DC 187/5 (20.0ov)
RCB 171/7 (20.0ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 16 runs

MOM: Shikhar Dhawan

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  • DC
  • RCB
  • 19.5KRabada to MStoinis

    SIX! That has been nailed! Short and on the body, Stoinis picks it, waits for it and then sends it sailing into the mid-wicket stands.
  • 19.3KRabada to WSundar

    OUT! Sundar holes out! Rabada gets another. The slower one on the fuller side, WS looks to clear the long on fence. Gets more height than distance and Iyer there takes it.
  • 19.1KRabada to MStoinis

    A false start! A slower one which comes out wrong and down the leg side. Stoinis looks to flick but misses.
  • 18.4ISharma to SinghMann

    OUT! That has stuck in the webbing. Delhi have taken some excellent catches today and this is probably the best of them. Ishant bowls this one full and outside off, Mann looks to go big but only manages an outside edge. The ball flies to the right of Pant who dives and sticks one hand out. The ball manages to stay in. The dangerous looking Mann is gone.
  • 16.5ISharma to SinghMann

    FOUR! Make that 16 with one ball to go. Bangalore are right back in this. A fortunate boundary but they won't care. This is outside off, Mann looks to hit it over the leg side but the ball hits the top edge and flies over short third man. 36 needed in 19.
  • 16.4ISharma to SinghMann

    SIX! FLAT! That has hit the ropes on the full. Poor ball though, it is on a length. Mann clears his front leg and then whips it through mid-wicket. It goes all the way. Mann now getting into his own. 12 from the over so far with two balls to go.
  • 16.2ISharma to SinghMann

    On the leg side, Mann looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball rolls towards the leg side. A leg bye is taken.
  • 16.1ISharma to SinghMann

    FOUR! This is what Mann needs to do! Boundaries are the call of the hour and he finds one. Shuffles in and then flicks it through square leg. No one in the deep and a boundary results.
  • 15.2SLamichhane to MStoinis

    SIX! That is huge! As easy as you like. A little too full by Sandeep and he pays the price. Stoinis lofts it over the bowler's head and it goes a long way into the stands.
  • 14.5AMishra to MStoinis

    FOUR! Need a lot of these. A very good shot this. It is tossed up on off, Stoinis leans into it and strokes it over the bowler's head for a boundary.

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