RCB 149/8 (20.0ov)
DC 152/6 (18.5ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 4 wickets

MOM: Kagiso Rabada

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  • RCB
  • DC
  • 18.5MSiraj to APatel

    FOUR! Axar finishes it with a boundary. Width on offer outside off, Patel reaches out for it and lifts it over covers for a boundary. DELHI WIN BY 4 WICKETS!
  • 18.2MSiraj to RPant

    OUT! Hello? Is there something left in this match? Delhi experienced a mega collapse against Punjab, are we in for something similar? 3 runs still needed as Pant departs. Shortish delivery outside off, Rishabh powers it through the line but it goes aerially and straight down Southee's throat at mid off. The Kiwi takes a sharp catch.
  • 17.6NSaini to CMorris

    OUT! Morris tries to finish it with one big shot but departs without troubling the scorer. A length ball outside off, Chris tries to pump it over mid off but fails to get the desired elevation. A simple catch for AB de Villiers at the edge of the circle. 5 needed off 12 balls.
  • 17.3NSaini to SIyer

    OUT! Shreyas Iyer won't be there to finish the game. Nonetheless a superlative knock from the Delhi skipper. Saini hurries up the batsman with a sharp short ball on off, Shreyas tries to pull but only manages a top edge. It loops in the air and Chahal takes a simple catch at covers.
  • 16.7YChahal to SIyer

    SIX! Stand and deliver stuff from Shreyas Iyer. This has been a great knock from the Delhi skipper. Full on off, Iyer deposits it to the second tier over long off for a maximum.
  • 16.3YChahal to RPant

    FOUR! Short and wide from Chahal. Asking to be punished. Pant says thank you very much and slashes it through point for a boundary.
  • 16.1YChahal to SIyer

    Wide! Chahal misses his line and bowls this one down the leg side. Shreyas looks to flick but misses. Wide signalled.
  • 15.1MAli to RPant

    FOUR! A mishit really but still the ball speeds away through square leg. Floated one, landing full on off, Pant kneels down for a powerful sweep shot but it takes the inner portion of his blade and finds the fence.
  • 14.4NSaini to SIyer

    FOUR! Poor fielding effort in the deep by Siraj. Short ball around off, Iyer throws his bat at it and it goes off the outer half to third man. Siraj in the deep makes a complete mess as he lets it through for a boundary.
  • 14.3NSaini to SIyer

    Wide called for height! A bouncer which has gone over the head of the batsman.

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