with a single down to long off.
  • 14.2PKrishna to SDhawan

    FOUR! Too easy for Dhawan! You bowl him there, he would do that everytime. A half volley and on off, Dhawan strokes it past mid off. Russell there dives but in vain. A boundary.

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