RR 191/6 (20.0ov)
DC 193/4 (19.2ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Rajasthan Royals by 6 wickets

MOM: Rishabh Pant

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  • That ends a fantastic run chase. Delhi go on top of the table courtesy this victory. Yet another team wins going after the runs. Yes, yes, yes... there was a team which lost on Sunday night trying to chase but the mantra in this edition has been basically batting second. That is primarily because of the dew factor. Having said that, Tuesday's match is an interesting one - Chennai hosting Hyderabad at Chepauk. Dew will be on offer but the surface is tricky to bat. What will the captain winning the toss decide? Join us at 8 pm local (1430 GMT) on April 23, 2019 for all the action. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • RISHABH PANT HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS UNBEATEN 78 FROM 36. Pant says that he is feeling lovely, having been able to take his team to victory. Admits that he is disappointed that he was not picked in India's World Cup squad but eventually turned to focus on doing the basics. Stresses that everyone in the team knows their role and credits the support staff for their work.
  • Victorious Delhi captain, Shreyas Iyer, marvels at the way Delhi have performed away from home. Says that they seem to get better wickets on the road. Admits that it is not good to be giving reasons for not understanding one's own home surface but stresses that is the way the team is playing at the moment and there is plenty of positivity within. On Rajasthan's score, Iyer says that he was expecting around 200 seeing Rahane bat and praises his bowlers for restricting them under 200. On Delhi's plan for the run chase, Shreyas says that one of the top four had to bat deep and tonight, Pant did that. Praises Shaw for hanging in there as well.
  • Shikhar Dhawan is now up for a chat. Says he is enjoying his game and is quite relaxed after the win. Mentions he has changed his eating style, becoming vegetarian and it is going good for him. States his approach changed from the game against Bangalore as he knows he needs to be a lot more aggressive. Tells earlier on they were losing wickets early and hence, he needed to be there. Now, he has decided to go after the bowlers straightaway and is enjoying doing that.
  • Rajasthan skipper, Steven Smith, says they did not finish as well as they could have with the bat. Credits the way Rabada, Morris and Ishant bowled. Says the wicket they played on is probably the best one they have played on here. Appreciates the way Delhi began their chase and acknowledges the effort from Pant. Steven also states that the dew made him change tactics as he had to bowl Gopal in the Powerplay. Mentions it is not easy to bowl in the dew, the wicket did not change a lot but it was difficult for his bowlers. He ends by saying they chose the option of saving Archer towards the end and he bowled well but giving him a few overs upfront could have also worked.
  • Earlier in the evening, a century by Ajinkya Rahane took Rajasthan to 191, which would have proved enough on many days but not tonight. Steven Smith gave him good company in a 130-run stand but the hosts lost the plot towards the end, where they managed just 41 in the last 5 overs.
  • Dew. It was always due. And that is why we felt that the home side were 10-15 runs light. They should have got to 200 having been 150 in 15 but lost their way. With the ball, their bowlers struggled big time and no one really looked to put pressure on Delhi, though Archer and Parag were economically okay.
  • An extremely well-planned run chase. The 72-run opening stand between Dhawan and Shaw set things up and though Rajasthan did come back with 2 quick wickets in the span of 8 balls, the 84-run partnership between Pant and Shaw almost sealed the deal then. Shaw was just beginning to get frustrated but the cameo of 78 from just 36 balls from Rishabh Pant took the pressure completely off Prithvi. Slowly, he eased into his own but the stage belonged to the wicket-keeper dasher.
  • Pant roars. The Delhi dugout claps. Ganguly is smiling. Ponting is happy. Smith is not. Is that the end of the road for Rajasthan? Is this the beginning of the dominance for Delhi?
  • 19.2JUnadkat to RPant

    SIX! Yes, that is a maximum. That has hit the ropes on the full! Pant is pumped up as he is the one who finishes it off in style. A short ball and it is once again on the slower side. Pant pulls it high towards the mid-wicket fence. It seems to have hit the ropes on the full. The umpires take it upstairs and replays confirm that. DELHI WIN BY 6 WICKETS AND WITH 4 BALLS TO SPARE!
  • Is the game over? Well, Stokes did signal it has hit the ropes on the full but the umpires have taken it upstairs to check.
  • 19.1JUnadkat to CIngram

    Outside off, Ingram backs away and looks to cut but gets a thick outside edge to third man. A single taken. 5 needed from 5 now.
  • 18.6JArcher to RPant

    SIX! BANG! Pant has probably delivered the final blow! Brilliant shot this. It is full and on middle, Pant powers it over the long on fence for a biggie. 6 needed in the last over. Delhi's game to lose now.
  • 18.5JArcher to CIngram

    Excellent stuff from Archer. He bowls it full on middle, Ingram pushes it towards mid off for another single. 12 needed in 7 balls. An important last ball coming up.
  • 18.4JArcher to RPant

    Comey of errors there! Very costly, very costly at this stage of the game. Rajasthan can't afford this. Archer bangs this short and it is the slower one. Pant looks to pull but only manages a top edge which goes high up in the air but lands in no man's land in the mid-wicket region. They take one but then Binny who runs in from mid-wicket, slips as he tries to pick the ball up. The batsmen take two. Then however, the ball slips out of Stokes' hands who does the mopping up job giving the batsmen another run. Three in total!
  • 18.3JArcher to CIngram

    Just a single now! Another yorker on off, Ingram jams it out towards point for a run.
  • 18.2JArcher to CIngram

