MI 176 (19.2ov)
DC 213/6 (20.0ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Mumbai Indians by 37 runs

MOM: Rishabh Pant

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  • DC
  • MI
  • 19.2RTewatia to MMcClenaghan

    OUT! Stumped! Bumrah won't bat and that is it. DELHI WIN BY 37 RUNS! A flighted ball around off, McClenaghan winds up for a big shot across the line and drags his back leg out in the process. Rishabh Pant collects the ball and breaks the stumps in a flash. No need to go upstairs and Delhi are celebrating.
  • 18.3KRabada to YSingh

    OUT! Yuvraj is done for the night! Fourth catch for Rahul Tewatia tonight. Rabada gets his line right finally and hunts down the prized scalp of Yuvraj. He angles in a length ball on off, Singh tries to heave it into the stand at mid-wicket but fails to get the desired connection. Tewatia comes running in from the deep and takes the catch. Smiles all around in the Delhi camp.
  • 18.2KRabada to YSingh

    Another wide! Once again Rabada slips a full ball down the leg side. Singh tries his best to get some bat behind it but fails.
  • 18.1KRabada to YSingh

    Wide! Full ball sliding down the leg side, Yuvraj tries to flick but misses.
  • 17.6TBoult to MMcClenaghan

    FOUR! Cracking shot! A little bit of width on offer outside off, McClenaghan exercises his arms and powers his drive to the cover fence. 46 off 12 balls.
  • 17.3TBoult to YSingh

    FOUR! Yuvraj reaches his fifty with a streaky shot, 13th in the League. Boult hurls in a shortish ball around off, angling in, Singh swings his bat hard and edges it wide of short third man.
  • 16.7KRabada to MMcClenaghan

    FOUR! Cheeky! A full toss in the line of the stumps, McClenaghan walks across the stumps and paddles it fine down the leg side for a boundary. 55 needed off 18 balls.
  • 16.3KRabada to BenCutting

    OUT! There is a thin outside edge. A full length delivery outside off, skidding off the surface after landing, Cutting tries hitting it down with a straight bat but fails to middle. Pant collects the ball, they appeal and the finger goes up after a delay. Cutting takes the DRS after consulting his partner but the replays find some wood. Yuvraj running out of partners.
  • 16.2KRabada to YSingh

    Wide! Slips a length ball down the leg side, Singh fails to flick and Pant also struggles while collecting it. They cross.
  • 15.6APatel to YSingh

    SIX! 16 from the over! Yuvraj has attacked Axar here. Receives one more shorter delivery and he turns to dismiss it over mid-wicket. 150 up for Mumbai. 64 needed off 24 balls.

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