DC 129/8 (20.0ov)
SRH 131/5 (18.3ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Delhi Capitals by 5 wickets

MOM: Jonny Bairstow

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  • DC
  • SRH
  • 18.3KRabada to MNabi

    SIX! And Mohammad Nabi finishes it off in style! What a hit from the al-rounder, this is marvellous batting. Short and outside off, the Afghan makes a little room for himself and upper cuts it over the third man fence for a flat maximum. HYDERABAD WIN BY 5 WICKETS!
  • 18.2KRabada to MNabi

    FOUR! That's clobbered! Superb hit from Nabi. Fuller in length and attacking the stumps, Nabi swings across the line and slogs it past the diving short mid-wicket fielder. The placement is so good it beats the man in the deep as well.
  • 17.4CMorris to MNabi

    FOUR! That's going to hurt him. Poor line, makes it all too easy for the Afghan. It's shorter and slower down leg, Nabi just helps it on its way past the diving keeper to the fine leg fence.
  • 15.6SLamichhane to DHooda

    OUT! How many times have we seen this today? Another reckless shot and another wicket. Unwanted, just unwanted. Hooda looks to be expansive. He dances down the track and then looks to slog it. Gets it nowhere near the middle and holes out. Rabada at deep mid-wicket accepts a dolly. Half the side back in the hut for the visitors. They need another 19 in the three overs to be bowled.
  • 15.3SLamichhane to YPathan

    FOUR! Slower one on middle, Pathan sweeps it to backward square leg and the ball races to the fence.
  • 14.3APatel to VShankar

    OUT! Delhi hanging in there! Once again the bowling change does the trick. Iyer hangs onto one this time. The slowness of the track comes into play here. This is short and around off, it turns away. Shankar looks to go over covers but is way too early in the shot as the ball sticks in the surface. The ball goes off the toe-end and just about carries to Iyer who takes it with a dive ahead. 29 needed in 33. Two new batsmen out there.
  • 13.3RTewatia to DHooda

    FOUR! This one was on the pads, Hooda goes on his knees and sweeps it to backward square leg for a boundary.
  • 12.7ISharma to MPandey

    OUT! Straight to the man! Ishant Sharma strikes in his first over. Not sure though if Pandey needed to play this shot. He takes a few steps ahead and Ishant angles it into the batter. Manish whips it uppishly but hits it flat towards deep square leg. Shaw there takes a neat catch. 35 needed in 42.
  • 12.2ISharma to VShankar

    Down the leg side, Shankar looks to flick but misses. Wided. Can't give away such free runs when you do not have a lot to play with.
  • 11.4RTewatia to VShankar

    Bowls it down leg, Shankar goes for the flick but misses and it is wided.

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