KXIP 166/9 (20.0ov)
DC 152 (19.2ov)

Kings XI Punjab beat Delhi Capitals by 14 runs

MOM: Sam Curran

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  • KXIP
  • DC
  • 19.2SamCurran to SLamichhane

    OUT! HAT-TRICK FOR SAM CURRAN! PUNJAB WIN BY 14 RUNS! What a turnaround in this match! Curran is screaming in joy. The Punjab players are running in celebration. Great scenes here in Mohali. Terrific to watch. Sam delivers a perfect delivery. It's very full and around off, Lamichhane tries to make space and drive it through the line but misses and the off stump goes cartwheeling.
  • 19.1SamCurran to KRabada

    OUT! 6 wickets for just 8 runs in a space of 16 balls - MEGA COLLAPSE! Curran steams in and spears a very full ball on middle and leg at 136.5 kph, Rabada tries to power it on the leg side but it goes under his bat and uproots the leg stump. The young English boy is absolutely delighted.
  • 18.5MShami to AKhan

    FOUR! 15 needed off 7 balls. The crowd goes quiet. They are so much involved. Electric atmosphere. Shortish and following the batsman again down the leg side, Avesh hops back and tries to heave it over the leg side but it takes the outer half of his bat and runs to sweeper cover for a boundary.
  • 18.3MShami to HVihari

    OUT! Stumps shattered! You miss buddy and I hit! Shami just keeps it in the line of the stumps at 144.8 kph, Vihari tries to heave it over the leg side but swings his blade early. It goes right through his defense and clatters the stumps. 19 needed off 9 balls.
  • 17.7SamCurran to HPatel

    OUT! Two wickets in the last over, two wickets in this one and Punjab have made a roaring comeback in this match. Curran, you beauty boy! A back of a length ball on middle and off, Patel winds up for a big shot across the line over the leg side but gets a thick outside edge behind. KL Rahul makes no mistake and Delhi are reeling. What a fall for them! Choked in the last game against Kolkata and escaped through Super Over. Repeat telecast today?
  • 17.6SamCurran to HPatel

    Another dot! Or no - WIDE CALLED! A short ball around middle, Harshal gets across to pull but misses.
  • 17.4SamCurran to CIngram

    OUT! Colin Ingram holes out! This game has turned on its head! Curran delivers a full ball outside off, Colin tries to power it over long off but ends up skying it high in the air towards wide long off. Karun Nair (sub) moves across to his right, stretches his hands and completes the catch. Curran is pumped up. Punjab are ecstatic. 20 needed off 14 balls with two new batsmen in the middle.
  • 16.5MShami to CMorris

    OUT! Morris is run out, not even in the frame! Punjab can still believe. A pitched up ball outside off has been sweetly driven to wide mid off. Morris attempts for a run but before he can reach the other end Ravichandran Ashwin has scored a direct hit at the bowler's end. The umpire takes no chance and goes upstairs. Morris has to go, no other option.
  • 16.4MShami to RPant

    OUT! The middle stump goes for a walk! Shami bounces back with a length delivery on middle at 144.4 kph. Pant swings his bat across the line but is beaten for pace here. Is there any more twist in the tale? 23 needed off 20 balls.
  • 16.3MShami to RPant

    SIX! Effortless! Shami does the mistake of pitching it up, Pant picks the slower one early and dispatches it over cow corner for a maximum. 23 needed off 21 balls.

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