RR 191/6 (20.0ov)
DC 193/4 (19.2ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Rajasthan Royals by 6 wickets

MOM: Rishabh Pant

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  • 19.2JUnadkat to RPant

    SIX! Yes, that is a maximum. That has hit the ropes on the full! Pant is pumped up as he is the one who finishes it off in style. A short ball and it is once again on the slower side. Pant pulls it high towards the mid-wicket fence. It seems to have hit the ropes on the full. The umpires take it upstairs and replays confirm that. DELHI WIN BY 6 WICKETS AND WITH 4 BALLS TO SPARE!
  • 18.6JArcher to RPant

    SIX! BANG! Pant has probably delivered the final blow! Brilliant shot this. It is full and on middle, Pant powers it over the long on fence for a biggie. 6 needed in the last over. Delhi's game to lose now.
  • 17.6DKulkarni to SRutherford

    OUT! This time Rutherford holes out! He throws it away. Not sure though if this was needed by him. A good delivery by Kulkarni. It was the slower one and outside off, also, the length was shorter. Rutherford looks to flat-bat it over long off. That is never easy on such deliveries as all the power needs to be generated by the batsman. He fails to do so and Parag there, makes no mistake. 13 runs from the over but a wicket as well. Rajasthan still hanging in there.
  • 17.5DKulkarni to SRutherford

    FOUR! Rutherford shows what he is made of here! Excellent shot. Kulkarni bowls it full and wide outside off, this time SR holds his shape and then clobbers it through covers. Runs needed below 20 now.
  • 17.2DKulkarni to SRutherford

    SIX! Just over the ropes! Excellent effort though from the substitute Chopra. A slower ball and it is shorter in length. Rutherford pulls it hard towards the mid-wicket fence. Chopra there runs to his right and then dives with a hand stretched out but the ball evades him and goes for a maximum. 23 in 16.
  • 16.5SGopal to PShaw

    OUT! Caught! Shaw holes out. One might feel it was unnecessary but with Pant going on so well at the other end, it must have been difficult for Shaw to hold himself back. This was tossed up outside off and Prithvi could not resist from playing the slog sweep. But all he managed was a top edge with the ball spinning away. Simple catch for Riyan Parag at wide long on. A calculated knock from Shaw. 31 more needed from 20 balls.
  • 16.2SGopal to RPant

    FOUR! Raw power! Full on middle, Pant just chips this down to long on but so powerfully is it chipped that it bullets to the fence!
  • 15.4JArcher to RPant

    SIX! What a shot! Brings up his 50 in style. A very good innings this, he has played with responsibility and with a lot of determination. Needs to be there till the end though. He plants his front foot across and then with the angle, flicks it over the square leg fence.
  • 14.2JUnadkat to RPant

    FOUR! Pace on the delivery and once again Pant hits it for a boundary. Smith is not happy as this is not what he wants his bowlers to bowl. It is also short and on the body, Pant manages to pull it over short fine leg and a boundary results.
  • 13.5DKulkarni to RPant

    FOUR! Seam up delivery and Kulkarni pays the price. Pant goes down on one knee and lofts it over the short fine leg fielder. The 50-run stand is also up. A very important one as the two joined association when they lost two quick wickets. They need to carry on though, the job is still not done.

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