DC 165/8 (19.5ov)
SRH 162/8 (20.0ov)

Delhi Capitals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 2 wickets

MOM: Rishabh Pant

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  • SRH
  • DC
  • 19.6KAhmed to KPaul

    FOUR! Delhi enter Qualifier 2! Keemo Paul has hit that to the boundary. A short ball and on middle, it is slower in pace. Paul picks it and powers it through square leg. The fielder in the deep runs to his right and tries to stop it but fails to do so. The Delhi players rush onto the field. They are elated as THEY WIN BY 2 WICKETS!
  • 19.5KAhmed to AMishra

    OUT! Mishra has come in the way of the throw and he has been given his marching orders! That is the correct decision and now Delhi need 2 in 2 with Keemo Paul on strike. Drama here. Khaleel bowls a full ball and it is outside off. Mishra swings but misses. They go for a bye. Saha misses the throw at his end. Ahmed collects it and throws it at his end but it hits Mishra. They appeal for obstruction of field and Williamson is also going for the review. First it is time for the review and it shows no edge. However, another discussion takes place and they now want to check if Mishra has come in the way of the throw. After several replays, the decision is ruled in the favor of the bowler.
  • 19.1KAhmed to AMishra

    WIDE! Not the start Williamson would have wanted. It is the slower one outside off, Mishra looks to put bat on ball but then at the very end leaves it. It is outside the tramline and it has been wided.
  • 18.6BKumar to RPant

    OUT! Pant is out of here! Are Hyderabad still in this? Once again Rishabh is seen throwing it away. Ponting in the dug out is not a happy man. Another slower one which does the trick. It is on a length and around off, Pant looks to finish it off in style but only hits it high up in the air towards long off. Nabi once again takes a very good, under pressure catch. 5 needed in 7, into the bowlers are Hyderabad.
  • 18.4BKumar to RPant

    WIDE NOW! Short and outside off, Pant looks to upper cut it but misses. The umpire feels it is above the batsman's head and it has been wided.
  • 18.3BKumar to RPant

    SIX! When Pant is there, Delhi need not fear. Two blows was what Delhi needed to end this game, they have got one. Length and on off, Pant lofts it with ease over the long off fence for a biggie.
  • 18.1BKumar to SRutherford

    OUT! That is up in the air... taken! Is it a little too late though? Kumar bowls the slower one outside off, Rutherford does not pick it. He is way too early in the shot and only manages to hit it into the sky towards long off. Nabi there settles under it and takes it nicely. Not sure though if this shot was needed. 12 now in 11 balls needed.
  • 17.4BThampi to RPant

    SIX! This is poor bowling. Slower ball, but on a length. Pant just smokes it over wide long on! 14 needed from 14 balls now.
  • 17.3BThampi to RPant

    FOUR! 14 from the first 3 balls and this probably has taken Hyderabad out of the tournament. Around middle and leg, Pant whips it behind square leg and the ball races away!
  • 17.2BThampi to RPant

    SIX! CRASH! A length ball, around middle and leg, Pant swings this into oblivion over mid-wicket! 24 needed from 16 now...

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