DC 166/5 (19.4ov)
KXIP 163/7 (20.0ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Kings XI Punjab by 5 wickets

MOM: Shreyas Iyer

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  • KXIP
  • DC
  • 19.4SamCurran to SIyer

    FOUR! DELHI WIN BY 5 WICKETS! Curran lets in a short of a length ball on middle, Shreyas gets on top of the bounce and hammer-pulls it to deep mid-wicket for the winning runs. A rare win at home for them this season.
  • 18.4MShami to AxarPatel

    OUT! Axar Patel is run out! Hang on, hang on, this evening surely is not going to end in a straightforward manner. We will get some more thrill. Good length ball on middle and leg, Axar glances it behind square leg and wants the second run. But while turning back he collides with Shami and as a result is very late in reaching to the other end. The throw comes nice and straight to Rahul who does the rest. Shami is gesturing that it was not intentional from him and the replays confirm the same. The bowler was walking in his line and never tried to get in Axar's way. Still Patel is furious as he returns.
  • 18.3MShami to CIngram

    OUT! Bowled 'em! Shami bowls it full and straight in the line of the stumps, Ingram skips down the track to play a big shot but fails to connect. The stumps are shattered and 9 needed off 9 at this stage.
  • 17.6HViljoen to CIngram

    FOUR! Colin Ingram has pressed on the accelerator. Viljoen tries to follow the batsman down the leg side with a fullish ball, Ingram still manages to make room and drill his drive through covers. 13 from the over, 10 needed more off 12 balls.
  • 17.5HViljoen to CIngram

    FOUR! 14 needed more! Short in length and angling into the batsman, Ingram swivels on the back foot, lifts his back leg and pulls it behind square leg for a boundary.
  • 17.3HViljoen to CIngram

    FOUR! Too full in length around off, Colin Ingram does well to open the face of his bat as he squeezes it out through backward point for a glorious boundary.
  • 16.4MShami to SIyer

    Good stop by Rahul, saves a certain boundary with a dive to his left. Shami follows the batsman down the leg side, Iyer swings blindly and misses. Rahul makes a half-stop and they cross for a bye.
  • 15.7HViljoen to CIngram

    FOUR! No one in the deep and it has gone to the boundary. Colin Ingram stands back to a shortish ball outside off and gives it the full whack of his bat. Connects well and it goes over mid-wicket for a one-bounce boundary. 8 from the over, 28 needed off 24 balls.
  • 15.6HViljoen to CIngram

    Wide! Full and drifting down the leg side, Ingram swings his bat hard at it but fails to connect.
  • 15.1HViljoen to RPant

    OUT! Pant holes out cheaply! Is there some life still left in this match? A good length ball on off, angling in, Pant tries to slog it across the line but fails to middle his shot properly. Curran in the deep at mid-wicket takes the skier safely. Rishabh's sorry run continues. 36 needed off 29 balls.

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