    Two dots in a row now and nearly a run out. Archer goes full this time, Ingram ends up playing outside the line as he looks to smash it through covers. It goes off the inner half towards the bowler who makes a half stop. Ingram is off for a run but Pant sees Smith at mid off getting to the ball quickly so he refuses the single. Colin though makes it back in time.
  • 18.1JArcher to CIngram

    Bangs it short and outside off, Ingram looks to cut but misses. A dot to begin. Gold dust.
  • Colin Ingram walks in for the finishing duties. Jofra Archer returns as well. 3-0-20-0 so far.
  • 17.6DKulkarni to SRutherford

    OUT! This time Rutherford holes out! He throws it away. Not sure though if this was needed by him. A good delivery by Kulkarni. It was the slower one and outside off, also, the length was shorter. Rutherford looks to flat-bat it over long off. That is never easy on such deliveries as all the power needs to be generated by the batsman. He fails to do so and Parag there, makes no mistake. 13 runs from the over but a wicket as well. Rajasthan still hanging in there.
  • 17.5DKulkarni to SRutherford

    FOUR! Rutherford shows what he is made of here! Excellent shot. Kulkarni bowls it full and wide outside off, this time SR holds his shape and then clobbers it through covers. Runs needed below 20 now.
  • 17.4DKulkarni to RPant

    Another single! Slower and shorter in length outside off, Pant waits for it and then slaps it but to the man at sweeper cover.
  • 17.3DKulkarni to SRutherford

    Rutherford could have left that one! This is full and way too wide outside off. SR hangs his bat out. It hits the bottom and goes towards point for a single.
  • 17.2DKulkarni to SRutherford

    SIX! Just over the ropes! Excellent effort though from the substitute Chopra. A slower ball and it is shorter in length. Rutherford pulls it hard towards the mid-wicket fence. Chopra there runs to his right and then dives with a hand stretched out but the ball evades him and goes for a maximum. 23 in 16.
  • 17.1DKulkarni to RPant

    Starts off with a low full toss on the pads, Pant whips it through mid-wicket and takes a single.
  • Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl his last.
  • 16.7SGopal to SRutherford

    Full and around middle, Rutherford looks to flick but the ball goes off the leading edge to point. 11 from the over but a wicket as well.
  • 16.6SGopal to RPant

    Outside off, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • Sherfane Rutherford is the new man in.
  • 16.5SGopal to PShaw

    OUT! Caught! Shaw holes out. One might feel it was unnecessary but with Pant going on so well at the other end, it must have been difficult for Shaw to hold himself back. This was tossed up outside off and Prithvi could not resist from playing the slog sweep. But all he managed was a top edge with the ball spinning away. Simple catch for Riyan Parag at wide long on. A calculated knock from Shaw. 31 more needed from 20 balls.
  • 16.4SGopal to PShaw

    Full and outside off, Shaw gets down to sweep but misses.
  • 16.3SGopal to RPant

    Comes down the track and swings hard but is nowhere near the pitch of the ball. Somehow ekes out an inside edge past the leg stump towards short fine leg. A single taken.
  • 16.2SGopal to RPant

    FOUR! Raw power! Full on middle, Pant just chips this down to long on but so powerfully is it chipped that it bullets to the fence!
  • 16.1SGopal to RPant

    NO BALL, FOUR! Oh dear... that has slipped out of the hands. A massive high full toss, outside leg, Pant swings hard, with his left hand coming off the bat. The timing is excellent and the ball almost makes it to the backward square leg ropes, beating a desperate dive from the fielder running to his left.
  • 15.6JArcher to PShaw

    BOWLED 'EM! No wait, the bails have just not come off. Unbelievable! This was a very fast delivery and it hit the bails on the full but it still does not drop. However, we have seen this so many times in the League this year. Shaw once again makes room and Archer spears a full toss on the stumps. Shaw looks to slap it but misses. The ball hits the bails, the LED lights light up but it does not come off. Archer can't believe it. Luck may just not be on their side tonight.
  • 15.5JArcher to RPant

    Sensible! Having got a biggie on the last ball. Pant need not take anymore risks against Rajasthan's best bowler. He keeps this yorker out towards the off side for a single.
  • 15.4JArcher to RPant

    SIX! What a shot! Brings up his 50 in style. A very good innings this, he has played with responsibility and with a lot of determination. Needs to be there till the end though. He plants his front foot across and then with the angle, flicks it over the square leg fence.
  • 15.3JArcher to PShaw

    A full toss but it is very quick. Shaw hits it through cover-point and takes one.
  • 15.2JArcher to PShaw

    A dot now! Shaw there makes a lot of room and Archer cleverly bowls it outside off. Shaw tries to reach out for it but only manages a bottom edge to covers.
  • 15.1JArcher to RPant

    Goes very full and on middle, too difficult for Pant to get under it. He works it through mid-wicket and takes one.
  • Jofra Archer is back!
  • 14.6JUnadkat to RPant

    Cleverly works this one to the man at fine leg and takes one. Good batting, having matched the runs needed in an over, Pant need not take any risk and he does not. 50 needed now in 5.
  • 14.5JUnadkat to PShaw

    Another length ball and outside off, Shaw slaps it to long off for a single.
  • 14.4JUnadkat to RPant

    The fine leg this time is on the ropes and hence, Unadkat bowls it short. Pant looks to pull but mistimes it towards that fielder and a run.

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